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Among the many Baltic destinations, Tallinn is one of the cities that you cannot miss. Located in the northern part of Estonia, it is the state capital and also the country's largest economic and commercial center.
Part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997, Tallinn is steeped in history, as evidenced by its medieval monuments, culture and beauty: a combination of elements that will leave you breathless.
Beautiful yes, but also cold, indeed icy, so before visiting it it is advisable to deal with the weather and the climate that you will find. Not sure what to expect? Here are all the info on the climate and the best time to visit Tallinn.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Tallinn: the cheapest period
  3. Tallinn in Spring
  4. Tallinn in Summer
  5. Tallinn in Autumn
  6. Tallinn in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to September, with a preference for June-August when you can also see the midnight sun
  • Period to avoid: from October to April the climate is freezing, the days are very short, the sun comes out for less than 3 hours a day. At Christmas, however, it is very suggestive

In Tallinn you will find the classic Baltic-continental climate, characterized by cold winters and summers that are not too hot and rainy. Temperatures frequently arrive below 0 °, reaching minimum temperatures that are nothing short of glacial. Only in late spring does the climate become more manageable, but with cold temperatures until April. Rain is another recurring element. Summer and winter are the months in which rainfall is more frequent, while in spring it decreases (also because the winter cold often causes snow and frost).

From a climatic point of view, if you want to visit Tallinn in winter, the ideal month is March, where there is still snow, the days are long enough and the climate is milder, otherwise the best season is summer.

When to go to Tallinn: the cheapest period

The cheapest period is autumn, but a temperature that is getting colder and colder and a decrease in the hours of sunshine await you, ranging from 10 in the summer season to 3 in October, up to only one from November to February. From almost € 500,00 in the summer months, by booking in the autumn you could save even more than € 150,00 between flight and hotel.

The best compromise is in the months of May and September, with not too cold temperatures and lower prices than in summer.

Tallinn in Spring

During the spring, the hours of sunshine in Tallinn lengthen and temperatures rise causing the winter snow to thaw. However it is still a complicated period, in which you can have quite hot days, with temperatures reaching 19 °, and other colder ones, but only during the first half of the season. From May onwards, the rise in temperatures becomes stable.

During this period, the days get longer and this means that you can walk for much longer in the streets of the capital, so why not focus on shopping and discovering its historic center?
Not to be missed are the areas of Viro, Muurivahe and the Katariina Passage (one of the most picturesque areas in Tallinn, which connects the Viro road to that of Muurivahe) full of shops and particularly suitable for shopping.

Tallinn in Summer

Summer is the best time to visit Tallin. In this period the average temperatures are around 20 ° making it very liveable even for those used to heat, up to extreme peaks of up to 32 °.
However, rainfall is very frequent, which can even cover 1/3 of the entire summer season.
In this period you can experience the breezes of swimming in the Baltic Sea, which in the warmer months reaches 20 ° but hardly exceeds them.
This is the best time if you want to enjoy the beautiful days in the capital of Estonia, since the hours of sunshine also reach 10 in July and August.

Tallinn in Autumn

In autumn, the activities to do in Tallinn decrease as the bad season progresses. You could take the opportunity to see the museums of the city, such as Kumu, one of the most important places in the city.
This museum, which is also among the largest in Northern Europe, is part of the Estonian Museum of Art. Inside you will find temporary and permanent collections, which tell the art of Estonia from the th century to today.
Another valid alternative is to visit the Kadriog Palace (or Catherinethal), inside the Kadriorg park. Built for Catherine I of Russia on a project by the architect Nicola Michetti, it contains works by Fontebasso, Strozzi, Jordaens and many more.

Tallinn in Winter

Winter is perhaps the worst time for the weather in Tallinn. Average temperatures do not exceed 0 ° even during the day. Even if on average the minimum temperatures are around -4 °, they can also reach records of -40 °. As if this were not enough, disturbances that bring rain and snow are very frequent.
However, in this period you will have many things to do, from guided tours of the city's museums to something more distinctive and affordable, like a visit to the Christmas markets. Tallin's Christmas fairs called Jouluturg are among the most famous in Europe. What makes them so unique are its stalls, in the shape of small wooden chalets, which occupy the town hall square, dating back to the th century.
In these months you will also find the Joulujazz festival, great for those who love music, which runs from 29 November to 17 December.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: given the freezing temperatures it is absolutely essential to bring warm clothing with you such as wool sweaters, fleece and down jackets. Furthermore, given the presence of snow and ice, it is better to wear special shoes that will prevent you from slipping.
  • In summer: in the warmer months green light for light clothing, but always keeping the situation under control. Do not forget the umbrella, which is essential given the probable presence of precipitation in this period.
  • In autumn and spring: The only certainty is the raincoat (in addition to the umbrella). In addition to this you can wear whatever you prefer, but take into account the sudden change in temperatures. Ok to light t-shirts, but only if you also have heavy sweaters or jackets with you.

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