When to go to Prague: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Prague is one of the most visited european cities and one very popular destination especially for young people. This city is in fact famous for several aspects such as the very low cost of living, the large amount of pubs and night clubs, fun guaranteed, and let's not forget the most important part, namely the undisputed beauty of Prague, due to the characteristics towers of the old town and ai ponti on Vltava river, which make it a fairytale place. If you were also thinking of going to Prague, find out below what is the best time or the one that suits you best!


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Prague: the cheapest period
  3. Prague in Spring
  4. Prague in the Summer
  5. Prague in Autumn
  6. Prague in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: Prague is always enjoyable. For the climate, it is better late spring-summer (from May to September), with preference for June and September, but in winter during the Christmas period it dresses up with enchantment and is beautiful
  • Period to avoid: from November to March (except the Christmas period). Winter is cold and with little sunshine, the mid-seasons are unstable and rather rainy

The climate of Prague is moderately continental, which means that Prague experiences long and harsh winters, with temperatures that go below freezing even if not by much, while springs and autumns are unstable because of the climate that begins to moderate going towards the summer, and finally summers are mild and pleasantly sunny.
Prague also sees the rain during all months of the year, a little less in summer and more often in spring, while in winter the precipitations arrive several times in the form of snow.

The best times to visit Prague are therefore late spring and summer, from May to September, but for lovers of cold, snow and the winter atmosphere that is created in European capitals, the best months are December and January (especially the Christmas period), during which Prague is snowy and Christmas.

When to go to Prague: the cheapest period

Initially we said that Prague has a very low cost of living, in fact it is in itself a cheap city and this is true at any time of the year. However in the months of October, November, February e March the prices of flights and accommodation facilities are further lowered. This is due to the smaller influx of tourists compared to summer and winter.

Prague in Spring

If you find yourself in Prague in the spring months, despite the unstable weather and frequent rains, you will not be disappointed. In fact, this city offers various events of various kinds in spring. First of all, during the Easter period they are open in the main squares, such as Wenceslas Square e Old Town Square, the Easter markets, in which to taste typical food, buy objects and souvenirs of all kinds, and observe the artisans who create their own products. Between March and June events like the Prague Food Festival, obviously dedicated to Czech food, the Prague Fringe Festival, dedicated to music and art, the Prague Spring International Music Festival, FebioFest, cinematic event, and the Czech Republic Grand Prix.

Prague in the Summer

Summer is there best season to visit the city far and wide without the risk of suffering from heat or cold. Don't miss the Prague Castle, the St. Vitus Cathedral, theAstronomic watch Door of Powders, the Dancing House, the Jewish Quarter, and a walk along the Vltava River where you can admire the large number of bridges, and in particular the Charles Bridge.

Prague in Autumn

In autumn Prague offers landscapes with warm and autumnal colors and truly becomes suggestive. Despite the days of light heat but at risk of rain, this period is perfect for enjoying long and relaxing walks among the historic houses parks of Prague places across the river, like Zinsky Garden e Royal Garden. A noteworthy event that takes place in mid-October is the Signal Festival, during which the historic center is illuminated by continuous plays of light.

Prague in Winter

Winter is definitely Prague's characteristic season. We have seen that this city is best visited in the summer, but if your idea of ​​the European capital is a snow-covered, illuminated and decorated city, then you must go to Prague in the winter months to not miss the Christmas markets. You will immerse yourself in a magical atmosphere between houses illuminated, objects colored, songs of Christmas, and the good smell of food Christmas.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: With snow and sub-zero temperatures in your suitcase, underwear and thermal clothing, warm clothing, padded and waterproof jacket, padded boots or ankle boots, umbrella, gloves, scarf and hat must not be missing.
  • In summer: Remember that, even in summer the weather is good and the days are sunny, some rain may always come, so dressing in layers is the best solution. Bring a little bit of everything with you, including tank tops, t-shirts and long sleeves, light jackets and sweatshirts, sandals and closed shoes, so you are ready for any weather situation. Of course, don't forget your umbrella at home.
  • In autumn and spring: In autumn you may still find some heat or the first cold weather, while in spring it rains a lot and often. For these two seasons with mixed and uncertain weather, equally mixed clothing is the best choice. Pack the classic mid-season clothing, such as light sweaters and long-sleeved cotton sweaters, rain jacket, a pair of rain boots and a pair of everyday shoes, and avoid clothing that is excessively light or heavy.

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