When to go to Rimini: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Rimini is synonymous with beach holidays, relaxation on the beach, and places to stay up late at night. When we talk about Rimini, on the Romagna Riviera, we obviously think of the bathing season, whose peak begins as early as mid-June and ends at the beginning of September.
The Rimini season is undoubtedly summer, in August life does not stop for a moment, it is in constant frenzy. But what if you are not interested in the sea and tanning, and you want to visit the city outside the peak season?
What is the best time to visit Rimini? Let's see all the info on the climate of this city and with our advice month by month.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Rimini: the cheapest period
  3. Rimini in Spring
  4. Rimini in Summer
  5. Rimini in Autumn
  6. Rimini in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from June to September to swim in the sea, spring to visit the city without finding the typically summer chaos
  • Period to avoid: autumn and winter are the least suitable seasons to enjoy the beauty of Rimini

In Rimini, the climate is semi-continental, with fairly cold winters and hot, sunny summers. The city is on the coast, but is located far enough north to be affected by the bura during cold spells. Rimini is also touched by the sirocco, or rather by the Garbino, a warm wind from the south-west that descends from the mountains.
Rainfall is moderate, with rains well distributed throughout the year, albeit the wettest season ever is autumn, while in summer the rains are much rarer.

When to go to Rimini: the cheapest period

During the summer, the cheapest period is definitely between June and July, when the prices of hotels and tourist services are lower. The rest of the year not being the high season, you can travel safely and save money.

Rimini in Spring

Rimini in spring is preparing to be reborn: the season is rather unstable at the beginning, between the end of March and the beginning of April the first mild days alternate with cold and rainy days. Atlantic disturbances in spring are quite frequent, however from mid-April the climate becomes more and more pleasant, with beautiful sunny days and mild temperatures.

You can take advantage of the favorable climate for visits to quite unusual places, such as the archaeological sites of Rimini: the Tiberius bridge, the ruins of the Roman amphitheater, the Domus del Chirurgo, the remains of the Roman bridge of S. Vito, or the archaeological excavations of the monastic complex of S. Giuliano.
You can participate in guided tours with a local guide (from € 10,00 per person) which in about 2,5 hours will show you the "musts" of Rimini beyond the beaches.
The bravest, already from the end of May, braving the cold waters, begin with the first baths in the sea.

Rimini in Summer

Summer in Rimini is hot, muggy, and sunny. July and August are definitely the hottest months, with maximum temperatures that can even reach 37 °, when the sirocco blows. Summer is also the high season in Rimini, whose beaches and hotels are stormed by tourists. Definitely this it is the ideal time to experience Rimini's bathing season.
Don't miss the traditional "Pink Night" on the first weekend of July, during which exhibitions, concerts, DJ sets and all the fun you could wish for are planned.
The Rimini coastline is long and wide, and there are many bathing establishments that you will find at your disposal (about 150).

Between the shores and the most beautiful beaches of Rimini, we point out in particular, the Beach 84, pet friendly, where your four-legged friends can run around freely; the Libra Beach, a long stretch of beach dedicated to sport, with outdoor gyms, water sports, football, volleyball, tennis etc. A paradise for lovers of the genre, which in the evening turns into a nightclub where you can dance until late at night; how not to mention Bagno Tourquoise, the super chic beach loved by VIPs, also equipped with a classy restaurant; finally we have Riminiterme, annexed to the Rimini spa, a very large and quiet stretch of beach, equipped with an entertainment service for children.

Rimini in Autumn

Autumn in Rimini can still give you some beautiful sunny and mild days, especially in September and until the beginning of October; then the climate gradually begins to worsen, becoming gray and quite rainy. The first days of true cold begin to show up around November. Autumn is the wettest season of the yearHowever, visiting Rimini in this season can be an excellent choice, both for the prices that start to drop after the peak in August, and for the people who start to decrease.

In September and again in early October, you can still take a few baths, taking advantage of the last beautiful sunny days, while as the days begin to get colder, you can take the opportunity to visit the beautiful historic center of Rimini, or you can still enjoy a few moments of relaxation at the Rimini Thermal Center, the Riminiterme.
In mid-October, then, do not miss the International Tourism Fair, which every year attracts thousands of visitors including professionals, operators in the sector and onlookers, all in the name of travel and the most popular destinations.

Rimini in Winter

Winter in Rimini is quite cold, even if the climate compared to that of the Po Valley is certainly milder. Temperatures, especially in January, can even reach 0 °, and snowfalls are quite frequent.
Winter is the relatively driest season, but some rainy days can also occur in this period, while in periods of high pressure fog can form.
It is definitely not the best season to visit Rimini, also because many of the services and links are not active. However, the fairly temperate climate still allows you to visit the city without major problems.

You can take advantage of it for a pleasant walk along the seafront, in a completely new setting, spend a relaxing afternoon at the Terme di Rimini, or calmly visit the city center.
During the Christmas period do not miss the beautiful Christmas markets, with their handcrafted products, decorations and gastronomic products, which animate the historic center of Rimini. There is Christmas at the Port, until mid-January; the Christmas Tree Fair at the Tiberius Bridge, where it is possible to buy real Christmas trees and Christmas plants; and the Christmas Fair from December 15th to January 6th. A series of events not to be missed!

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: Rimini's winter is rather cold, our advice is to bring warm clothes, and don't forget hats, gloves and scarves at home.
  • In summer: the watchword is lightness, just bring swimsuits, sarongs, flip flops and light clothes with you. The heat will be the master.
  • In autumn and spring: in these seasons the climate is more uncertain and rainy, our advice is to bring heavier clothes and dress in layers, and don't forget your umbrella!

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