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In the south of England, just 80 km from greater London, Southampton lies between two rivers, a medieval city that is still little appreciated and visited. Yet who knows how many other times you will have heard of it. This city is indeed known to be an important English port but above all the port from which the famous ship Titanic left.
Here what is the best time to visit Southampton, with info and advice for every season.


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  2. When to go to Southampton: the cheapest period
  3. Southampton in Spring
  4. Southampton in the Summer
  5. Southampton in the Autumn
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer from June to the first half of September, with preference for July and August
  • Period to avoid: autumn and winter, from late October to mid-March. The rains are frequent and abundant and the days get shorter, dull and cloudy

Southampton's climate is oceanic, strongly influenced by the position of the city directly on the sea and characterized by rainfall throughout the year. However, the rains mostly occur in the winter months, less during the spring, while in summer, despite the medium-high temperatures and the sunny days, some rain could always arrive.

The best time to travel to Southampton is from late spring to early autumn, bearing in mind that June, July and August are the best months thanks to temperatures and rare rains.

Winter, on the other hand, is quite mild, but the only flaw is the abundant rains, while autumn and spring are both two seasons of doubt. In autumn it is still possible to find heat or already cold, and vice versa in spring.

When to go to Southampton: the cheapest period

The low season in Southampton coincides with autumn and winter, which is the wettest and coldest periods. This leads to a significant drop in flight and accommodation prices, but you will find a city that is constantly humid, cold, gray and wet with rain.

The best compromise is in late spring, from April to May.

Southampton in Spring

In spring, the dullness and gloomy days of winter gradually disappear, leaving room for the sun, greenery and flowering. So why not take the opportunity to make a nice one stroll through the city parks?
The largest park in the city is Southampton Common Park, full of paths and ponds, while Hoglands Park, Houndwell Park, Palmerston Park and East Park follow one after the other from the historic center. In the latter park there is the monument built in memory of the Titanic.

Southampton in the Summer

The summer season is perfect for wandering around the city enjoying a beautiful sun and beautiful days. Then take the opportunity to visit the City Walls, walls built during the Middle Ages and now Southampton's main attraction.
Another important and unmissable building in the city is the Tudor House and Garden, a garden that collects herbs and edible plants discovered during the Tudor period, which was also the first museum to open in Southampton. Moreover in September don't miss the Southampton Boat Show, and let yourself be surprised by the largest show on the water in Europe.

Southampton in the Autumn

During the first autumn periods you could still find a favorable climate, our advice is therefore one visit to the historic center and then one boat trip on one of the two rivers that run through Southampton.

Southampton in Winter

The winter in Southampton, as we have already said, is the wettest period and it will be difficult to find a day without rain, but during the bad days you can always opt for museums, staying away from excessive rain and still dedicating yourself to things interesting. Among the best museums in the city we want to point out the Museum of the Sea, Solent Sky dedicated to aviation and the Museum of Medieval Merchants.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: temperatures are never excessively low, so you just need warm clothing consisting of sweaters and sweatshirts, and also do not forget everything you need to face the rain, such as umbrella, hat, waterproof jacket and boots.
  • In summer: t-shirts, shirts, jeans, shorts and open shoes will be fine but, to be on the safe side, also bring a pair of closed shoes and an umbrella for sudden rains.
  • In autumn and spring: if you go to Southampton in early spring or late autumn consider packing your winter clothing, instead if you choose late spring or early autumn, summer clothing will suffice. In both cases, however, also bring mid-season garments, useful in case the weather changes suddenly.

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