When to go to Perugia: climate, best time and tips month by month

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The beautiful Perugia with its medieval streets, breathtaking views and many delicious specialties it offers a lot to the visitor. Let's see what are the best times to visit it, and what to bring with you.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Perugia: the cheapest period
  3. Perugia in Spring
  4. Perugia in the Summer
  5. Perugia in Autumn
  6. Perugia in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: the climate is best in spring and summer. But in reality the city can always be visited, especially in conjunction with one of the many events, such as Umbria Jazz (summer), Eurochocolate (autumn) and the Christmas markets.
  • Period to avoid: no one in particular

The climate of Perugia is internal sublittoral temperate, with an average annual temperature of just over 13 ° C. The month plus cold is January, the hottest August, with averages slightly below 29 ° C. Annual rainfall is generally between 800 and 900 mm and can sometimes be assumed in winter snowy character.

The name of the city derives from an Etruscan word which means "windy". In Perugia, in addition to often raining from October to April, and almost never from May to September, it always blows wind. Pleasant thing in hot weather, much less pleasant in cold weather. The wind is felt above all in the Carducci Gardens, in Piazza Italia, in Via Baglioni and in Corso Vannucci, some of the most important streets in the historic center.

When to go to Perugia: the cheapest period

Given the great succession of events organized by the municipality and the region, it is difficult to identify a real cheaper period to go to Perugia. However, late spring and late summer are the best times both in terms of climate and accommodation prices.

Perugia in Spring

Perugia boasts an important historic center, made up of still intact Etruscan-Roman walls, semi-hidden alleys, architectural beauties to visit and walks among nature in search of wonderful views: and spring is the best time to visit them, thus being able to enjoy also of the spectacle of the blossoming nature.

Perugia in the Summer

Summer is the season during which Perugia comes alive with life. The initiatives multiply and follow each other relentlessly, every evening the historic center is filled with a cheering crowd looking for fun and the monuments change face, illuminated in a different way. Besides, summer is the season ofUmbria Jazz.

Perugia in Autumn

If you are a nature lover, or have a particularly romantic spirit, autumn is the perfect month to go to Perugia. The leaves are tinged with yellow, ocher and orange, and prop up all the hills, the vineyards become huge expanses and the medieval villages come back to life. In the city, and in its surroundings, many events are organized, including the very famous Eurochocolate, the white truffle market exhibition (in the municipality of Città di Castello) and the Wood Festival (in the municipality of Montone).

Perugia in Winter

In winter Perugia can be subject to several snowfalls, which make the panorama more suggestive and the particular atmosphere. THE Christmas markets they begin to appear on the streets as early as the end of November, as well as typical products in the shops.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: the temperature can be extraordinarily cold so, in addition to wearing heavy sweaters and jackets, it is good to dress in layers, wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella.
  • In summer: the temperature difference is one of the characteristics of the climate of Perugia: in this season the temperature can reach, for example in the countryside, a variation from 35 ° C during the day to 20 ° C at night. So do not trust too much, in addition to the "classic summer clothing", it is good to bring with you a jacket or a sweatshirt and long trousers.
  • In autumn and spring: Even in these seasons it is good to always have a jacket or sweatshirt with you, in order to counteract any climatic changes. Rain can be abundant, so you need to bring an umbrella, a raincoat and a spare pair of shoes, which you never know.

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