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When we program a trip to Florida we have to consider mainly two variables: what our destination will be (the north or the south of the region) and the period in which we will travel. Florida, in fact, has two very different climatic conditions between the extremes of the peninsula that affect the period in which it is economically convenient to visit it.


Il best time to visit Florida is spring (March, April, May): temperatures are neither too sultry nor too cold throughout the peninsula. There may be showers, but we definitely won't be in the middle of a hurricane.

La hurricane season it lasts from June to November: in autumn, therefore, the danger has not yet escaped and this makes visiting Florida less attractive, despite its very pleasant climate.

In the summer, however, hurricanes are very likely, as are afternoon or evening showers in South Florida. In this period, in addition to hurricanes and showers, there are sultry temperatures and high humidity to keep away tourists. We are in the off season and room prices in South Florida are quite low.

Summer in the north of the region is completely different: temperatures are lower and tourists come in abundance. The cold temperatures (even if it hardly snows) of winter are not very attractive and, thus, the north of Florida is more affordable in the cold months. On the other hand, the mild climate and the breezes of warm air in South Florida are particularly pleasant: it is no coincidence that in the south the high season falls in winter.

Max ° C Min ° C Precip. (mm)
January 23° 16° 53.1
February 24° 17° 61.5
March 24° 18° 76.2
April 26° 21° 81.3
May 28° 23° 126.5
June 31° 25° 210.1
July 31° 27° 110.5
August 32° 26° 161.8
September 31° 26° 200.2
October 29° 24° 113.5
November 26° 21° 69.6
December 24° 18° 52.1


The main holidays in the region are President's Weekend (in February), Easter, Memorial Day (last day of May), 4th of July, Labor Day (first Monday in September), Thanksgiving (late November) and the holiday season. Of course, during these times there are greater influxes of tourists. We will have fewer chances of finding free accommodation and more confusion in the city and in the parks; on the other hand, there is no shortage of events organized as festivals.

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