When to go to Hamburg: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Between the river Elbe, canals and artificial lakes, in northern Germany lies Hamburg, port city and second most important and populated in the nation. Hamburg is very pretty and owes its charm to the many canals that cross it, but it is also rich in monuments and history. Unfortunately, however, it does not enjoy a beautiful climate for long periods, but this should not prevent you from visiting it. So when is it best to go to Hamburg? Let's find out the best climate and seasons together!


  1. Climate, temperatures and best time
  2. When to go to Hamburg: the cheapest period
  3. Hamburg in the Spring
  4. Hamburg in the Summer
  5. Hamburg in Autumn
  6. Hamburg in Winter
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Climate, temperatures and best time

  • Best time: from June to the first half of September for the temperatures, December for the Christmas atmosphere and the markets
  • Period to avoid: from January to March, it is very cold, it often snows and the amount of sunshine is scarce

Hamburg has an outlet to the north sea, so it has a oceanic climate. Winter is always harsh and it snows a lot, while in other seasons rainfall is very frequent. Summer can be a bit sunnier than the other periods, with medium-high temperatures but without excluding the possibility of fog and rain. From June to August, and the months of November and December, are the best times to visit the city.

When to go to Hamburg: the cheapest period

In every season Hamburg celebrates and hosts events, so if you are a lover of low cost those periods will not be ideal for a cheap holiday. The less touristy periods and free from parties and events go from the end of September to the middle of November and from the end of January for the whole month of February. The latter is also due to low temperatures, so in these months you can find cheap flights and accommodation with low season rates.

Hamburg in the Spring

In spring, the days start to get longer and temperatures rise above 10 ° C, and even though we said that rains are frequent at all times, we still give you a good reason to visit Hamburg in the spring. The city celebrates every year Porto's Anniversary from 10 to 13 May, with 3 days of music, activities and festivals. And while you're in the city, don't miss a walk among the monuments of the historic center, such as the huge one Hamburg Town Hall.

Hamburg in the Summer

You may find some rainy days, but all in all the days will be sunny and pleasant. With the summer weather you can't miss one trip on the Elbe river or evening boat ride between the canals and the lights of the port. Also from 19 to 22 September, Hamburg starts the Reeperbahn Music Festival, 4 days of music of all kinds to satisfy everyone's tastes.

Hamburg in Autumn

In the autumn Hamburg prepares to start the Christmas markets, which open in November and last for the entire holiday period. If you are in the city before the markets start, as it is not an ideal time to go around due to the weather, visit some of the many museums in Hamburg such as the Maritime Museum and Hamburg History Museum, if you are passionate about port cities or want to know the history of this city. If, on the other hand, you are attracted to particular and alternative museums, then don't miss the Miniatur Wunderland, museum of miniatures, and the Chocoversum, museum of chocolate.

Hamburg in Winter

The main attraction of the city, as in all cities of northern Europe, are the Christmas markets. From November to January you can enjoy the typical products of the area and buy various types of craft items in these characteristic wooden houses, immersed in the Christmas atmosphere given by the snow-covered city. There are many markets in Hamburg, but the main one is in Town Hall Square.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm and thermal clothes. Dress in layers and do not miss any type of garment, tank tops and t-shirts, sweaters and sweatshirts, padded and waterproof jackets, leggings and pants. As for shoes, prefer boots and ankle boots which are also padded and waterproof, and leave elegant and sporty shoes alone. Don't forget the accessories you need for the cold: gloves, scarf and hat.
  • In summer: The days are long and sunny, but keep in mind that rain could come at any time, so in addition to t-shirts, tank tops, shirts, and other light clothing, you will also need a jacket and umbrella. Bring sandals and open shoes safely, but also pack a pair of closed shoes for rainy days.
  • In autumn and spring: As the seasons with more uncertain weather but tend to be rainy and humid, bring with you a jacket that is not too heavy but always waterproof. The preferable items are long-sleeved shirts and sweaters that are not too wintery, to keep you warm and not to sweat if you enter closed rooms. Finally, don't forget the umbrella!

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