When to go to Marseille: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Marseille, capital of culture in 2013, is a dynamic city that has a lot to offer: from cultural attractions of the historic center at high quality shopping, from sunsets on the beach to the landscapes of the badlands. The mild climate allows a visit without particular atmospheric obstacles all year round, and the flights to reach this destination have now become decidedly affordable.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Marseille: the cheapest period
  3. Marseille in Spring
  4. Marseille in the Summer
  5. Marseille in Autumn
  6. Marseille in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to September, with preference for June and July. Marseille is always enjoyable, but in these months the temperatures also allow you to enjoy the sea without the typical crowding of July and August, and you can witness the flowering of lavender throughout Provence.
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, but if you want to live on the beach, it is better to avoid winter

In Marseille, the climate is Mediterranean, therefore mostly mild all year round. Winters are not particularly cold, but rainy (5-6 rainy days per month expected from October to April); while summers are hot and dry (from June to September there are on average 10 days of total rain).
The coldest month of the year is January, when the temperature can drop even up to 3 degrees; while the hottest month is July, when the maximum temperature can reach 40 degrees.

When to go to Marseille: the cheapest period

The low season in Marseille is winter, excluding holidays, and autumn. So from late October to early March are the cheapest months, but the least recommended as a climate.

The best compromise is the period between the end of March and May and the end of September: not only are the temperatures pleasant and the rainfall contained, but the prices are much lower than the high season which, of course, coincides with summer. Moreover, not least, traveling in these months will allow you to avoid crowding of tourists!
In general, for a cheap holiday avoid the main holidays (Christmas, New Year and Easter) where prices certainly rise.

Marseille in Spring

The mild climate allows you to stroll through the streets of the center not yet crowded with tourists to discover the most important buildings, go shopping or jogging in the city parks in bloom.
As for the surroundings, spring is the time of the blooming lavender in the area surrounding Marseille is also the best time to visit the Calanques, white cliffs that characterize the landscape to the east of the city.

Marseille in the Summer

The city offers several beaches where you can enjoy the summer by swimming or walking by the sea (the most loved by Marseilles is Plage du Prado).

In July, an event not to be missed is the one linked to Storming of the Bastille, French national holiday.
In September you can participate for free in the Festival del Vento, a international kite festival of France and Europe at the meadows and beaches of Prado Beach Park.

Marseille in Autumn

If autumn is one of the wettest seasons, you can choose to visit the many museums and places of interest that the city offers, such as the MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Notre-Dame de la Garde cathedral and the fortress made famous by Dumas' romando "The Count of Montecristo", the Chateau d'If.

Every year, generally the first week of October, a free event not to be missed at the Borèly Park Botanical Garden is the Japanese Autumn Festival, with martial arts demonstrations and film screenings.

Marseille in Winter

Not to be missed in Marseille in winter is its Christmas atmosphere. The Christmas market is characterized by more than 80 wooden houses arranged in various corners of the city, whose main peculiarity is the presence of the "santons", the typical statues of the Provençal crib.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: always useful to have an umbrella and heavy clothing.
  • In summer: a hat, sunscreen, swimsuit if you intend to swim on the beach and light clothing (t-shirt and shorts) must not be missing.
  • In autumn and spring: an umbrella, a raincoat and medium-heavy clothing must not be missing.

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