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    When to go to New York? Advice on climate and best time

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    For many people, visiting New York is a dream come true, and in some ways it is. But reality has drawbacks that never exist in dreams: in the case of the Big Apple one of the first things to be taken into account in order not to incur nasty surprises is precisely the climate.

    New York is clearly a seaside city but, being in a median position between Canada and Mexico, it is affected by the effect of polar and tropical currents which greatly affect seasonal temperatures (winter and summer in particular). In this article I want to give you some advice on when to go to New York and information on what the best time to visit starting from climate and by temperature found in the shadow of the Empire State Building.


    • Climate in New York: the classification
    • winter to new york
    • Spring in New York
    • Estate a New York
      • Is it possible to swim in New York?
    • Autumn in New York
    • When to go to New York? Best time to visit

    Climate in New York: the classification

    As anticipated, although the city faces the ocean, the New York climate it is considered Mainland. This type of climate provides for a considerable difference in temperature between winter and summer: in fact the main characteristic of the New York climate is instability, mainly due to the action of the icy currents coming from the north and the warmer ones coming from the south.

    This instability, combined with the presence of the sea, gives rise to very hot and humid summers and very cold winters characterized by very heavy snowfalls, even in the form of a storm. This last feature shouldn't seem like a novelty, as it's not uncommon to see images and videos of Manhattan buried under a blanket of snow. This fact however becomes curious if you think that New York is on the same parallel as Naples, where to see some snow you have to heartily turn to San Gennaro 😉

    Here is a detail of the climatic conditions to be expected season by season in New York.

    winter to new york

    Winter in New York presents average temperatures around zero degrees, but currents from the north often carry icy winds which lower temperatures well below this threshold (up to -10 / -15 degrees). The winter season begins approximately in mid-November and ends between February and March: abundant snowfalls occur during this period, even in the form of bufera.

    The advice is to prepare for this climate by bringing appropriate clothing and to dress in layers: it is very cold outside, but in the rooms the heating is high and the temperature range can be shocking. In short, winter can put tourists to the test, but let's not forget that New York at Christmas is unmissable: the spectacle of shine of a Manhattan covered in snow is able to repay every single shiver of cold!

    Spring in New York

    Compared to the winter period, spring sees a progressive rising temperatures in New York, from the end of March until late May. However, the main feature of the climate remains, namely theclimatic instability: during the same day you can go from a temperature of 10-12 ° to a maximum of 25-26 °. The rains become more frequent in the months of April and May and violent and unexpected thunderstorms can also occur.

    The best way to tackle a visit to New York in spring is to equip yourself with an umbrella and a raincoat, even if the sun shines in the morning: this season is still one of the best for visiting the city.

    Estate a New York

    Many people ask us if it's worth it visit New York in the summer, imagining that in this season the climate is milder and suitable for a visit without "inconvenience". Let's be clear: New York is a city that deserves to be experienced in every season, but summer is perhaps not the best time.

    If winter forces tourists to dress in jackets and duvets, in summer New York presents the opposite problem: between June and August temperatures rise up to 25-28 °, with peaks over 32 ° due to hot air currents. which come from the Gulf of Mexico. The climate, moreover, is humid heat, which can make the visit even more difficult. Fortunately, it is not uncommon for them to occur rainfall, sometimes even thunderstorms (especially in July and August).

    Is it possible to swim in New York?

    Indeed, it is rare to hear someone say they have made a life of mare a New York. It's actually not that out of this world! The beaches of New York are filled with New Yorkers and tourists in the summer months and, although the ocean waters are not quite as warm as those of the Mediterranean we are used to, in July and August you can swim and sunbathe in Beach. If you've planned a week-long trip to New York in the summer, you might want to spend at least one day at the beach to escape the sometimes suffocating heat of Manhattan.

    Autumn in New York

    I visited New York for the first time in the second half of September and my memory is absolutely positive, so much so that I would recommend it to anyone. In that period, the scorching heat gradually subsides, and you can go around the city in short sleeves and shorts without gasping. As October approaches, temperatures drop and in the evening it may be necessary to bring a jacket with you.

    In general, the climate in New York remains relatively relatively until around mid-November stably mild, but the chance of rains occurring remains quite high. In the autumn months Central Park and the other parks in New York become splendid paintings in warm colors: it is the so-called phenomenon of foliage, which is famously at its best in the woods of New England, north of New York. Would you like to know more? Read our tips on how and where to see foliage in New England.

    When to go to New York? Best time to visit

    If the prevailing criterion for choosing the period in which to visit New York is the climate, you will have understood that the best seasons are the intermediate ones:

    • the autumn period: from mid-September to early November, when the heat becomes less intense and the climate is a little more stable.
    • the spring period: from mid-April to early June. An ideal season for those who want to avoid winter cold and summer heat.
    But is that the only criterion? In addition to all the considerations on the climate and temperatures of Manhattan and its surroundings, it is a good and right thing to do some math in your pocket to choose the best time. Are there periods of high and low season? When is it cheaper to go to New York? The article linked above contains very specific and targeted advice: here we limit ourselves to remembering that December, July and August (despite the heat) are the high season months, while a October, November, April and May you can find slightly cheaper rates.
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