When to go to Turin: climate, best time and tips month by month

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There is something reminiscent of Paris in the elegant tree-lined avenues of Turin, as well as a hint of Vienna can be found in its majestic art nouveau cafes, but there is no danger of being wrong. Turin, with its refined and aristocratic atmosphere, luxury shops, large avenues and palaces, parks and numerous art galleries, is an increasingly popular tourist spot. We have therefore collected useful information on when to go to Turin.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Turin: the cheapest period
  3. Turin in Spring
  4. Turin in Summer
  5. Turin in Autumn
  6. Turin in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from a climatic point of view, spring is the best period, as well as the richest in organized cultural events.
  • Period to avoid: no one in particular. In winter, the climate is more rigid, but there are still some events of interest such as the Christmas markets and the Luci d'Artista review.

Turin is located at an altitude of 250 meters, at the foot of the Alps, in a rather favorable position in the Po Valley, especially in summer. In fact, this season temperatures are slightly less sultry compared to the rest of the territory. Winter is cold and humid, although fogs are less frequent considering the Po Valley standard. There is abundant rainfall, about 1.000 mm of rain fall in a year. If winter is the least rainy season, in late spring afternoon thunderstorms are frequent.

When to go to Turin: the cheapest period

Turin is not really a popular holiday destination, neither by Italian tourists nor by foreign tourists. In summer, especially ad August, the particularly hot and humid climate, leads to a progressive depletion of the city, therefore it is possible to find cheap flights and obtain advantageous prices for stays in hotels and B & Bs.

Turin in Spring

Turin, like many Italian cities, in spring it seems to wake up from a long sleep, albeit a little slower. The days get longer, the temperatures rise up to 17 ° - 21 ° and it is pleasant to walk along the avenues of the center and its parks.

There are many activities that can be done in this city this season, starting with FAI Spring Days: these are special days (usually organized in the month of March) which include the extraordinary opening of villas, villages, palaces, churches, gardens, residences. This type of heritage, in Turin and its surroundings, is particularly rich and interesting, ideal for a weekend of discovery. Another important event takes place in Turin in the spring, to be precise in the month of May, is the International Book Fair: this is the most important Italian event in the publishing field, with presentations of new releases and national and international guests, conferences and educational initiatives.

Turin in Summer

Although Turin is part of the Po Valley, where the weather in summer can be really hot due to humidity, it is also found at a fair height above sea level and surrounded by the Alps. All this makes temperatures high but not very high, which settle around 28 °.

If you want a break from the heat while dedicating yourself to something interesting, you can choose to visit one of the many city museums, such as the Egyptian one, the Automobile Museum or the Cinema Museum.

Turin in Autumn

Autumn is the best season to be fascinated by Turin, in the height of its sophisticated elegance and its royal spirit. When the temperatures still do not drop below 11 ° it is pleasant to walk among endless arcades, sweet gianduiotti, welcoming churches and well-stocked bookstores

Turin is among the most beautiful cities in italy to visit in autumn, especially in the months of October and November. Wondering why? Simple in this season there are many cultural events, great concerts and exhibitions, including the famous Turin Film Festival, Luci d'Artista and many other initiatives.

Turin in Winter

It is undeniable that in Turin in winter it is cold, temperatures reach from 8 ° to -2 °, but walking among arcades, avenues that recall the Parisian ones and vintage shops makes you forget the not exactly favorable climate.

Christmas in Turin lights up with art installations by traditional event called Luci d'Artista, which brings to the streets and squares bright and fascinating works of art by contemporary artists. The Christmas holidays in Turin are also accompanied by the large tree set up in Piazza Castello, usually inaugurated on December 1st. There are also traditional Christmas markets, as well as ice skating rinks installed in different corners of the city.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: winter is quite cold, we recommend warm clothing with a windproof jacket and comfortable and warm shoes
  • In summer: light clothing recommended, tank tops or cotton t-shirts and possibly light colors
  • In autumn and spring: given the risk of sudden precipitation, it is recommended to wear or bring with you a waterproof jacket and footwear that does not allow the passage of water

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