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    When to go to Las Vegas? Advice on the best time

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    Let's face it, if you go to Las Vegas certainly not because of its favorable climate, and it is rare that a trip to the States from Spain includes a single stop in the city of casino hotels. Much more likely to come here on a West Coast itinerary, after visiting Los Angeles and / or San Francisco or as a home base for the parks of Utah and Arizona. Being in the middle of the desert, the las vegas weather it is not the most welcoming, but as you have already read in our Las Vegas guide there are quite other reasons to include this stage in your American itinerary.

    In the meantime, let's go and see what temperatures should you expect in Las Vegas throughout the year, season by season.


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    • When to go to Las Vegas? The recommended period

    Las Vegas Weather

    Thanks to the cinema, we all know Las Vegas for two main reasons: gambling and the fact that it is in full swing Mojave desert. The latter, among many, boasts two main places of interest for visitors: the same Las Vegas and Death Valley, known to be the hottest point in the entire North American continent, where the temperature hovers around 50 ° between July and August. Don't worry, luckily Sin City was built on a plateau and its center is located in 610 meters above sea level. This elevated position makes it more livable than other areas of the surrounding desert, and this peculiarity combined with the desert climate also leads to advantages: it hardly ever rains e it's never too cold.

    Las Vegas in Estate

    Las Vegas in August: can it be done? The city is only a 4-hour drive from Los Angeles, but there are notable differences between the desert sand and that of Long Beach. From a purely climatic point of view, the months between June and September would be the least recommended to visit the most populous city in Nevada, due to the scorching sun that can make spending the days outdoors really tiring. The temperature medie they move in these months between minimums of 22 ° and maximums that often exceed 40 ° and can reach 45 °. Luckily the climate is extremely dry: in June the humidity is usually below 10% and does not increase very much in the following months, so even the extreme heat is slightly more bearable than in hot-humid places.

    Il big advantage is that for a tourist the main attractions of the Las Vegas Strip and those in the rest of the city are indoors: both here and in the Monorail the air conditioning is never lacking and, indeed, the temperature changes can be shocking. Not to mention the swimming pools: every hotel on the Strip has one! Finally it must be remembered that people come here more for the nightlife than for daytime visits, and that on summer nights it is pleasant to walk outdoors.

    Las Vegas in Winter

    Il Las Vegas winter weather suffer from temperature changes typical of desert environments, to which the elevated position is added. Let's get it out of our minds that here there is always a scorching heat: in winter there are no shortage of cold days. Of course, going to Las Vegas for Christmas is not to be expected a white snowfall, if not thanks to some artificial make-up that they would certainly be capable of there. Compared to the summer boils, however, temperatures in December and January drop by 20-30 degrees, with maximums around 14 ° and minimums up to 4 °. The cool winter, however, does not last long, because already approaching the month of March the air begins to heat up and returns to 20 °.

    Snow in Nevada In the northwest of the city, snow is really found on Spring Mountains, where the Lee Canyon ski lifts allow you to ski in winter although it can be very hot even above 2000 meters in summer.

    Las Vegas in the Fall

    The months of October and November are one choice not to be underestimated to travel to Las Vegas. Unless you are satisfied with the somewhat kitschy spectacle of the Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens, in Las Vegas we will not find the romantic New England foliage of a thousand colors: however, there are mild days with temperatures that from a minimum of around 10 ° can reach a maximum of 27 °. True, the night approaching winter begins to be cold, but the climate is ideal for travelers who like to move a lot outdoors and who prefer to venture outside discovery of the desert and nearby Death Valley rather than spending the days in casinos.

    Las Vegas in Spring

    The best season, preferable even with respect to autumn, is the spring. Between March and May the air gradually warms up and during the day it is around 25 °, but with a high probability of reaching and exceeding 30 ° already in the month of May. The nights from 10 ° in March warm slowly and reach 20 ° in the month of May, when the summer weather is now emerging. These months allow the best not only to visit Las Vegas, but also to the main attractions of the surrounding area (Red Rock Canyon, for example! See photos)

    The climate around Las Vegas

    As I have already mentioned, Las Vegas is in an unhappy geographical position (being in the middle of the desert is not exactly enviable), but at the same time it is a good starting point for various excursions, especially of a naturalistic nature. On our page on visiting parks from Las Vegas, we have summarized the main destinations to reach while keeping Las Vegas as a base. For most of these options, the answer remains the same: the end of spring and the beginning of autumn would be the two most suitable times to visit this geographical area, to guarantee beautiful days to spend outdoors but not suffer the effect of the relentless sun that burns the desert and its brave visitors in the summer. Obviously, though, if you only have the summer months, you must not be too frightened: it will be enough guard against the heat arriving organized and prepared… psychologically.

    Skiing in Las Vegas The only place the advice is reversed is at Spring Mountains. If you plan a few days of skiing, it goes without saying that winter is the only option. The month of March, of all, in this case offers the best combination: it is still possible to ski without problems, but in the city the temperatures are already starting to warm up enough. If, on the other hand, we want to explore the high peaks of these mountains (Charleston Peak reaches 3.633 meters) the summer months are certainly more suitable, even if the heat here can give rise to sudden thunderstorms. But the question is: do you really think about going skiing in Las Vegas?

    When to go to Las Vegas? The recommended period

    We have seen that the best time to visit Las Vegas from a climate point of view is in the middle seasons: spring and autumn. But what if, as happens in most cases, only theestate? For Sin City, as for other cities in the Western states, the climate can be overshadowed or at least considered in relation to all the other destinations included in our itinerary, since Las Vegas will probably be just a stop in a wider on the road. After all, in a few hours you pass from the sunny desert to the Sierra Nevada mountains!

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