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Padua, the hub of an extensive metropolitan area of ​​over 400.000 inhabitants and the third most populated municipality in the Veneto region (after Venice and Verona), is one of the oldest cities in northern Italy.
Famous for having hosted the Portuguese Franciscan Saint Anthony for many years (Padua is in fact nicknamed the city of the Saint) and for the incomensurable treasures dating back to the fourteenth century (just think of Giotto's cycle of Scrovegni Chapel), today Padua boasts an urban fabric rich in salient and characteristic places, starting from the Roman Arena up to the elegant noble palaces, medieval turrets, multiple places of worship.
If you are interested in visiting the city, spending one or more days there, we leave you some useful information regarding climate and seasonal temperatures, as well as some advice on the main points of tourist interest.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Padua: the cheapest period
  3. Padua in Spring
  4. Padua in the Summer
  5. Padua in Autumn
  6. Padua in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: late spring, when temperatures are pleasant and sunny days more frequent.
  • Period to avoid: there is no particular period. Just avoid days that are too cold, rainy or foggy.

Developed within the water catchment areas of the Brenta and Bacchiglione rivers, in the eastern end of the Po Valley, Padua has a typically sub-continental climate typical of the area, slightly mitigated by the proximity of the Adriatic Sea. Temperatures usually fluctuate between 6 ° in the winter and 28 ° in the summer months, although in recent years the phenomenon of so-called "urban overheating" has increased, with values ​​that in summer are higher than those of the rest of the province. Finally, rainfall is on average abundant and well distributed throughout the year (especially in spring and autumn), even if, more than the rain, it is the fog that persists in the city both at night and during the day.

When to go to Padua: the cheapest period

Padua is not a particularly expensive city, unlike other large centers in northern Italy. Leaving aside the periods under the Christmas holidays and other holidays, it will therefore not be necessary to spend a lot both in terms of transport (the most convenient airport in the vicinity is that of Venice, although many prefer to arrive at Bologna airport and then move with the means), that in terms of costs for accommodation / meals, etc.

Padua in Spring

Spring in Padua is a season initially characterized by an uncertain climate: in March, in fact, there can still be frosts and some rare snowfalls, while from April the temperatures rise, anticipating the first possible summer heat.
With the arrival of the first beautiful days, however, it is very pleasant to walk around the city especially for the arcade, scattered everywhere in the city center: after those of Bologna, in fact, Padua boasts the second longest network of arcades in the world. In addition to this, however, I strongly recommend that you also take a walk along the historic city walls: the city walls, built over the centuries to defend Padua from enemy attacks, are very extensive and can be easily divided into four different historical periods ( Roman walls, municipal age walls, Carrarese walls and sixteenth-century walls).

Instead, among the most anticipated events of the period, I would like to point out that in the city there are numerous Flower Festivals during the spring weekends, which attract lovers of flowers and not.
I also point out the Week of scientific and technological culture, which takes place from March to April, with events, demonstrations, installations located throughout the city.

Padua in the Summer

Summers in Padua are hot and sunny with some heat peaks, especially in August. Violent thunderstorms are not uncommon, often accompanied by hailstorms and strong gusts of wind. Despite this, however, the summer days are all in all liveable and, taking advantage of the beautiful sunny mornings, it is not a bad idea to enjoy the beauty and the comings and goings of people of Prato della Valle: this is the largest square not only in the city, but in all of Europe, characterized by an elliptical island surrounded by a canal and a double ring of statues (guided walking tour of the historic center from € 10,00 to person).
If, on the other hand, you prefer to escape the heat by finding some refreshment inside a restaurant, I suggest you take a trip to Caffè Pedrocchi, the historic internationally renowned café that in the past was an important meeting point for intellectuals. , academics and illustrious personalities.

Finally, if you are in Padua this season, you cannot miss the Re-enactment of the Transit of Saint Anthony which is usually held on the evening of 12 June: this historical re-enactment in costume celebrates the last journey made by the saint (now close to death), aboard a cart pulled by oxen from Camposampiero to his beloved Padua. The following day, June 13, however, a solemn mass is held in the basilica in honor of the saint.

Padua in Autumn

Autumn in Padua is a season of transition, often uncertain and full of turbulence. The temperatures are initially quite pleasant but, starting from the beginning of November, they suffer a sharp decline accompanied by frequent episodes of evening fog.
With days of such unpredictable weather, the best thing is to dedicate yourself to one of the most famous attractions of the city: the Scrovegni Chapel, in the city center, it houses some frescoes by Giotto dating back to the fourteenth century, considered among the greatest masterpieces of Western art.
Together with the Giotto Chapel, the other place of major tourist interest in Padua is theBotanical Garden, one of the oldest in the world, which became part of the World Heritage Sites in 1997. The garden, with the structure still based on that of the original project, collects more than 3.000 species of plants, many of which have been introduced in Italy. thanks to the vegetable garden (for example, magnolia, potato, jasmine).

Among the most interesting events of the period, I point out the Padua Grand Prix and the World country roller marathon, the world roller skating competition.

Padua in Winter

The Paduan winter is characterized by days with a considerable temperature range, in which the hottest temperatures can reach 11 ° and then fall even below zero in the evening / night hours.
In this season, you can think of dedicating some time to visiting the main places of worship in the city: among the most important churches in Padua, we certainly find the Basilica of Sant'Antonio (visited annually by more than 6 million pilgrims), the Basilica of Santa Giustina (located in Prato dalla Valle) and the Church of the Eremitani (private tour with Church of the Hermits and Baptistery from € 10,00 per person).
Furthermore, near the university city, there is the Synagogue of Padua, one of the few remaining in operation, built in the mid 1500s.

If you are in the city in December, don't forget to visit the Lapp Village, with stalls, lights, snowflakes shot from the sky and the possibility for the little ones to send the letter to Santa Claus ... A winter fairy tale that will warm your heart while waiting to look forward to the holidays!

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: clothes suitable for cold weather (sweaters, jeans and / or long pants, waterproof shoes, scarf, hat, coat), umbrella.
  • In summer: light clothes (T-shirt and shorts), but also a sweatshirt for the evening. Comfortable shoes and parasol.
  • In autumn and spring: clothes suitable for mid-season (sweatshirts, cotton sweaters, jeans and / or long trousers, raincoat and / or leather jacket), comfortable shoes, umbrella.

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