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St. Petersburg is the second largest city in Russia and also the most important port. This city is very characteristic and owes its particularity to the many rivers and canals that cross it, thanks to which it has been defined as the Russian Venice having also been built on water. St. Petersburg is therefore a very suggestive city where you can admire numerous stately buildings with a typical Russian artistic imprint, immersed in a beautiful panorama offered by bridges and canals. However we know well that the weather in Russia is very cold, so here are our tips on when to visit St. Petersburg and what this great city offers you!


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to St. Petersburg: the cheapest period
  3. St. Petersburg in Spring
  4. St. Petersburg in the Summer
  5. St. Petersburg in Autumn
  6. St. Petersburg in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from June to early September. The temperatures are pleasant and the days long, between June and July the sun shines for over 19 hours and the white nights are celebrated. The Christmas period is also recommended
  • Period to avoid: autumn and winter, from October to March, it is freezing, with temperatures below freezing for several days. However, snow-capped St. Petersburg has a unique charm, and at Christmas it is beautiful

St. Petersburg has a continental climate, characterized by frequent rain and wind. In fact, the rains are present all year round, a little less in spring, while in winter they come in the form of snow. This determines freezing winters with frequent snowfalls, cold and windy springs, summers generally sunny and quite hot but with rainy and windy periods, and autumns initially cool and then increasingly freezing.
The best time to visit St. Petersburg is therefore reduced to three summer months June, July and August, during which temperatures are mild and the days are longer and sunnier, moreover rain and wind give a little respite even if they could suddenly arrive.

When to go to St. Petersburg: the cheapest period

September and February are the cheapest months for St. Petersburg. The fall in prices is due to the fact that February is the coldest month, and September marks the end of the beautiful summer season, which sees a lot of Italian tourism go away, in addition to the beautiful days.

Summer, in the months of June, July and August, is the least economic season. Some interesting offers can be found by booking well in advance.

A good compromise can be the month of April, when the frosts begin to disappear, the temperatures become sustainable and the days get longer a bit.

St. Petersburg in Spring

With the arrival of fresh spring, the main rivers become navigable again and the thing not to be missed is a panoramic boat tour to admire the beauty of St. Petersburg from another perspective. Another characteristic attraction of spring is the golden fountains of the imperial residence Peterhoff, which in May begin to come to life with their jets of water.
Everlasting in May, precisely on day 9, the city celebrates the Liberation Day, with parades, cultural events and a great fireworks display.

St. Petersburg in the Summer

We have already said that summer is the best season to visit St. Petersburg, so better take advantage of the long and sunny days to visit the main points of interest of the city such as the Emirtage, the Winter Palace, the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Kazan Cathedral.
Various events await you in summer, In fact, in June the White Nights begin, an arts festival featuring ballets, concerts and parades, and lasts until July. Another noteworthy event is the Alye Parusa, or the festival of scarlet sails, held on June 18 and 19, with a great show on the Neva river.

St. Petersburg in Autumn

St. Petersburg autumn tends to be cold and to become more and more so as winter approaches. Before the real cold arrives, between September and October, the city organizes theEarly Music Festival, with proposals of ancient music played by the best world musicians.
Also in St. Petersburg there are many interesting museums. We want to remind you of the Russian Museum, the Zoological Museum, the Fabergè Museum which displays the objects of the Russian Tsars, the Military Naval Museum and the Ethnographic Museum.

St. Petersburg in Winter

If you're daring enough to face the freezing Russian cold, then in winter you have to go to St. Petersburg to celebrate the New Year, a deeply felt holiday, celebrated with performances by music and entertainment in Piazza del Palazzo, where you can subsequently admire the numerous fireworks. As an alternative to the New Year, we propose the farewell party to winter, better known by the name Maslenitsa, which corresponds to our Carnival.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: You will need thermal underwear and very warm and padded clothing. Sweaters, winter jacket, scarf, gloves, hat and everything that best covers you is welcome in your suitcase.
  • In summer: Be careful not to overdo it with summer clothing. It's okay to bring light clothes that are ideal for hot days, but always keep in mind that you are going to Russia, so don't forget a sweatshirt, a jacket, long pants and closed shoes too.
  • In autumn and spring: Autumn is the rainiest season, while spring is the windiest, so first of all don't forget an umbrella, a hat and a waterproof and warm jacket, to keep you sheltered from the wind and rain. We also remember that these two seasons are very influenced by the winter cold, so choose an ideal clothing for mid-season but without neglecting some winter clothing.

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