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    When to go to San Diego? Advice on the best time and info on the climate

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    When to go to San Diego? All time! This city on the border with Mexico is, in terms of climate, one of the most liveable in all of the United States. It is very difficult to find rainy days and the temperatures are welcoming to the visitor at any time of the year. In the summer months the beaches of San Diego are the preferred destination, but visiting the points of interest of the city is possible and pleasant even in the winter months. The daunting climatic conditions of the nearby Mojave Desert do not affect San Diego Bay thanks to the mountain range that protects it and the cool ocean breezes that mitigate temperatures in the city area.


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    • When to go to San Diego? The best time

    The climate of San Diego

    The latitude and proximity to the sea give San Diego a warm temperate climate, not too different from the Mediterranean one. This means that it is never too cold in winter and that summers, although hot, are more liveable than neighbors city placed inland like Las Vegas, where the desert climate takes over. There are over 200 days of the year in which the temperature in San Diego exceeds 21 ° and the dry heat is regularly mitigated by sea breezes. It is enough to move a few kilometers away from the city inland to perceive higher temperatures and realize how optimal the position of this coastal city is.

    San Diego in the summer

    In summer Southern California is hot and San Diego is no exception. It is quite normal that yes exceed 25 ° and for this reason the beach life is the host. The water of the sea, never too hot in this part of the Pacific Ocean, it has a pleasant cooling function on the hottest days, but even without swimming, San Diego Bay offers attractions for any time and outside temperature. The warmth of summer nights allows bathers to move in the evening to the many clubs by the sea, which make the summer of San Diego one of the liveliest on the Californian coast. If you are looking for a tan and cocktails, if you want to visit the Seaworld or the other city parks, certainly i summer months are the ones that are right for you.

    San Diego in the fall

    Defining autumn in San Diego is difficult: the month of September is still midsummer, indeed it is often hotter than in August, and in many years a good part of October still has summer temperatures. In recent months it is still possible to swim in the sea - the ocean waters are never very hot, but in October they are no colder than in the previous months - and the average rainfall is only two days a month.

    So until November you can leave leaving your umbrella at home without too many worries. Here on the border with Mexico, autumn is very different from that of the northernmost states of the USA: the streets will not be covered in red and yellow leaves, but it is probably the best time to get lost in the neighborhoods of the city or to visit a park. as the Balboa Park without fainting in the heat.

    San Diego in the winter

    December, January and February are the coldest three months in San Diego. Don't expect to find a blanket of snow though, nor having to go around with a scarf, gloves and a heavy duvet. It is very difficult for temperatures to drop below 10 °, and it is certainly not one of the most suitable cities to breathe the Christmas atmosphere that we are used to seeing in American films.

    Under ChristmasHowever, the downtown districts - such as Gaslamp Quarter, but also a building such as the Coronado Hotel - are filled with decorations, and there is certainly no lack of the more deeply religious aspect of the party, reinforced by the Central American population of predominantly Catholic religion. Especially at night, the only real climatic disturbance are the fog banks which are formed frequently, also due to the significant temperature range between night and day.

    San Diego in the spring

    From March the mercury of the thermometer begins to rise to the column e at the end of April you can already go to the beach. The bravest of Americans already bathe in the ocean at this time and spring can be defined as an almost non-existent season: temperatures in these intermediate months vary from i 15 ei 25 degree and summer itself comes quickly. As I already mentioned, in San Diego it rains very little: if in the months of May and June the average rainfall is almost zero, March has an average of 6 days of rain.

    While the lack of rain can help tourists, it increases some dangers. March and April, more than the other months of the year, are particularly windy. The strong air currents coming from the desert, combined with the dry climate, make the risk of fire in the area surrounding the city. The same happens also in autumn, in September and October.

    When to go to San Diego? The best time

    I have already mentioned that San Diego is one of those cities that can be visited without major problems in any time of the year. It all depends on what the motivation for the trip is: whether you are looking for the, among other things beach life and the fun nights, part of the calendar between late April and early October is the one suggested. If you are looking for walks in the historic districts, museums and theme parks, the half seasons they are the most suitable, especially in order not to suffer too much heat. If you travel for tourism you will certainly also move in the surrounding areas, so I suggest you take a look at our article on the best time to visit California, and the pages of other cities in this geographical area that have more complex climatic conditions, from take less lightly:

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