When to go to New York: climate, best time and tips month by month

The city of the Big Apple, the real center of the world: New York. Cosmopolitan, multicultural, avant-garde, a city in constant metamorphosis, New York "never sleeps" and always has something to tell. Divided into five districts: Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan and Staten Islands, overlooking the mouth of the Hudson River, the Atlantic Ocean, and among majestic skyscrapers (such as the Empire State Building), the lights of Times Square, the romantic beauty of Central Park and the he ancient and very famous Broadway theater, holds the financial, cultural and commercial networks of the entire world in its hands. Let's find out together when to go to New York.


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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: the intermediate seasons offer a better climate, especially the months of September and October
  • Period to avoid: none, in principle NYC is enjoyable in every season. However, from a climatic point of view, winter is less suitable due to the cold

The climate of New York is purely continental: winters are very cold and summers are very hot. Due to the location of the city, where masses of cold air (from Canada) and masses of hot air (from the Gulf of Mexico) collide continuously, the climate is also very unstable. Snowfalls are quite frequent in winter (on average 60 cm of snow per year); in summer there is a high level of humidity and some thunderstorms. Autumn and spring are the two mildest seasons, sunny and rainy days alternate.

When to go to New York: the cheapest period

The cheapest time to visit New York is between January and February, in which there are no holidays that exponentially increase the tourist influx of the city, and moreover, being the coldest of the year, it is not particularly requested. If you don't fear cold temperatures, book by bringing the cost of flights and accommodation to lower than the average for other times of the year.

New York in Spring

New York in Spring is histrionic. The climate this season is still unstable, alternating the first warmth with days that are still purely winter. However, the charm of this city also lies in this: in a sudden storm, in the sun that then returns to shine on the tops of the skyscrapers. This period is the most suitable for long bike rides, the first ice creams to be enjoyed on the street, thanks to the street vendors, who attract young and old with their trucks and cheerful music. This season is ideal for visiting the many Botanical Gardens, such as those of Brooklyn: rich in all sorts of colored and fragrant plants; for the more sporty it will be possible to attend outdoor fitness courses, which from April on in Bryant Park take the place of the skating rink, or attend a game of the Yankees, the most famous team in American baseball, which starts its championship again in the spring. There are also numerous events: the Orchid Festival, St. Patrick's day, Memorial day, which falls on the last Monday of May and marks the beginning of summer, through many and very fun outdoor activities.

New York in the Summer

The summer temperature in New York reaches peaks of 35/38 degrees, heat interrupted by short summer showers, which temporarily cool the air. In this season boat trips to Coney Island are perfect, the long sunset walks on the banks of the Hudson River: from Battery Park to Harlem. Summer is obviously beach season: from Coney Island to Rockaway Beach, it will be up to you to choose the most beautiful; water parks: Brooklyn Bridge Park even has a swimming pool with free access. Moreover, in summer the "Restaurant Week" is repeated, which is generally held in winter, which is a week in which it will be possible to eat in more than three hundred restaurants at bargain prices. Another very famous summer event is "Macy's Fourth of July Fireworks", the wonderful fireworks that illuminate the black sky of New York on the evening of July 4th. There are still numerous events dedicated to international music, sport and dance, which entertain and delight tourists of all ages.

New York in the Fall

Fall is the best season to visit New York. Less unstable than the Primavera, he maintains one still mild temperature, also suitable for outdoor activities, or even for long walks: Central Park in the fall is dressed in warm and romantic colors, making a walk through its avenues (already a must) truly unforgettable. In Autumn, Broadway Week is held, dedicated to numerous theatrical performances, known and not, in 2x1 format; or again, San Gennaro Day (19 September), held in Little Italy and is precisely dedicated to Italian cuisine and culture; Labor Day (the first Monday of September), with markets and shows; Columbus Day (October 12) in which the discovery of America is celebrated, the Village Halloween Parade (October 31st), in which Greenwich Village is flooded with acrobats and musicians and people with the most extravagant costumes; and finally Thanksgiving (the fourth Thursday of November), whose lunch of succulent stuffed turkey and cranberry sauce is now an institution in the entire American continent.

New York in Winter

In New York, the winter temperature reaches really surprising negative peaks, therefore a holiday in the Big Apple, in this period, is certainly suitable for the most daring, but certainly also for the most romantic, who will savor the "city that does not sleep" covered by the white whiteness of the snow. In December, New York dresses up with a thousand decorations and colorful Christmas decorations, the Christmas markets open their doors, displaying all kinds of delicacies: from the fragrant gingerbreads to the delicious Christmas Pudding; the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Tree is celebrated: the most famous Christmas tree in the world; Moreover, in different theaters it will be possible to attend "The Nutcracker", one of the most beautiful and famous shows dedicated to Christmas, in a classic version or in a more modern and revisited key.

Obviously, the New York New Year cannot be missed, which is celebrated in Times Square, with shows, music, fireworks and people from all over the world. The months of January and February, still very cold, will be perfect for crazy shopping on Fifth Avenue (from December 26 onwards the sales will start) and for another Restaurant Week.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: heavy clothing and coats are recommended, also suitable for snow. We must therefore not forget scarves, gloves and caps.
  • In summer: a swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen are a must.
  • In autumn and spring: lighter garments will do, but k-way and umbrellas are still recommended, for sudden and frequent storms.

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