When to go to Naples: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Napule is a thousand cultures, Napule is a thousand fears ... Napule is a bitter sun, Napule is addore 'e Mare ... So the late Pino Daniele celebrated his land in a song that became a legend. With its attractions, its sea, its thousand souls, the Campania capital attracts thousands of tourists every year who unfortunately overcome the evergreen prejudices on the Neapolitan city and choose to fully experience it, in all its wonderful complexity.


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  3. Naples in Spring
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to October, with preference for June and September. Naples is always enjoyable, but in these months you can also enjoy the sea and the days get longer
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, but the winter months discourage outdoor activities and, of course, you can't go to the beach

Naples is blessed with a Mediterranean climate, characterized by mild and rainy winters, with the record of rainfall recorded between the last and the first months of the year, and sunny and rather hot summers.

When to go to Naples: the cheapest period

The low season in Naples is winter, but the climate does not allow you to fully enjoy the city and its surroundings.
The best compromise between climate and savings is in the months of April, September and October, perfect for enjoying a wonderful day at the beach or a city tour without the summer heat.

The intermediate seasons offer, in addition to greater offers on flights, hotels and b & bs, also the possibility of visiting as many attractions as possible without running the risk of standing in line for many hours at the entrance, under the scorching sun typical of summer.
By booking in advance, however, it is often possible to take advantage of the essential offers even in the summer, bearing in mind that the prices of premises and accommodation facilities could rise significantly.

Naples in Spring

Spring in Naples is to be considered a prelude to the summer. Precipitation decreases, the thermometer rises, although it is not uncommon to see winter tail blows, especially in March.
The city, however, is more alive than ever and some of the most important attractions can be fully experienced especially in this month. Among these, honorable mention goes to the guided tour of underground Naples, to fall in love with the Campania capital admiring the remains of the Greek - Roman period that give charm to the metropolitan underground.
For lovers of dark atmospheres, do not miss the opportunity to take part in the tour of the city and its hidden secrets, an unusual tour of the most mysterious areas of the city, from the well-known ossuary of Campusanto d'e Funtanelle to the church of Santa Maria of the Souls of Purgatory in Arco.
For the most superstitious tourists, the must see are the picturesque Spanish Quarters and, for lovers of greenery, the immense Capodimonte park, which surrounds the homonymous Palace.

Naples in the Summer

The very hot Neapolitan summer sees the sun, the sea and the Neapolitan beaches undisputed protagonists of the summer. What better occasion to put on your swimsuit and take aim at one of the many free beaches of the metropolis or to treat yourself to a nice cruise in the Mediterranean Sea, on the occasion of which to land on the charming capital of Campania? Furthermore, the city is active at 360 degrees, with events and clubs open until late at night.
For lovers of the artistic and cultural side of the city that gave birth to Totò, take the time to stroll through the famous Neapolitan historic center, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and visit two authentic pearls of the city: the Submerged Park of Gaiola, marine protected area where you can admire archaeological finds of the highest value on the seabed, and the famous Maschio Angioino castle, the undisputed symbol of Naples.

Naples in Autumn

The Neapolitan autumn is characterized by a rather mild, but not stable climate. The days are quite variable, rainfall increases after a relatively dry summer and, starting from November, the first cold days peep out.
However, autumn is also the ideal month to target the Neapolitan museums and important architecture in the city center. The Monastery of Santa Chiara and its colorful majolica are worth a visit, as well as the extraordinary Sansevero Chapel (or Santa Maria della Pietà) which houses, inside, the mysterious and equally fascinating Veiled Christ, a sculptural work known throughout the world made by Giuseppe Sanmartino.
Also drop by the Toledo metro stop and admire a "piece" of the city transformed into a contemporary art installation envied by every corner of the globe.

Naples in Winter

The cold but not icy Neapolitan winter can only rhyme with ... San Gregorio Armeno. The famous street of the Campania capital, in fact, becomes one of the cool destinations especially during the Christmas period, thanks to the varied proposal of nativity scenes displayed all along the road. Winter is one of the best seasons to visit other suggestive attractions of the metropolis, such as the Neapolitan Cathedral and the adjacent Museo del Tesoro, which houses the relics of San Gennaro.
An essential stop even for the more "elderly" tourist is the sublime Piazza Plebiscito, location of musical events and more, and its well-known equestrian statues. This special triptych of Neapolitan wonders ends with the famous Capodimonte Museum, with its vast collection of works of art ranging from Titian to Masaccio.
Special mention to the temple of Neapolitan football: the San Paolo Stadium, whose grass was trampled by Diego Armando Maradona.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: jacket, umbrella, comfortable shoes, long pants
  • In summer: shorts, swimsuit, t-shirt, a jacket for cool evenings, sunglasses
  • In autumn and spring: t-shirts, sweaters, jacket, comfortable shoes, umbrella, long pants

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