When to go to Madrid: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Located on the course of the Manzanarre river, the Spanish capital Madrid preserves the charm of its historic architecture intact and, thanks to a particularly benevolent climate, can be visited practically all year round. But what is the best time to explore the Iberian metropolis? And what are the tips to keep in mind so as not to reach the goal unprepared?


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Madrid: the cheapest period
  3. Madrid in Spring
  4. Madrid in the Summer
  5. Madrid in Autumn
  6. Madrid in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: spring (April-May) and early autumn (September-October). Madrid is always enjoyable, but in these months the days are long and the temperatures very pleasant, avoiding the summer heat, even if dry
  • Period to avoid: none, but from the end of November to the first half of February it is colder. But under Christmas it is beautiful

Madrid enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate, with rather cold winters (but which rarely cause significant snowfalls or frosts) and with temperatures that can sometimes cause the thermometer to drop to peak even below zero; on the contrary, the summer is characterized by rather high temperatures but, fortunately, lacking in humidity, a factor that makes summer really bearable, even in the city center. The best seasons are spring and the first months of autumn.

When to go to Madrid: the cheapest period

The low season in Madrid is winter (November-February), excluding holidays.
A trip organized in advance always guarantees savings of almost 20%. The best compromise is spring: May for the climate, March-April for the savings. Going to the Spanish capital in spring, in addition to being a considerable advantage for the wallet, is also convenient from the climatic point of view: you will visit Madrid without suffering excessively from the summer heat and, at the same time, you will avoid unpleasant snowy surprises.

Madrid in Spring

The spring season is the best to visit Madrid from a climatic point of view. Together with summer, it is the season most full of events, from concerts to religious holidays, to the most disparate festivals.
Among the most important, we can mention the events related to Carnival and Easter.
There are also numerous events marked by the seven notes of well-known names of the musical showbiz, as well as sporting events and art exhibitions.

Madrid in the Summer

The torrid temperatures and the lack of a beach must not deceive the tourist: Madrid's "asphalt jungle", with very significant day and night temperature changes, in the summer comes alive with a calendar full of musical, theatrical and recreational.
Take advantage of the summer heat also for visit the water parks or, if you have children, the numerous amusement parks in the Spanish capital.

Madrid in Autumn

Autumn in Madrid is characterized by maximum temperatures that are still quite mild, despite the fact that the temperature difference begins to become even more significant and the rainy days begin to increase compared to the "dry" summer. Autumn in Madrid is characterized above all by the abundance of sporting and musical events. This is the ideal season to visit well-known corners of the city, such as the Retiro.

Madrid in Winter

In the Madrid winter there is certainly no shortage of rains while, fortunately, snowfalls and frosts are not so frequent. The season offers events that go hand in hand with the holiday season. On New Year's Eve, the more daring will be able to try their hand at the 10 km of the San Silvestre Vallecana: a race divided into two parts, one designed for beginners, the other limited only to more experienced athletes. There is no shortage of food festivals and visits to the most famous Madrid museums.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: scarves and hats, as well as an umbrella to face rainy days; do not miss sweaters and garments to wear in layers
  • In summer: open shoes, t-shirts and shorts during the day; a sweatshirt for the evening and night hours, which drop considerably
  • In autumn and spring: tennis shoes, k-way or raincoat, jeans or long skirt, a jacket (also in this case, "onion" clothing is recommended)

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