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Montecarlo is the central district of Principality of Monaco: it is known for the Formula 1 Grand Prix, its famous casino and luxurious yachts, but also for its wonderful panoramic views. Don't be surprised to see Porches, Ferraris and other high-powered cars whizzing by, this is the normal routine here! In Montecarlo there are several luxury hotels, nightclubs, gourmet restaurants and the rather affluent characters that you will see sipping a coffee at the Café de Paris or sunbathing on super-equipped yachts.
Not least, in this little paradise on the Côte d'Azur, you can enjoy a wonderful climate all year round.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Montecarlo: the cheapest period
  3. Montecarlo in Spring
  4. Montecarlo in Summer
  5. Montecarlo in Autumn
  6. Montecarlo in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to September, with preference for June and September. Montecarlo and the Principality are always enjoyable, but in these months the temperatures also allow you to enjoy the sea without the typical crowding of July and August
  • Period to avoid: None in particular, but if you want to live on the beach, avoid winter, and autumn is the rainiest season

The Principality of Monaco enjoys a Mediterranean climate, with mild winters and sunny summers with highs of 30 ° C, but the heat is not felt, as it is mitigated by the sea breeze. In autumn and spring the temperatures are pleasant, the lows never drop below 10 ° C, although it is a bit cold in the morning and in the evening.

Le precipitation is more frequent in autumn and winter: in October and November there are the maximum peaks of rain which, in any case, do not exceed 7 days a month.
In short, you can travel to Montecarlo in any season, even if the best months are those that go from May to September.

When to go to Montecarlo: the cheapest period

The low season in Montecarlo is winter, excluding holidays, and autumn. So from late October to early March are the cheapest months, but the least recommended as a climate.

The best compromise is the period between March and April and the end of September: not only are the temperatures pleasant and the rainfall contained, but the prices are much lower than the high season which clearly coincides with July and August. Moreover, not least, traveling in these months will allow you to avoid crowding of tourists!

Montecarlo in Spring

Spring, from March to May, is characterized by fresh air with lows of 10 ° C which, progressively, rise to 15 in May, while at the end of the period the highs already reach 20 ° C. Rainfall is limited, except in April when a downpour might surprise you: don't worry, there is almost never more than 6 days of rain!
spring allows you to visit the city on foot which, I remember, has not only the sea and the port: there is the beautiful Place du Casino with the luxurious Casino, the Opera House with the precious Salle Garnier. Enjoy a walk along Boulevard Albert 1er admiring the suggestive panorama, reaching Old Monaco, with its colorful old town, the Cathedral and the Prince's Palace.

An important music event that takes place between March and April is "Printemps des Arts de Monte-Carlo", or the Spring of the Arts, conceived by Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace.
How to forget the Formula 1 Grand Prix that runs on the city circuit towards the end of May, a sporting event that sees thousands of spectators and creates an exciting atmosphere throughout the neighborhood: unmissable! Also very famous is the Rolex Montecarlo Masters, a men's tennis tournament that takes place in mid-April and involves many fans.

Montecarlo in Summer

From June to August, temperatures rise up to 30 ° C but, as mentioned, the city is not particularly sultry, while the minimums are around 21 ° C making mornings and evenings cool. The sun shines and rainfall is rare with only 2-3 days of rain.
The summer season is ideal for relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Monaco, like that of Lavrotto, for sunbathing and a nice refreshing bath. Or maybe, if you want to experience the thrill of an exclusive and elegant experience, rent one of the many huge yachts!

The events and concerts organized are different, often in luxurious contexts: it Sporting Summer Festival in August is a musical event that takes place in the Opèra Garnier and welcomes the greatest stars of international music. Yet, in July the International Competition of pyromelodic fireworks on Porto Hercule and sporting events organized in the Bay of Monaco by the Yacht Club.
The most popular festival is that of San Giovanni on June 24th, in the Quartier des Moulins in Monaco, with the participation of fun folkloric groups.

Montecarlo in Autumn

From September the weather begins to cool down, in the hottest hours we find around 24 ° C which, slowly, drop down to 16 ° C in November. Rainfall in autumn is more frequent compared to the other months, albeit with about 7 days of rain.
Since September there has been no more crowds of tourists, everything appears calm, you don't suffer from heat or cold: so why not explore Monte Carlo and the Principality of Monaco in every corner?

Walk along the harbor, the center and visit the many museums, which are really interesting: the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, built overlooking the sea, where you can admire marine species of all types and kinds, the Private collection of antique cars of Prince Rainier of Monaco III and the Royal Palace in the Monaco-Ville district.

Autumn is full of events dedicated to luxury, like the Top Marques Watches in the Hotel Hermitage and to classical music, with the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra and the Opéra de Monte-Carlo, which inaugurates the opera season with a refined program. Do not miss the rhythms and emotions given by the artists of the Montecarlo Jazz Festival, housed in the Grande Theater.
The appointments with the Monegasque traditions are there National holiday on November 19th, commissioned by Prince Charles III in 1857 and, a week later, the Feast of Santa Cecilia, with a suggestive parade organized through the streets of the Principality of Monaco.

Montecarlo in Winter

Winter in Montecarlo is mild, the maximum never drop below 12 ° C and the minimum below 8 ° C. Precipitation is more significant than in summer, but not as abundant as in autumn. Snow, frost and fog are rare phenomena: according to statistics, they occur in about 1 or 2 days a year.
Montecarlo comes alive even more with the Christmas holidays, with the Christmas Village and the skating rink on the nearby Port Hercule, the New Year's Eve with the fireworks on Quai Albert 1er, the sparkling settings in the hotels and the fantastic plays of light on the Place du Casino.

On the dance theme, a classic not to be missed is the Atelier des Ballets de MonteCarlo with creative performances by excellent artists.
On the sports theme, at the end of January there is the prestigious sporting test of the Monte Carlo Rally organized by the neighborhood Automobile Club.
On January 27, the Feast of Sainte Dévote, patron saint of the Principality of Monaco is celebrated, where tradition has it that a boat is burned at Port Hercule in the presence of the royal family.
Finally, you just have to try your luck in the sparkling Casino de MonteCarlo, which always reinvents itself by offering you new and magical experiences ... but without exaggerating!

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes, down jacket, scarf, sweater or light sweatshirt, umbrella.
  • In summer: comfortable, light and breathable summer clothes, a jacket or sweatshirt for the evening.
  • In autumn and spring: spring / autumn clothes, heavier sweaters and sweatshirts for the evening, umbrella or rain jacket.

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