When to go to Verona: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Verona is one of the most romantic cities in Italy. Venue of important concerts that take place in its Arena, Verona offers those who visit it everything they could wish for. From shopping to museums, passing through historic buildings and entertainment, Verona is the ideal place for a holiday at any time of the year.
Before leaving, however, do you know what you will find upon your arrival? The weather can play some tricks on you, so be prepared well about climate, weather and rainfall in Verona.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Verona: the cheapest period
  3. Verona in Spring
  4. Verona in the Summer
  5. Verona in Autumn
  6. Verona in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from a climatic point of view, spring tends to be the ideal season
  • Period to avoid: there are no particularly bad periods, to enjoy the city just avoid days that are too cold, rainy or windy

In Verona you will find a warm and temperate climate, with frequent rain all year round.
In the colder months the temperature can even drop below 0 °, while in the warmer months the temperatures rise but still remain below 30 °. The rain in Verona is not a problem: present in every month of the year, it has its maximum at the beginning of spring and at the end of summer.

When to go to Verona: the cheapest period

To save something for your trip to Verona, visit it during the mid-seasons, when the temperature is not excessively high or low. Fortunately, there are many ways to reach Verona, so you can easily take advantage of the offers for flights and trains.

Verona in Spring

The spring months are great for visiting the Old Town of the city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. From March to June the temperatures are high but not too high (around 22 °) and low rainfall (excluding April), ideal situation to visit the historic city center in peace, with fun bike tours (from € 35,00 , 45,00) or with guided walking tours (from € ).
Here you can see the famous Piazza delle Erbe, Juliet's House, which remains one of the main destinations for visitors to the city. Recognizing it will be very simple: its walls are covered with love cards and letters. Here you will also find the statue of the young Juliet and the balcony. In the area of ​​Piazza delle Erbe, in addition to Juliet's House, the Torre dei Lamberti awaits you, from which you will enjoy a splendid view over the whole city.

Verona in the Summer

In summer you will find high minimum and maximum temperatures, which remain between 15 and 30 °.
During this time you will find a few days of rain, but August is the exception. This month is in fact one of the wettest of the year.
The main place to devote your attention to is the Verona Arena, which in recent months hosts the Opera Festival, transforming the amphitheater into the largest open-air opera theater in the world, thanks to its capacity of 20.000 spectators (guided tour with priority entrance from € 25,00 per person).

Also in the city on the day of August then you can attend the Mass of the Artist in San Nicolò dell'Arena, famous for being a sung celebration.
And if you want other things to do during the beautiful days, so frequent in this period with temperatures that almost touch 30 °, cooled only by the few days of rain, opt for a trip to Valpollicella, an area famous for the production of wines.

Verona in Autumn

Dedicate autumn to closed places, such as museums and churches. In this period the temperatures undergo a sharp decrease, dropping by even 5 ° from one month to the next. The rainy days, on the other hand, remain stable, lower than the rainfall in August.
Not to be missed in the city are the Civic Museum of Verona, which is located in the Castelvecchio (th century castle, commissioned by Cangrande II della Scala), and the city's Cathedral. Built on the remains of two early Christian churches, it was dedicated to Santa Maria Matricolo. Its structure is typically Romanesque, but has been remodeled several times with Gothic and Renaissance styles. Inside you will find the Pala dell'Assunta by Tiziano and a small Lombard church, which can be accessed through the baptistery of the Duomo.

Verona in Winter

In winter, the cold temperatures do not allow you to go around a lot on foot. In these months the temperatures are very close to 0 °, even if they do not exceed it by much.
Given the low rainfall, however, you can devote part of your time to shopping. The most famous areas for shopping in Verona are undoubtedly Via Mazzini, Corso Sant'Anastasia and Corso Portoni Borsari. Along it you can go shopping and visit one of the most characteristic (and ancient) areas of the city.

During the winter then the New Year it is celebrated with a party in Piazza Bra ', a stone's throw from the Arena.
From 14 to 18 February, however, don't miss Valentine's Day in Verona, the event dedicated to lovers. In these days, love is celebrated throughout the historic center, which for the occasion recalls the love between Giuletta and Romeo (tour of dreamers with Romeo and Juliet from € 70,00).

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: in the colder months bring with you sweaters, water resistant shoes and everything that can make your visit warmer and more comfortable.
  • In summer: High temperatures are not a good excuse to be unprepared for the rain of this period. Green light for light and fresh fabrics, but always keep a raincoat and umbrella with you.
  • In autumn and spring: the mid-seasons have all kinds of temperatures. To best deal with them, bring heavy but also light clothes with you to dress in layers.

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