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    When to go to Philadelphia? Advice on the best time and info on climate and temperatures

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    Just 150 kilometers from New York City, Philadelphia it has a climate not too different from that of the Big Apple, with a small substantial difference: it is not found on the coast. The Atlantic influence so crucial to New York's climate does not have the same radical effect on the weather as Philadelphia, which turns out to be slightly more continental. We are talking about the sixth largest US city: as for the other great American cities, there is no real ideal period, because in every season there is something to do and even the days with the worst forecasts can be engaged in satisfying activities. Speaking of which, don't miss our article on what to see in Philadelphia!


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    Climate of Philadelphia

    Do you remember the clear sky with the sun shining behind Stallone as Rocky? No, you can't remember it, because one of the characteristics of Philadelphia, which is also well known in the famous film, are the clouds. Not that it rains here every day, but in all months of the year cloudy days outweigh those of full sun. A good percentage of these gray days bring with them a few raindrops or snowflakes in the cold months. The driest months of the year - August, September and October - they have at least 8 rainy days, which increase between 9 and 10 in the months between November and March. April and May are the wettest months, with over 11 days of rain during the month: a good third of the days at this time of the year.

    Compared to other US cities, from the point of view of rainfall, the climate turns out to be quite constant, which can be seen as a disadvantage or a favorable figure. There is no month in which you are on the safe side and you can leave your umbrella at home, but at the same time the possibility of running into long consecutive weeks of bad weather, as happens in other areas, also disappears.

    Estate a Philadelphia

    The warm months are i less rainy in terms of days, but this does not decrease humidity which constantly characterizes the city, with a percentage of more than 60% throughout the year and that indeed the summer heat makes it rise above 70%. The cause of this humidity in the air is the basin of the Delaware River: the great metropolis of Pennsylvania is located not far from its mouth, where innumerable small rivers and the Schuylkill tributary enter. Moreover, paradoxically they are the summer months are those with the highest record of mm of precipitation. If in winter the rain is frequent but light, in summer it is easier to come across thunderstorms or heavy rains.

    As for temperatures, i months between June and August have temperature medium from in 22 to 25 degrees, with maximums that very rarely rise above 30 ei minimum between 17 and 20 degrees. They are therefore ideal months to discover the city, with the possibility of dressing lightly and without fear of fainting in the sun: the clouds that regularly cap the city skyline are in this case an advantage. The important is remember the umbrella even in summer, because it could be useful.

    Autumn in Philadelphia

    The beginning of autumn is optimal to run up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum imitating Rocky in his most famous scene. The month of September has pleasant temperatures with highs around 25 degrees and minimums around 15. In October and November Temperatures begin to drop, with daily highs falling below 20 degrees in the first month and reaching 13 degrees in the second. The temperature range in October remains similar to the previous period, with a difference between day and night of about ten degrees.

    A November the typical characteristics of winter begin to take shape and if the mercury column moves less between night and day, the cold begins to be felt, with night lows around 4 degrees that can sometimes approach zero. The autumn months have the advantage of being, unlike what happens in many other cities, among the driest of the year. In general, let's talk about one good season, considering that in addition to the not too rigid conditions for getting around Philadelphia, autumn offers the spectacle of foliage, which in this area of ​​the USA is characterized by truly unique scenarios.

    winter to philadelphia

    From December comes the real cold, which continues until March. The Christmas atmosphere, as in the rest of the American east coast, is very much felt by the citizens, who decorate the city in the best possible way and fill it with themed events. To be able to enjoy it smoothly, however, it is necessary to leave prepared with warm clothes and shoes suitable for snow. In fact, already in the month of December, they are recorded on average over 8 cm of snow, which double in January and become over 22 cm in February. If this makes a visit to the city more romantic and characteristic, it can create some inconvenience for a tourist who leaves without the right preparation. The temperatures in these three months have minimums that often go below zero and maximums between 6 and 7 degrees in December and February, which drop to 4-5 degrees in January: the coldest month of the year.

    March is still winter: it is one of the months with the greatest rainfall, some of which are snowy. Average daily temperatures are between 6 and 7 degrees, with fluctuating peaks. The average highs are around 11-12 degrees, but we can encounter warmer days. At the same time, the lows, which average just under 2 degrees, can rarely drop dramatically even several degrees below zero.

    Spring in Philadelphia

    Spring begins in April. This is the month in which mid-season is well recognized in Philadelphia. The maximum they begin to strain from 15 to 20 degrees and minime they stand up on 7%. There is always a need for a coat, but we are no longer at risk of freezing as in the previous months, even if (especially at the beginning of the month) there may still be a sporadic splash of snow. The month of May is already more welcoming: the average daily temperatures tend to 18 degrees, the minimums rarely fall below 12 and the maximums can approach 25.

    In this period we can put aside boots and thermal sweaters, preferring an onion-shaped clothing: hot and cold can alternate, but without particularly significant changes, however April and May are the two wettest months, in terms of days, of the year. A rain that can be light, but quite frequent. If you visit Philadelphia in the spring, pack an umbrella or, even better, a light raincoat.

    When to go to Philadelphia? Best time to visit

    As I mentioned, we are talking about a large metropolis, perfectly equipped to welcome a visitor at any time of the year. If you only look at the climate, late spring and early autumn are the best times: temperatures are quite warm, but it is more difficult to come across the days of intense rain or sultry heat more likely in midsummer. In addition, housing prices are on average higher in the summer months. If you leave prepared with the right clothing, however, there will be no particular difficulties in getting around the city in all 12 months.

    Although beautiful and very large, Philadelphia is not one of those cities where it is customary to go from Spain for a specific visit, as can happen for nearby New York. The advice is therefore to take a look at the weather conditions of other cities that you intend to visit on your tour. Some of the main destinations in the American Northeast need more study if you intend to visit them: the climate of Washington DC, for example, is much more variable than that of Philadelphia, despite the fact that there are just 200km between the two cities.

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