When to go to Rome: climate, best period and tips month by month

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Rome, the Italian capital, city of art, culture and events. This beautiful city lives at a fairly chaotic pace and obviously has a large number of visitors. The reason? Rome is the perfect city to visit at any time of the year! In all seasons Rome is beautiful and alive, thanks to its favorable climate and to the many events, such as fairs, exhibitions and concerts, for all kinds. In short, we are talking about a city that is always worth visiting and that will never make you bored. Below you will find some more details on climate, temperatures and tips for each season.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Rome: the cheapest period
  3. Rome in Spring
  4. Rome in the Summer
  5. Rome in Autumn
  6. Rome in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: spring, to avoid rain and humidity or excessive summer heat.
  • Period to avoid: no one in particular. It is only advisable to avoid rainy and cold days or on the contrary excessively hot.

The climate of Rome is Mediterranean and in every season the city is sunny and has mild temperatures, never too low. Winter and autumn are the seasons that see the most rain, autumn is very humid, while winter is cold mainly during the night.
Snow is rare and it doesn't necessarily snow every year. Instead, summer and spring are very hot and sunny, with rare afternoon thunderstorms but very muggy, especially in the summer months.

When to go to Rome: the cheapest period

Rome, contrary to what you think, is a city within everyone's reach. With the exception of spring and the winter holiday season, costs are affordable on average throughout the year.

Usually in the months of October and February, prices reach a minimum, due to the decrease in the influx of tourists due to the weather which determines the low season. A similar situation also occurs in late summer, especially in the month of August, when the city empties due to high temperatures.

Rome in Spring

During the spring months, the days are warm and pleasant, with temperatures around 15 ° C which will allow you to take a nice tour of the main sites and discover the ancient city, without suffering terribly from the heat, as happens in summer. For example, you cannot miss the Colosseum, the Trevi Fountain, the Roman Forum, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona and the Pantheon, which can be visited with a guided walking tour (from € 35,00 for 3,5 hours) that will make you discover the most interesting aspects of the city and its monuments.

As for events we want to remember the great Concert of May st, completely free, held every year in Piazza San Giovanni to celebrate the Labor Day and features the most famous italian artists.

Rome in the Summer

The Roman summer is very dry and hot, characterized by constant heat and practically rare rainy days. Temperatures reach 30 ° C, while in the height of summer they reach 40 ° C. In short, Rome in summer is mainly suitable for those who are used to the heat and do not suffer so much!
There can be one solution walk along the Lungotevere refreshed by the light breeze of the river, stopping in the various gardens and parks that will arise. To give you some ideas we remind you of the Bio Park el 'Botanical Garden, both large and beautiful.
Along the walk you will also encounter Sant'Angelo castel also surrounded by a beautiful garden (entrance and guided tour of Castel Sant'Angelo and St. Peter's Square from € 48,00).

Also, if you are in Rome between June and July and you like rock music, do not miss the Rock in Rome, a series of concerts by the most famous world rock groups that take place at the Capannelle Hippodrome.

Rome in Autumn

As we have already said, autumn is very humid and rainy and this is certainly not the best weather condition to visit the city quietly. Temperatures are still acceptable, but rain could hinder your stay in the city.
However, you can take advantage of it and take hours of time for yourself visit the entire Vatican with its interesting museums (Skip-the-line entrance to the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel from € 27,00) and, if the day you have chosen is not so bad, also the immense gardens (Combined ticket for Pontifical Villas and Vatican Museums from € 65,00).

In addition to the Vatican, too Cinecittà and its museum they deserve a visit! So if you like the topic of cinema, take some time to explore the largest and most important film set in Italy and you will certainly be fascinated (Cinecittà World: ticket with free shuttle from Rome from € 34,00).

Rome in Winter

Rome is not the classic European city that is tinged with white during the winter creating the typical winter and Christmas atmosphere, on the contrary snow in Rome is rare and temperatures do not drop below freezing, at most they touch 5 ° C. But despite this, the city does not miss anything and does its best to live up to all the others and offer, even in the absence of snow, an inviting and hospitable environment.

In fact, the Christmas markets are set up in Piazza Navona for the whole holiday period. This is the perfect combination for those who do not like excessive cold but do not want to give up the tradition of the Christmas markets.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: The cold is not excessive, so you will need sweaters and sweatshirts for the day, while during the evening and night it is better to have a scarf, gloves and hat.
  • In summer: The only things you will need are tank tops, t-shirts, blouses and shorts. Bring both sandals and comfortable shoes, in Rome you walk a lot!
  • In autumn and spring: In both seasons, dress in layers by composing your luggage of both light garments such as t-shirts, and mid-season garments such as long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts. In autumn, don't miss an umbrella and a waterproof jacket. As for shoes, choose comfortable shoes that are also water resistant.

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