When to go to Innsbruck: climate, best time and tips month by month

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When it comes to Austria, one is spoiled for choice. Among the various cities that you can visit in this state, however, Innsbruck deserves a special mention, capital of Tyrol and favorite destination for winter sports lovers.
Born from an ancient Roman castrum, the remains of which are still visible in the district of Witen, Innsbruck is rich in history and architectural beauties, which have made it one of the most visited cities by tourists from all over Europe.
Getting there is very simple given its proximity to Italy, but is it also easy to juggle with its climate? Not exactly. To resolve this doubt, let's analyze everything that this beautiful city offers at any time of the year.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Innsbruck: the cheapest period
  3. Innsbruck in Spring
  4. Innsbruck in Summer
  5. Innsbruck in Autumn
  6. Innsbruck in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to September, with more pleasant temperatures although it is the wettest period. However, Innsbruck is more of a winter destination, with the ski and winter sports season opening from November to February. At Christmas it is beautiful
  • Period to avoid: None in particular, but the months of March, April and October have intermediate temperatures that do not allow you to enjoy the winter aspect or favor the visit of the city or outdoor activities

The climate of Innsbruck is continental with features typical of the Alpine climate. Winters are cold, with temperatures that even drop below 0 °, while summers are hot and particularly rainy. The distance from the sea (we are talking about the Atlantic Ocean) and its proximity to Eastern Europe make it much colder than neighboring Switzerland.

From the point of view of temperatures, the best time is summer, although it is the wettest season. But Innsbruck is mostly a winter destination, then the months from November to February are the most sought after for skiing and winter sports. Finally the peak period is definitely the Christmas one.

When to go to Innsbruck: the cheapest period

Strangely the cheapest time to visit Innsbruck seems to be summer. In these months you can book a stay by spending € 200,00 less than the same trip made in autumn. The cause of this "imbalance" in prices is certainly the high percentage of days of precipitation in the warmer months, and the fact that Innsbruck is a city that thrives on events, especially in winter.

Innsbruck in Spring

Spring is very hot, especially in the last months of the season. The hottest days can even exceed record temperatures of 30 ° (although that doesn't happen often) e the few rains make it an excellent time to visit the city in peace.
Among the various attractions of the city, one of the main attractions is undoubtedly the Golden Roof, which is also the symbol of the city. This small roof is located on the facade of the Neuer Hof, the former residence of the counts of Tyrol. The precise term to describe the Tettuccio is "erker", that is a bay window in late Gothic style, and owes its name to the gilded copper roof, made up of more than 2.500 tiles.
Another place not to be missed is the Das Tirol Panorama, a museum established in 2010 to house the famous Riesenrundgemälde, a panoramic representation of 1.000 square meters that depicts the third battle of Mount Isel, which took place near Innsbruck.
This huge painting, made on a curved wooden board to give the idea of ​​three-dimensionality, is also formed by an elevated platform, on which you can climb to see the work from the shortest possible distance, and Faux Terrain that will give you the idea to find yourself in the presence of real events.

Innsbruck in Summer

Summer is quite hot, even if it is full of storms. These months are those in which the greatest days of rain are recorded, with a level of temperature excursion that is around 10 ° between minimum and maximum. In these months you could think of some trips out of town, but without exaggerating.
The ideal destination is the Swarovsky museum, a few kilometers from the city, which will make you live a true sensory (and emotional) experience, surrounded by the famous crystals of the brand.
Another viable alternative is Ambras Castle, which rises on the hills surrounding Innsbruck. Here Archduke Ferdinand II hosted collections from all over the world in a special museum wing built for this purpose. In this museum, which is also the oldest in the world, you will find armor, Renaissance relics, courtyards and galleries with paintings by Rubens, Velàzquez and many more

Innsbruck in Autumn

Autumn can be very cold, especially in the months approaching winter. These days, temperatures can even go below 0 ° and you may also encounter snow and frosts.
In September and October, on the other hand, temperatures are much milder and rainfall is at its lowest, even if the fog begins to show itself.
These months are ideal for enjoying the real Austrian atmosphere: in the evening visit the city's pubs and enjoy Tyrolean shows, while the day is dedicated to discovering magical places in the city, such as the Tiroler Volkskunstmuseum (the Tyrolean folk art museum) or the Hofburg, one of the Austrian imperial residences.
Born as the official residence of the governor of Tyrol, the Hofburg later became the summer residence of the imperial family. Its history dates back to the Middle Ages, when the Archduke Sigismund of Austria wanted to fortify the village. Inside you can admire the Gala Rooms, the Giants' wing, which was originally used as a party hall, and a magnificent frescoed ceiling with the triumph of the Asuburgus-Lorraine, as well as gardens and paintings.

Innsbruck in Winter

Winter is definitely cold, especially in areas touched by winds from Russia. Innsbruck is in one of these areas, and this has meant that in the past the city even reached the record temperature of -30 °. However, the altitude of the city allows it to have a few more hours of sunshine available than in other cities such as Vienna. In this period Innsbruck is filled with lights, decorations and Christmas markets.

Throughout the winter season Innsbruck is filled with "advent markets" throughout the historic center. Here you will find stalls dedicated to food and entertainment of all kinds. If it's the right activity for you, you just have to visit Teresien Strasse, Marktplatz or Hungerburg Hill.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: Anything you have warm is welcome right now. Bring sweaters, thermal and waterproof clothing with you to protect yourself from the cold you will find.
  • In summer: indulge yourself with short-sleeved T-shirts and lightweight fabrics to face the heat. Don't forget the umbrella, essential for the rains, and the sunscreen. It may seem pointless, but the sun is beating down.
  • In autumn and spring: in the intermediate seasons you may encounter frost or very hot days. Bring a little bit of everything with you and when you go around remember to dress in layers, in order to perfectly fit everything you find.

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