When to go to Sharm el Sheikh: climate, best time and months to avoid

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Sharm el-Sheikh, well known Egyptian seaside resort, is perhaps the most touristic in all of Egypt and the Red Sea thanks to its excellent and interesting position that offers different landscapes and various alternatives for every tourist taste. It is the ideal destination for those who dream of paradisiacal beaches with pristine sea, the perfect destination for diving enthusiasts; in this regard we remind you that boasts the second largest coral reef in the world, and it is also a place of ancient cultures such as that of the desert Bedouins.
Below you will find all ours advice on when to go to Sharm el-Sheikh and what to do based on its climate!


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Sharm: the cheapest period
  3. Sharm el Sheikh in Spring
  4. Sharm el Sheikh in Summer
  5. Sharm el Sheikh in Autumn
  6. Sharm el Sheikh in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: the intermediate seasons, in particular between March and April and from October to November
  • Period to avoid: being a seaside tourism destination, the months of January and February are not the best. Moreover, the months of July and August are hot and expensive, and with an excessive presence of tourists

The climate of Sharm el-Sheikh is subtropical desert, influenced by the Red Sea and the nearby Sahara desert. This climate determines mild winters, very hot summers and the total absence of rain. Occasionally in spring there can be a bit of wind, especially the Khamsin, a hot, dry wind capable of raising sandstorms. This pleasant climate means that even the sea temperature is generally high, in fact it reaches 28 ° C in summer and in winter it drops, remaining however around 22 ° C, making days on the beach pleasant even in the most unlikely months.
Sharm el-Sheik is therefore an ideal location all year round, although the best time is from April to November, if you want to fully enjoy the sea, the sun and beautiful diving. The winter months, even if less crowded, are still suitable and pleasant for a holiday.

When to go to Sharm: the cheapest period

Although the low season, and therefore the cheapest one, to go to Sharm el-Sheikh is undoubtedly winter due to the lower temperatures, the beginning of spring and the end of autumn are the best times to fully enjoy this place. Precisely the months of March and November are perfect for a low cost trip. The beginning and the end of the high season in Sharm el-Sheikh turn out to be still economic times before the summer price increase.

Sharm el Sheikh in Spring

In spring the temperature changes gradually. In March it is a pleasant heat, in April it already resembles the Italian summer, while in May the heat is now very high with peaks of 35 ° C. Anyhow the climate is perfect for those looking for a holiday between sun and sea.

If you are in Sharm el-Sheikh in this period you should know that two important competitions take place, one of the two rather unusual for us Westerners. In April, the Camel Competition takes place, a dromedary race which rewards the fastest one in Sinai, while in May the Fishing Competition is held which instead rewards the fisherman who catches the biggest fish.

Sharm el Sheikh in Summer

Summer is undoubtedly the hottest season for Sharm el-Sheikh. Although it is windy it remains dry and temperatures around 40 ° C, sometimes even 45 ° C, are recorded.

If you have decided to go to Sharm el-Sheikh in the summer there is no doubt that your intention is to spend time on the beach, therefore we want to recommend Naama Bay, the most complete and equipped beach for every need and activity, Bereika Beach, ideal for those who just want to relax, and Snorkeling on Tiran Island (from € 40,00 with lunch included), perfect for diving and to observe the coral reef.

Sharm el Sheikh in Autumn

Autumn is still quite warm and very sunny, in fact we remember that is one of the best times to visit Sharm el-Sheikh. The temperature is around 30 ° C and gradually decreases as winter approaches.

The days are still perfect for enjoying the sea and the sun but, if you like trekking, another interesting activity can be an excursion to Mount Sinai with climbing and overnight stay (from € 35,00), where the temperature is pleasantly fresh during this season, before the snow arrives, or a quad adventure safari (from € 25,00).
A noteworthy event that takes place in October instead is the International Diving Competition, a competition between young aspiring divers from all over the world.

Sharm el Sheikh in Winter

In winter, the rains are practically rare if not completely absent. Temperatures are mild and around 20 ° C during the day, while at night they can drop as low as 10 ° C, usually between January and February.

We have already said that the sun is always present and the Red Sea still has acceptable temperatures even in winter, therefore the bravest can live on the beach even in this period albeit with slightly lower temperatures than usual.
An alternative to the beaches can be a boat ride to Ras Mohammed National Park (from € 35,00) or a quad bike adventure in Sharm el-Sheikh (from € 18,00) or on the back of a dromedary.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: T-shirt and shorts for the day, but for the evening it is better not to be without long trousers, a light jacket and closed shoes. However, bring everything you need to the sea and a hat for a possible excursion in the desert.
  • In summer: Swimsuit and beach towel, a hat and sunscreen to protect yourself from intense heat are inevitable. As for clothing, all you need is t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, shorts and sandals.
  • In autumn and spring: T-shirts, tank tops, shorts and shirts, sandals, swimsuit, sunscreen and beach towel will be more than enough. If you choose to take a desert or mountain tour, remember a hat or scarf that is light but large enough to wrap around your head.

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