When to go to Palestine: climate, best time and months to avoid

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When it comes to Palestine, there is a lot of confusion about the territories that belong to it. It is an Israeli geaographic region that declared its independence in 1988. They are part of the "Palestinian Territories": the East area of ​​Jerusalem, the vast area that extends to the border with Jordan and also occupies a part of the Dead Sea, and finally the small portion of the territory overlooking the Mediterranean.

It is well known that these territories have always been areas of conflict and clashes therefore not ideal for tourism purposes.
In this guide we provide some climate info, indicating the best time and months to avoid to travel to Palestine. However we invite you to keep in mind the safety conditions in which the country is located, which can be checked on the Farnesina website traviaresicuri.it.


  1. Best time
  2. Period to avoid
  3. Climate and seasons
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Best time

When we speak of Palestine we are referring to three different territories: the Gaza Strip, the West Bank and part of the city of Jerusalem.
From the climatic point of view the Gaza Strip enjoys a Mediterranean climate, very hot all year round. The rest of the territory presents to the north a temperate climate and to the south, near the Dead Sea, a pre-desert climate.
Considering that the seasons are generally the same as ours, in each of the areas the periods with the ideal climate are generally spring and autumn, so as to avoid excessive summer heat and drastic winter temperature variations.

  1. Gaza Strip (Mediterranean): area absolutely not recommended due to clashes and terrorist attacks, however from a climatic point of view the best months are April-May and October-November with pleasant temperatures between 15 and 25 ° C
  2. West Bank (North): from April to May and from September to October it rarely rains, daytime temperatures are warm but acceptable and spring and autumn evenings are pleasantly cool
  3. Dead Sea (South): the ideal periods are from November to February and the beginning of spring (March and April) with livable temperatures below 20 ° C and breezy nights

Period to avoid

Palestine is a territory with a high terrorist risk, in which attacks and clashes often occur. For example the Gaza Strip is by far the most disadvantaged Palestinian area, therefore it is a destination to avoid at any time of the year.

From a climatic point of view, both the areas of Palestine overlooking the Mediterranean and inland areas adjacent to Israel are not recommended during the summer months due to the sultry heat and temperatures never below 35 ° C with peaks of 40/42 ° C.

Climate and seasons

Below you will find some insights into the Palestinian climate. Palestine knows 3 different climates: Mediterranean, temperate and pre-desert. All are characterized by intense heat in summer, cool and rainy winters, and pleasant mid-seasons with temperatures that allow you to explore the areas without necessarily suffering from the heat or having to resort to an umbrella. Now let's see the specific climatic situation of each area of ​​Palestine.

Average Temperatures and Precipitation - Gaza Strip (Gaza)

The climate is Mediterranean with pleasant temperatures all year round and very hot in summer. The rains occur for a few days during the winter, even less in spring and autumn, while in the summer they are practically absent.

Recommended period: from March to May and from October to November it is perfect as the temperature remains mild, with highs of 23 ° C.

Average Temperatures and Precipitation - West Bank (Ramallah)

In the central and northern areas of Palestine the climate is temperate characterized by little rainy winters with pleasant temperatures during the day and cold at night, mid-seasons tending to heat with a few rainy days and finally dry and very hot summers.

Recommended period: from April to May the temperatures are pleasant with highs of 23 ° C, October and November have good temperatures but with a few rainy days that gradually give way to winter.

Average Temperatures and Precipitation - Dead Sea (Hebron)

In southern Palestine and in the Dead Sea areas the climate is pre-desert with winters that resemble our mid-seasons (pleasant temperatures and some rain), warm mid-seasons with almost rare rains, very hot and completely dry summers.

Recommended period: from November to February the climate is good with temperatures reaching 20 ° C and some rain from time to time, March and April are months with pleasant heat and almost non-existent rain.


  • Capital: Ramallah
  • Population: 4 million
  • Area: 6.220 sq. Km
  • Languages: Arabic and English
  • Currency: Shekel (NIS) / Exchange rate: € 1,00 = 3,85 NIS
  • Documents: a passport with a residual validity of at least six months is required. Tourist visa not required, however, the passport is not stamped at the airport but a coupon is given to be shown in Palestinian territory if requested by the authorities - useful information, safety and recommended itineraries
  • Time zone: + 1h compared to Italy
  • vaccinations: no compulsory vaccination required
  • Safety info: the Palestinian territories are a crisis area with a high security risk. Clashes, acts of violence and terrorist attacks often occur, even if tourists and pilgrims are rarely the target but there is always the risk of getting involved. In any case, the Gaza Strip is absolutely not recommended, Jerusalem experiences an unpredictable situation and the West Bank often sees conflicts between the army and the population, especially in the areas of Jenin and Nablus declared areas of particular caution. It is therefore advisable, in addition to not going to the aforementioned territories, to pay the utmost attention in all circumstances, to have an adequate behavior following the indications of the Local Authorities and to always keep informed about the facts and in contact with Italy - visit the section on site of farnesina

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