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The geographical location, in the middle of the Mojave desert, has a decisive influence on the las vegas weather: summers are hot, winters are mild and torrential phenomena are not unlikely. Paying particular attention to the climate in Las Vegas, before leaving, is by no means superfluous.


Summer in Las Vegas is simply hot: the temperatures are very high (38-40 degrees can be reached without difficulty) and the rains very little.

Winter is mild, in the coldest periods (from December to February) the temperature exceeds 10 ° C / 15 ° C, but it records a considerable temperature range that can make the stay less pleasant.

In autumn, the temperature changes between day and night are less pronounced, the days are sunny and the climate is pleasant. Perhaps this is the best time to visit Las Vegas.

In fact, in spring, despite the welcoming days, it is the rainy season and the chances of ending up in the middle of a Mexican monsoon and its floods are certainly not remote.

Average temperatures and rainfall in Las Vegas
Max ° C Min ° C Precip. (mm)
January 14° 12.2
February 18° 12.2
March 22° 10° 10.7
April 26° 12° 5.3
May 32° 16° 7.1
June 37° 21° 3
July 41° 25° 8.9
August 39° 24° 12.4
September 35° 19° 7.1
October 28° 12° 5.3
November 20° 10.9
December 14° 9.7


Las Vegas celebrates the main national anniversaries; one of the most heartfelt moments is the New Year which manages to attract a crowd of tourists, second only to Times Square.

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