When to go to Transylvania: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Transylvania is primarily known as the mysterious land of vampires bloodthirsty and howling wolves. Due to these legends that surround it, many may think that this is an imaginary destination, but Transylvania hides many other qualities! Bordered to the east by the Carpathians, "the land beyond the forest" is special and waiting to be discovered. The Romanian region is made up of deciduous forests, lush pastures and wildflower meadows.

Also referred to as "the last true medieval landscape in Europe" it is a place where it seems to go back 100 years, thanks to the horse-drawn carriages that travel the dirt roads, while the shepherds look after their flocks and the villagers do hay in the sun.
Here when to go to Transylvania, with information on weather, best time and month by month tips.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Transylvania: the cheapest period
  3. Transylvania in Spring
  4. Transylvania in Summer
  5. Transylvania in Autumn
  6. Transylvania in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: it can be visited all year round, each season has its particularities. However, spring and summer are the perfect seasons for the most favorable climate and for observing nature in rural areas
  • Period to avoid: in winter it is very cold and snowfalls are frequent and abundant, some roads and mountain passes could also be closed due to bad weather and cause inconvenience for those visiting the region

There's no denying that the weather plays an important role when it comes to making the most of a new destination. Having said that, you need to know that Romania has a temperate-continental climate and four different seasons: spring (March to May) is quite mild; summer (June to August) is usually hot and dry; autumn (September to November) is the rainy season; and the winter (December to February) is rather harsh with frequent snowfalls.

There is something beautiful in every period, and it is therefore difficult to indicate a single season as the best, because it depends on your travel idea. However, referring strictly to temperatures, the best time to visit Transylvania is from mid-May to mid-September.

When to go to Transylvania: the cheapest period

The cheapest time of the year for a holiday in Transylvania is winter, although it is certainly not the best from a climatic point of view. Precisely because of the inconvenience that could occur for the unfavorable weather, i prices are very low but the season is only suitable for short tours of the Christmas markets that take place in the main towns.

A good compromise is the period of the Easter holidays, when temperatures are slightly more pleasant and rainfall is limited: the climate allows both to visit the medieval villages, and possibly to go on mountain paths and in the middle of the forests, for beautiful excursions.

Transylvania in Spring

Transylvania like destination for spring is perfect: nature is coming back to life, migratory birds are returning from Africa, people in the countryside slowly but relentlessly start seasonal work in the fields, the sun and its warm rays send positive energies. Unspoiled nature, wild flowering trees, fresh forest greenery, rare species of flowers complete a picture that looks idyllic.

Spring is in fact one of the best seasons to get to know this region of Romania, ideal for those who, for example, love to explore new destinations on two wheels, either by bike or motorbike. Sighisoara, Sibiu and Braşov, with their medieval citadels surrounded by walls, fortified churches and castles, are the perfect destination for this season, in addition to the cool woods that occupy most of the valleys.

Transylvania in Summer

During the summer in Transylvania, the climate is pleasantly warm, without however reaching the prohibitive temperatures we are used to. They rarely exceed 26 ° and, when the sun goes down, a sweatshirt is often needed. In the summer, this region becomes surprisingly green and bright, the beautiful towns and villages give the best of themselves both from a cultural and landscape point of view.

This is also the season of historical and music festivals, on which stands the largest medieval festival in Romania, which takes place in Sighișoara at the end of July. During the event you can live an authentic medieval experience, witnessing battles between knights, listening to traditional music and participating in ancient dances.

Transylvania in Autumn

Autumn, with its misty, mysterious and slightly dark atmospheres, is the perfect season to discover the lands where the one remembered as the "prince of darkness", Vlad Tepes known as Dracula, was born and lived. The famous (and alleged) Dracula's castle is located in Bran, in the vicinity of Brasov: the autumn weather helps to create around the fortress a unique and exciting atmosphere.

The period is not only suited to the tribute to this character, partly historical and partly legendary, in autumn Transylvania can also be discovered from an artistic and gastronomic point of view.

Transylvania in Winter

In winter Transylvania can appear cold and desolate, and indeed the climate is really harsh, with frequent and abundant snowfalls. It is certainly not the best season to dedicate yourself to exploring the region.

The discovery of the Christmas markets which are set up between Sibiu, Bran and Brasov. In Sibiu, for example, every year around 600 merchants gather in the streets of the historic center to offer all kinds of products, from typical crafts to local gastronomy. Those who choose this season to visit Transylvania, however, must remember that the temperatures they drop below freezing every day, and must therefore equip himself with suitable clothing.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: very heavy clothing, to face sub-zero temperatures, hat and wool gloves, warm sweatshirts and sweaters, winter jackets and shoes with non-slip soles
  • In summer: despite the temperatures can get hot, generally the heat is never excessive, light clothes are recommended without forgetting a pair of heavier sweatshirts for the evening
  • In autumn and spring: mid-season dresses or classic layered clothing are fine, a jacket and a sweatshirt for colder evenings

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