When to go to Galway: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Many will know Galway for being mentioned in a famous song by Ed Sheeran, but Galway is more than just a name: it is a beautiful town on the west coast of Ireland famous for its student life and its quaint buildings. Located in the county of the same name, it is crossed by the River Corrib and dates back to at least 1100. Rich in history (including literary), Galway was the protagonist of a short story by James Joyce and is home to major plays in Gaelic, music festivals and much more. again, which allowed it to be chosen as the European Capital of Culture 2020 together with Rijeka. To visit it you will have to take into account several things: first of all how to get there and what to see, and then the climate, which could determine the success or failure of your trip.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Galway: the cheapest period
  3. Galway in Spring
  4. Galway in the Summer
  5. Galway in Autumn
  6. Galway in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from June to September, with preference for July and August. the city is always rainy but in these months the temperatures are enjoyable for excursions and outdoor activities
  • Period to avoid: from October to April. In addition to rain and cold, the amount of sunshine is scarce with only 2 hours of sunshine in winter. But at Christmas it is beautiful.

In Galway you will find a typically oceanic, cool and humid climate, characterized by frequent rains throughout the seasons. Fortunately, the temperature range is not particularly high in the various seasons, and this makes it difficult for temperatures to go below 0 ° even in the coldest months. In this period you will hardly find snow, but you could catch a few waves of frost which, however, does not happen often and is also short-lived.
As for the hours of sunshine, they oscillate between 2 am in winter and 6 am in spring, definitely too few to heat the sea water and allow you to take a bath.

When to go to Galway: the cheapest period

Finding a cheap time to visit Galway is a big deal. Here the prices are always quite high and it is as if it were always high season, however if you take advantage of the periods between the seasons (especially the month of October) you should be able to save something.
To still enjoy a decent climate, the best compromise is in the months of May and September.

Galway in Spring

Take advantage of the arrival of summer to visit the city and relive the Irish charm. Just minutes from Galway you will find the Dunguaire castle, which from spring to autumn, is the venue for medieval dinners in which you can actively participate.

In the city, instead, you can visit Eyre Square, today a large public park a stone's throw from the station, which in the past was the place where the challenges between knights took place. Strolling through the streets of the city you will then find the Lynch's Castle, a th century building which today is the seat of a bank.
A must-see area within Galway is Salthill, the city's oldest neighborhood. On its promenade you can take beautiful walks with a lot of views of the Aran Islands.

Galway in the Summer

Summer is the perfect time for a few trips out of town in the Galway area. In summer you can visit the Cliff of Moher, one of the most beautiful cliffs you will ever see. Arriving here you will find yourself in front of a precipice on the sea of ​​8 km and 214 m high.
Another magnificent place to visit on fine days is the Burrenn, located about 30 minutes from Galway: the Great Rock is a limestone plateau unique in the world, covering 1% of the Irish surface with its 250 sq km. In this area, used as a National Park, you will find an incredible flora and wonderful places such as the Poulnabrone Dolmen, the Aillwee caves, High Cross and much more.

Galway in Autumn

Fall is the time when the weather starts to get worse, so it is better to stay indoors. To start, you could visit Galway Cathedral, which is also the bishop's seat. The Cathedral of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven and St. Nicholas is truly rich and full of decorations that will leave you breathless.
You could then visit the city museum, full of historical and interactive evidence concerning Galway, and take a walk in the Quay Street area, one of the most famous and characteristic streets of Galway.
And if it starts to rain, take the opportunity to visit one of the numerous and typical pubs in the area and taste some whiskey, in pure Irish style.

Galway in Winter

The few hours of winter sun are not your allies in these months, but you could solve the problem by visiting the Claddagh Ring Museum, dedicated to the famous rings or the Fisheries Watchtower Museum, an ancient tower located at the entrance to the city which today has become the seat of the museum dedicated to fishing, an ancient resource of the city.
During Christmas, Galway is filled with markets. The most important is undoubtedly the Continental Christmas Market, which is based in Eyre Square. Here you will find shopping stalls, workshops, activities dedicated to children and much more.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: winter is cold but not so much. However, don't forget to bring heavy, water-resistant clothing with you. Umbrella and raincoat are mandatory at any time of the year.
  • In summer: during the warmer months you can be even more daring with short-sleeved shirts, but without exaggerating. The ideal would be to dress lightly but not too much, in order to protect yourself from the wind that you might find on the coast.
  • In autumn and spring: in these months any type of clothing is fine, from light t-shirts to sweaters and jackets to shelter from the cold.

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