When to go to Manchester: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Manchester is among the main cities of England and is the perfect alternative for those not looking for the classic artistic and historical cities. This does not make Manchester a less beautiful or uninteresting city on the contrary, we are talking about a very industrialized city and its Museum of science and industry is the real testimony of this. Furthermore, the real strength of Manchester, and also the one that attracts the most visitors, is certainly football, to which a museum has been dedicated.
Let's see in detail what is the best time to visit Manchester and the info season by season.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Manchester: the cheapest period
  3. Manchester in the Spring
  4. Manchester in the Summer
  5. Manchester in the Autumn
  6. Manchester in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer (June-September). Despite some short and intense rains, the climate is clear and the temperatures pleasant
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, it often rains all year round, but temperatures are never too cold. Autumn is the windiest and rainiest season, but you just need to cover up to visit it all year round

The climate in Manchester is temperate and humid, and is strongly influenced by various factors such as cold currents from Russia, hot currents from southern Europe and currents from the Atlantic Ocean. All this determines a climate with uniform temperatures for all months, but unfortunately also clouds and precipitation all year round.

Winter is wet and rainy but never too cold, spring is the slightly less rainy season, summer is cool, sunny, never excessively hot, and sometimes windy, finally autumn is characterized by constant clouds, rain and wind .

The best time to visit the city is summer, from June to September, to enjoy mild weather days even if with frequent rains, but still less abundant than the rest of the year.

When to go to Manchester: the cheapest period

The low season in Manchester corresponds with autumn and winter, excluding holidays. In this period, however, you will find abundant rains and a particularly humid climate, but this is precisely the reason why the tourist influx decreases and the prices of flights and hotels are lowered.

The best compromise is late spring (April May).

Manchester in the Spring

Even if Manchester, judging by its climate, may appear at first glance as a gloomy and gray city, we want to distract you from this image and advise you to take advantage of the spring days, or at least those in which it rains little, to make some stroll in the numerous gardens of the city.
We particularly point out Fletcher Moss Park and Chorlton Park.

In addition, in the spring, the city comes to life by filling up with fans visiting Manchester to follow their teams' most important matches, therefore, if you are a football lover, a visit to Old Trafford Stadium is a must.

Manchester in the Summer

As we have already said, summer is the best time, thanks to its pleasant temperatures, to visit the city.
In the historic center you will find Manchester Cathedral, the Town Hall, or Castlefield. Do not miss the Rochdale Canal which offers the opportunity to take a boat ride and admire the landscapes.
But the best moments of the summer are the events that the city offers. Throughout the season, open-air cinema takes place in Manchester's various parks in July the Manchster Jazz Festival takes placeFinally, August is the month in which Manchester hosts several Gay Pride events in its streets.

Manchester in the Autumn

Autumn is not exactly a good time to visit Manchester due to the unpleasant weather determined by rain, wind, humidity and clouds. But, in case you find yourself in the city right around this time, a good alternative to wandering around Manchester in the rain can be museums. Manchester has something for everyone! From the more classic museums like the History Museum and the Art Gallery, to the more characteristic ones like the Football Museum. Two other interesting and different museums are the Transport Museum and the Police Museum.

Manchester in Winter

Winter can be both a good and a bad time to visit Manchester, it all depends on the period you choose to go to the city! If you only have the winter months available then go to Manchester between November and December, which is the period in which they are open Christmas markets and the city is embellished with Christmas lights. Walking through the markets is a unique opportunity to get to know the area better, you will have the opportunity to admire and buy various handicrafts and to taste typical Manchester products.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: you will not need a particular anti-cold equipment, you will need quite heavy sweaters and sweatshirts and a padded and waterproof jacket. Obviously do not forget the umbrella, useful on days of excessive rain.
  • In summer: bearing in mind that rain is always expected and that temperatures are never too high, summer clothing can consist of t-shirts, jeans and sandals, without forgetting some long sleeves or sweatshirt, a jacket, better if waterproof, umbrella and a pair of closed shoes.
  • In autumn and spring: in both seasons you could find both cold days and hot days, so equip yourself with some lighter garments but also a little warmer clothing. Remember the umbrella for the rains and a hat to protect you from the wind.

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