When to go to Paris: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Although for everyone it is the city of love, Paris is perhaps not the most romantic capital in Europe. However it is one bohemian city full of charm and culture and a walk between Montmartre and the Champs Elysee is always worthwhile!
But what climate do we encounter in Paris and when is it best to go? Let's find out together!


  1. Climate, temperatures and best time
  2. When to go to Paris: the cheapest period
  3. Paris in Spring
  4. Paris in the Summer
  5. Paris in Autumn
  6. Paris in Winter
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Climate, temperatures and best time

  • Best time: from May to September, with preference for May and June. Paris is always enjoyable, but in these months the days are long and the heat is not excessive
  • Period to avoid: from November to February. In addition to rain and cold, the amount of sunshine is scarce. But at Christmas it is beautiful.

Paris has a Continental climate, with more frequent rainfall in winter and less frequent but more abundant in summer. Bear in mind that sudden downpours which cool temperatures are not uncommon during the hot season. Winter is harsh and summer is hot, especially given the high rate of smog that covers the city.

When to go to Paris: the cheapest period

Paris is one of the most expensive cities in Europe, however planning your visit in February, September and November or between March and May you can save up to 30%. Far from the Italian and French holidays, the city turns out to be less expensive but always fantastic!

Paris in Spring

Spring is certainly the best time to visit the city. Accomplice the mild climate and long days, you can walk around the parks, such as Jardin de Luxembourg e Jardin de Tuileries, enjoy the climb to Montmartre, and have fun in the nightclubs of Mairie starting to use the outdoor spaces.
Moreover, in this season, the streets of the center are depopulated buskers: musicians, jugglers and dancers will be able to give you a few minutes of genuine entertainment. Stretching yourself up to Versailles palace, you can admire the re-ignition of the fountains with their incredible water games.

Paris in the Summer

The Parisian summer can be very hot. However, if you have decided to visit the city in the summer, the shopping centers, such as the famous La Fayette, and the museums with theconditioned air. Surely the city turns out to be less crowded and the visit of the places of interest is faster. Don't miss one walk on the Canal Saint-Martin, to be reached perhaps by renting one of the public bicycles (the city is dotted with pick-up and delivery points for Velibs).
If you are intolerant of the heat, you can relax in one of the Paris plague, the beaches that are set up along the Seine in July and August. A dinner on the boat it can be really delicious taking advantage of very long days.

Paris in Autumn

In autumn, Paris manifests all its romanticism. The trees that are starting to darken their leaves and the natural light of this season give the city aMagical atmosphere, which is very much reflected in the Richelieu gardens. However, the days are short, but well worth one walk along the Seine, where you can rediscover yourself more in love than ever. Even one walk on the Champs Elysee at this time of the year he will be able to dedicate great emotions to you. And when the evening falls you can entertain yourself with one show at the Moulin Rouge or going to see the work in one of the most beautiful theaters in the world.

Paris in Winter

Parisian architecture is at its best during the cold season. A light snow cover enhances the historic buildings of the city but bad weather could force you to close inside the museums, which are still a flagship of the French capital.
Absolutely do not miss the visit of the Louvre and D'Orsay, undisputed heritages of world culture. Very nice theChristmas tree set up in front of Notre Dame, like the markets set up in the Trocadero square. If you like it ice skating, a special track is set up in front of the Hotel De Ville.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: prefer warm clothes and snow underwear. The Parisian cold can be really bitter, so knitted socks to wear under pants, thermal shirts to put under sweaters and heavy winter down jackets. Don't forget the wind that can hit the city: remember to bring gloves, scarf and hat with you. The most suitable footwear is certainly waterproof and padded.
  • In summer: the sultry heat of the city clears up tank tops, flip flops and shorts or in any case light clothes. Linen and cotton will be your most precious allies. In the evening, especially on the Seine, a light and pleasant breeze can pull: bring a light sweater with you, also ideal for protecting yourself from the air conditioning of closed spaces.
  • In autumn and spring: the mid-seasons are in themselves a dilemma, one day it's hot and the next cold. Dress in layers. Cotton t-shirts with long or short sleeves, jeans or heavy cotton trousers, closed shoes suitable for walking, light sweaters or sweatshirts will be perfect.

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