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It is well known that Switzerland is divided into cantons. One of the many is the Canton of Ticino whose territory occupies the south of the country with an extension of almost 3000 square km including municipalities such as Bellinzona, Lugano and Locarno. Ticino is the best area of ​​Switzerland in terms of climate and, like many other areas of the country, offers the possibility of holidays in nature both in winter and in summer between lakes and mountains, skiing and hiking. Find out the weather in Ticino and when to go to Ticino: climate, best time and tips month by month.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. Ticino in Spring
  3. Ticino in the Summer
  4. Ticino in Autumn
  5. Ticino in Winter
  6. When to go to Ticino: the cheapest period
  7. How to dress: what to pack
  8. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

Thanks to its position on the southern side, Ticino enjoys a temperate weather characterized by mild winters with few snowfalls and frosts and hot summers but not overwhelming. In fact, average temperatures hardly ever drop below freezing in winter and have highs of 7 ° C while in summer it stays between 15 and 27 ° C.

However, Ticino also has a high rainfall rate, especially in autumn and spring, minimally, even in summer with short and not very intense thunderstorms. Moreover during autumn and spring the area is affected by a hot and dry wind from the surrounding mountains, the föhn, which causes sudden increases in temperature. The best time to travel to Ticino is therefore summer for its temperatures, while winter is ideal for those who want to practice skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports.

  • Best time: June to September for warm temperatures or December to February for winter sports
  • Period to avoid: the mid-seasons are always a bit uncertain, in particular April and May are the wettest months

Ticino in Spring

Spring is that season in which the cold slowly gives way to better temperatures, although the period is quite rainy even if the rainfall occurs mostly between late afternoon and evening. This then allows you to enjoy outdoor activities from theexplore cities to visit lakes, perhaps with a nice mini-cruise, up to walking in the mountains or cycling along the many paths.

Ticino in the Summer

Summer in Ticino is not only the best season from a climatic point of view but also a eventful period. In addition to the outdoor activities that can already be practiced in the middle of spring, in summer there is in fact an extensive program of events, concerts, exhibitions and food and wine events. For example, from June to August the E ... State program begins in Locarno with shows and concerts of all kinds. Ditto in Lugano where the Longlake Festival takes place throughout the summer months, but also Estival Jazz and Open Air Cinema. In Balerna, on the other hand, the Blind Wine Tasting is held in July with tastings of local wines.

Ticino in Autumn

Autumn is always a somewhat uncertain season, with pleasant initial temperatures that gradually give way to winter cold. The rains are frequent but nevertheless the colors given by autumn are unique. The woods are tinged with red, orange and yellow bringing mushrooms and chestnuts to the tables and not by chance the events are focused on gastronomy in this time. For example, we point out the gastronomic review of Mendrisiotto and Lower Ceresio, the review of the local dish of the Muggio Valley, the gastronomic review of goat meat in Cevio and the Autumn Flavors of Lugano, all between October and November. In October there is also the Autumn Jazz in Coglio and the Marionette Festival in Lugano in November.

Ticino in Winter

Although Ticino is the Swiss area with the least cold winters, snow arrives every year between December and January. This makes the landscapes truly evocative and enhances the series even more winter and Christmas events taking place in all major cities such as i Christmas markets, the setting up of the skating rinks, the concerts in the square and the New Year's parties. Also we are located in mountainous areas, so winter is perfect for practice winter sports which you prefer. In this regard, we mention Prato Leventina, Alpe di Neggia and Bosco Gurin which are just some of the spectacular Ticino places that offer the possibility of skiing.

When to go to Ticino: the cheapest period

Assuming that Switzerland has a very high cost of living, to travel to Ticino on a low budget you will still have to consider accommodation for not less than € 50,00 per night and meals for around € 30,00 per person. In order to save a little then it will be necessary to prefer off-peak periods and therefore avoid high seasons such as mid-winter and mid-summer. The beginning and the end of both these seasons are a good compromise to find slightly lower prices and at the same time not give up ideal temperatures and attractions or activities typical of the area (for example skiing in winter and trekking or lakes in summer) .

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: thermal underwear, coat, sweaters and sweatshirts, boots, scarf, hat, gloves, umbrella
  • In summer: t-shirt, shorts, long pants, sweatshirt, light jacket
  • In autumn and spring: sweaters, long sleeve shirts, long pants, between-season jacket, umbrella

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