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The wealth of events and initiatives that animate the city of New York always make it interesting. Unfortunately, climatically speaking, New York in the summer has a very humid climate and winters are harsh. It is therefore better not to underestimate the weather factor before leaving for the Big Apple, so as not to ruin our holiday.

Weather in New York

THEwinter in New York it is long and rigid, rainfall is very abundant and most of the time it turns into heavy snow, as temperatures are often below freezing.
Luckily, the air is dry, so the cold, even if intense, is bearable.

Also 'summer records a high rate of precipitation: frequent rains make the air very humid and high temperatures. In general, we cannot say that it is the ideal condition for visiting the city.

Even if the mid-seasons have a really variable climate, in which it is not possible to know well in advance if it will rain a lot or if there will be sunny days, autumn can be the ideal time to visit New York. The temperatures are neither too hot nor rigid, it can happen to find sunny days. In any case, the spectacle of the leaves that turn yellow and fall gives a more suggestive setting.
Also the spring it is a season that we recommend for a visit to New York, thanks to the pleasant temperatures.

January -5 ° 93,7
February -4 ° 77,7
March 103,6
April 14° 12° 103,1
May 20° 17° 113,8
June 25° 20° 87,6
July 28° 19° 105,9
August 27° 19° 102,9
September 27° 16° 102,9
October 23° 88,9
November 11° 101,6
December -2 ° 98

Holidays in New York

The Big Apple celebrates the nation's main anniversaries; in conjunction with the Christmas time (from Thanksgiving - 4th Thursday of November - until the first days of the new year) is decorated for the party, with lights and trees everywhere.

The parades, one of the main attractions for tourists, often coincide with the "commanded" holidays, even if there are many in different periods, for example on the occasion of San Patrizio (March 17) or San Gennaro (in September).

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