When to go to the Maldives: climate, best time and months to avoid

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The Maldives are an ideal destination for those who love the sea and tropical atmosphere. Located in the Indian Ocean, these islands make up one of the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Made up of more than 1.000 coral islands, which in turn form 26 atolls with a characteristic ring shape, the archipelago of the Maldives is an ideal place to relax and spend an unforgettable holiday.
Here are all information on climate and best time to go to the Maldives!


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Best time

Visiting the Maldives is one of those things you can do at any time of the year. Here the many hours of sunshine and the high temperature even in the "coldest" months will allow you to play sports and relax as if it were always summer. However, it also has "negative" sides, such as the fact that in the Maldives it is always high season. But let's see in detail what is the best time for a trip to these magnificent islands.

  1. Northern Maldives (Kaafu Atoll, Malè): the northern atolls have constant temperatures more or less all year round, the rainy season generally runs from May to December.
  2. Southern Maldives (Laamu Atoll, Gan): in the southern atolls you will find constant rainfall all year round. These islands, smaller and less inhabited than, are a true (almost) unspoiled paradise.

Considering the climatic condition of the Maldives and the prices of its accommodation, it is advisable to book when the rainy days are slightly increasing and the wet season is approaching. With the arrival of "bad weather" in fact, the price of the hotels will become cheaper since most tourists arrive in the Maldives to enjoy only splendid days at sea (which you too will have, despite the increase in days of rain).

Period to avoid

There isn't a "no" time to visit the Maldives, though it is necessary to pay attention to the period in which cyclones are most frequent.
The periods most affected by their formation are the months between April and December, with two peaks in May and November. However, the southern islands are less affected by these phenomena, which however affect the Maldives in their initial phase.

Climate and seasons

The Maldives are characterized by a typical tropical climate, influenced by the presence of monsoons. From April to September you will find monsoons blowing from the southwest, especially in the northern areas. From October to December, on the other hand, you will find the northeast monsoon, more frequent in the southern atolls, bringing rain and not too strong thunderstorms.

Temperatures are fairly stable throughout the Maldives. The maximums are around 30 ° while the minimums hardly drop below 25 ° throughout the year. The main concern is humidity, which reaches up to 80%.

Average Temperatures and Precipitation - Northern Maldives (Kaafu Atoll, Malé)

In the area where Malé is located, there is a high number of hours of sunshine during the day, ranging from 8 to 9 hours in February and March. As for rainfall, here they are less frequent than in the southern atolls, with 142 days of rain against 168 in Gan. The temperatures are rather high with little thermal excursion. In fact, between minimum and maximum temperatures there is a gap of around 5 °.

Recommended period: from January to April

Average Temperatures and Precipitation - Southern Maldives (Laamu Atoll, Gan)

In the southern part of the Maldives there is not much difference in temperature compared to the northern one, but the division of the seasons changes. In fact, there is no dry season here: rainfall is distributed evenly throughout the year, thus giving rise to a more equatorial than tropical climate.

Recommended period: January and February

What to bring in your suitcase


  • Capital: Bad
  • Population: 417.492
  • Area: 300 sq. Km
  • Languages: Maldivian
  • Currency: Maldivian Rufyaa (MVR) / Exchange: € 1,00 = 17,90
  • Documents: passport, return flight ticket and hotel reservation
  • Time zone: +4 h compared to Italy, +3 h when summer time is in force in Italy
  • vaccinations: not provided

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