When to go to Normandy: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Normandy is the region located in the northern part of France. The climate in these parts is strongly influenced by the perturbations of the Atlantic Ocean, therefore in all seasons it is cool and humid and sometimes strong winds can rise. Variability, therefore, is an element that characterizes many days, it is not excluded that even in summer it can rain and a lot. However, every season offers the best of nature, so whether the sea is calm and the beaches crowded during the summer, or deserted and with high waves crashing on the cliffs in autumn, a trip to Normandy will always be an exciting experience.

Let's find out together when to go to Normandy: climate, best time and tips month by month!


  1. Climate, temperatures and best time
  2. When to go to Normandy: the cheapest period
  3. Normandy in Spring
  4. Normandy in Summer
  5. Normandy in Autumn
  6. Normandy in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, temperatures and best time

  • Best time: from May to September, quite pleasant climate, with many sunny days, even if the night can be cold
  • Period to avoid: from December to March, quite harsh climate with few sunny days

The climate in Normanadia is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, so it tends to be cool and humid all year round, with fairly strong winds in autumn and winter, especially along the coasts.

The average temperature in winter is 5 °, while in summer the average temperature is 18 °. Since it is a cool climate in all seasons, increasing in winter, there are no significant temperature changes.

When to go to Normandy: the cheapest period

The best compromise between climate and savings is in the months from April to mid-May and from September to November. These are in fact the periods that precede and follow the summer, which is certainly the high season, with a truly remarkable tourist turnout.

The climate, although always variable, still allows you to enjoy wonderful landscapes, to be able to walk among the villages and to hike on the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Normandy in Spring

Season of parks and gardens in flowers, in Normandy spring is a very enjoyable season: we must not forget that these are the places that inspired Monet and the Impressionists, so April is the ideal month to see these landscapes come to life. In these months the main attraction to visit is the Givenchy Garden.

It is no coincidence that they are organized in spring various themed initiatives, such as the Impressionism Festival, with various cultural events throughout the region. For jazz lovers, however, there is the Jazz sous les pommiers, the music festival of the city of Coutances held in May. In Roune very interesting is the Festival du cinema nordique in March, dedicated to the cinema of the countries of Northern Europe and the Days of Joan of Arc, or a series of initiatives that evoke the Middle Ages through the representation of the story of Joan of Arc, during the month of May.

Normandy in Summer

Summer corresponds to high season period for Normandy, especially for what concerns the seaside resorts, stormed by tourists and many French. The climate is very pleasant, with temperatures reaching 23 °, but it is also completely variable, so it is good to always travel with umbrellas and some sweatshirts.

Summer is the ideal season for the long hiking on the beautiful cliffs close to the Atlantic Ocean e there are numerous events that animate the season. In June in Les Andelys the Medieval Days are held, with re-enactments, parades and historical themed events, in Fécamp, on the other hand, the arrival of summer is celebrated, with the Summer Festival, with many concerts and events. An important appointment with history is held on June 6, Normandy-Day, in which initiatives are organized throughout Normandy to commemorate the 1944 Landing. The castles become theaters of events and reenactments in costume in July, both in Epreville and Lieuvin, with the Vivre Terre de Mysteres festival, and in Caen, with the shows in the Soir d'Eté castle.

Normandy in Autumn

The weather in autumn could be pleasant, but as Normandy is influenced by the perturbations of the Atlantic Ocean, this is the period when the precipitation can be more frequent and abundant. For the same reason, you could witness truly fascinating and suggestive storm surges, nature will not spare itself from expressing itself in all its variable beauty.

In October numerous the events related to cooking, like the Fete du Ventre et de la Gastronomie, which takes place in Rouen, or like the Cider Festival, organized in the village of Beuvron-en-Auge. Furthermore, in several cities such as Dieppe, Etretat, Port en Bessin and Villers-sur-mer, festivals dedicated to fish are held, such as arighe and scallops.

Normandy in Winter

During the winter it often rains, but temperatures rarely drop below 0 °. It can be said that the winter version of Normandy is suitable for lovers of mysterious and gloomy landscapes, in which the fog reigns supreme and shows the most fascinating sides of the many castles scattered around the region.

In winter it is absolutely spectacular to admire the high waves of the Atlantic Ocean that break noisily on the rocks and in December, a great event is organized, that of Villages Illuminés, during which the characteristic villages are illuminated by nativity scenes, Christmas trees and markets.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: thinking coats, sweatshirts, sweaters, hat, scarf, umbrella
  • In summer: t-shirts, sweatshirts, comfortable shoes, umbrella
  • In autumn and spring: sweatshirts, sweaters, raincoats, umbrella

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