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Munich, the capital of Bavaria, is one of the most picturesque cities in Germany located in the deep south of the country and, therefore, easily accessible from Italy. Known all over the world for the festivals and goliardic events that animate it, Monaco is actually endowed with great charm and has an enviable historic center, full of world-famous attractions and prestigious museums. Even with its one and a half million inhabitants, Monaco is neat, clean and collects the right mix between tradition and modernity, with an attentive look to the future and a proud attachment to its past history.
Below, we give you some advice on when to visit the city, on what are the events and activities not to be missed season by season, as well as some suggestions to avoid spending a lot.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Munich: the cheapest period
  3. Munich in Spring
  4. Munich in the Summer
  5. Munich in Autumn
  6. Munich in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: late spring (May-June) and early autumn (September-October), especially on the occasion of the Oktober Fest. At Christmas it is very suggestive
  • Period to avoid: summer is very rainy, for the rest the months from November to February are very cold, but if you are well equipped, the city is always enjoyable

In Munich the climate is continental with cold winters and mild summers. Being located close to the Alps, the city is exposed to the waves of frost coming from the mountains, making it one of the coldest in all of Germany, while in summer it is subject to strong thunderstorms. During the autumn season, however, a hot, dry wind descending from the southern Bavarian Alps, the Fohn, can cause sudden increases in temperature and drops in relative humidity. Generally, however temperatures fluctuate between 0 ° in the cold months and 19 ° in the summer months with abundant rainfall (the most abundant are found between May and August).

When to go to Munich: the cheapest period

The summer months, in particular June and July are an excellent compromise between climate and savings, it is easier to find cheap accommodation and low cost flights from the main Italian cities. For the rest, the low cost months are from November to February, excluding holidays.

Munich in Spring

The spring season is still quite cold, with possible late snowfalls until mid-April. However, even when temperatures become a bit milder towards the beginning of May, the daily temperature excursion remains quite remarkable with considerable changes between day and night. As soon as winter gives way to spring, however, thousands of flowers and colors flood the main squares of the city (the most beautiful and decorated are Gartnerplatz and Karolinenplatz) and life moves to the well-kept green oases where you can relax by taking advantage of the first sunbeams or to meet after work to have a beer with friends: the Englischer Garten, in this regard, is the perfect place to enjoy the arrival of summer.

Among the unmissable events of the period, mark the Spring Festival (late April-early May) during which to taste Bavarian cuisine and local beers; the Auer Dult or the historic flea market and the Streetlife Festival (at the beginning of May) located along the most important city streets.

Munich in the Summer

Summer in Munich brings sunny and warm days (although the risk of sudden afternoon thunderstorms remains high), as well as a series of events that awaken the city and its inhabitants, both young and old: at the end of June there is the Tollwood Festival, dedicated to ecology and 'zero impact on the environment; in July there is a Midsummer Night's Dream at the Olympic Park with concerts and fireworks; Christopher Street Day (Monaco Gay Pride) and the Summer Festival.

Among the best activities to do in this period, however, I advise you not to miss the opportunity to participate in a barbecue and / or a picnic near the Flaucher, or to enjoy an iced beer in the shade of a chestnut tree: the breweries outdoors are undoubtedly one of the cornerstones of the Monaco lifestyle! Finally, near the Haus der Kunst Museum, you can run into surf acrobats riding the waves on the Eisbach.

Munich in Autumn

The autumn season in Munich is initially very pleasant, but the climate changes quickly and the first night frosts can occur in late October. From November onwards, the days start to be mostly cold and humid with very rare exceptions of good weather. Nevertheless, autumn is the best season to visit the city, not only for the orange parks and cheerful pubs, but also because between September and October one of the best known and most awaited events by beer lovers is celebrated: the Oktoberfest.

Founded in 1810 to celebrate Prince Ludwig's wedding, this festival has grown dramatically and has become one of the most popular in the world (around 6 million people take part in it every year). If you are planning to attend, however, be sure to book your accommodation and transfers well in advance to avoid missing a seat.

Munich in Winter

In winter, daytime temperatures are a few degrees above zero but the climate is definitely unstable, due to the alternation of western currents with masses of cold air from Russia. Winter snowfalls are quite frequent, although they often occur in the form of sleet that does not take root on the ground. During low temperatures, the Nymphenburg Palace canal turns into the longest curling rink in the city, open to both beginners and experts.

Alternatively, you might consider taking a trip to the Hellabrunn Zoo where you can see moose, yaks and polar bears. If you are in Bavaria at Christmas, don't miss the famous ones Advent markets: the largest is in Nuremberg, but the one held in Munich at Marienplatz is one of the best known, full of candy and mulled wine stalls accompanied by traditional dancing and singing.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes (wool sweaters, thermal pants or long jeans, socks, down jacket, scarf, hat and gloves), umbrella.
  • In summer: both t-shirts and shorts and spring / autumn clothes (sweatshirt, long jeans, comfortable and possibly waterproof shoes, leather jacket or raincoat), umbrella.
  • In autumn and spring: spring / autumn clothes (sweatshirt, jeans or long pants, waterproof shoes, light windbreaker or leather jacket), umbrella.

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