When to go to Rotterdam: climate, best time and tips month by month

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The second most important city in Holland, Rotterdam boasts the largest port on the Old Continent. Its location (overlooking the Nieuwe Maas river) and its characteristic physical geography (a large part of the city is located below sea level) offer tourists a rather particular climate which, as we will see, is characterized by not particularly high temperatures.


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  3. Rotterdam in Spring
  4. Rotterdam in the Summer
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to September, with preference for June-July-August.
  • Period to avoid: winter and early spring (November-March) are very cold and rainy

Strongly influenced by currents from the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean, Rotterdam enjoys a sub-oceanic climate, characterized by frequent rainfall, a cold winter and a surprisingly cool summer.

When to go to Rotterdam: the cheapest period

Rotterdam is certainly not a low cost destination. Booking flights and hotels at least one month in advance is almost a must in order not to spend a fortune.
The low season in Rotterdam is from autumn to early spring, excluding holidays, but the climate is not the best.
The best compromise is late spring or early autumn (April-May and September-October), but don't expect a significant drop in prices.

Rotterdam in Spring

Unstable season, which alternates cold days with other milder and sunnier ones, especially between April and May: spring in Rotterdam is reserved for tourists open to any possible weather incident, who will be amply rewarded with a visit to the vertical city full of sporting events and visits to some of the most interesting attractions of the Dutch town.
You cannot leave Rotterdam without taking an "amphibious" tour on the Splashtour, the water bus which will allow you to admire the main attractions of the city from a totally new point of view.
For lovers of nature and animals, the must see of the Dutch destination is the zoo, with a wide variety of animals housed in the protected area and a faithful "reproduction" of the natural habitat of each of them.
Also not to be missed is a visit to the characteristic cubic houses, the Maritime Museum and the Photographic Museum of the Netherlands, a treasure trove of the history of Dutch photography.

Rotterdam in the Summer

Rotterdam summers are a real godsend for visitors who don't like a particularly hot weather. The mercury rarely exceeds 25 ° during the day and the evenings are quite cool, sometimes cold considering the period.
Not bad, because the nightlife of the "Manhattan on the Meuse" is lively and cheerful! There is no shortage of musical events wide-ranging and cultural events and the city center itself is an all-round attraction to explore on foot.
The must sees of the period? We point out at least two: the Markthal, the largest covered food market in Holland, where the aromas and gastronomic flavors meet the local street art, and above all the famous Erasmus Bridge, suspended over the Meuse, which connects the city center with the Kop van Zui district, where history and modernity mix, coexisting in harmony.

Rotterdam in Autumn

Autumn in Rotterdam looms as a prelude to the cold season, with steep temperatures and the appearance of the first frosts between late October and early November.
The fall quarter is ideal time to visit some of the most beautiful museums of the Dutch resort. Rotterdam exudes art and the main museums have the advantage of hosting vast collections of works ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era. The must sees are the Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen and the KunstHal, which with its very particular architectural structure represents an attraction within an attraction.
The huge city port, another important attraction of the town, is dedicated, in September, to the World Porto Days and, staying on the subject, do not miss the chance, more unique than rare, of admire the historic ship SS Rotterdam in the De Delft shipyard.

Rotterdam in Winter

Despite the humidity and frequent winds, Rotterdam's winter is not freezing as happens in other European locations. The calendar of events also this season is full of initiatives, not only related to Christmas, but also to music.
However, the most important events of the winter quarter are two: Art Rotterdam, the international art fair, which takes place in February, and above all the International Film Fest, an event dedicated to the seventh art that takes place between January and February.
There are no shortage of them sport events and the chance to go shopping: do it at GROOS, the concept store most popular with young people in Rotterdam, where you can buy products from all sorts of local designers, artists and stylists.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: coat, sweaters, long pants; scarf, hat, umbrella
  • In summer: t-shirt and shorts; a sweatshirt or jacket for cool evenings; a long trousers; umbrella
  • In autumn and spring: jacket, long pants, sweaters, sweatshirts, umbrella

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