When to go to Dubai: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Characterized by unique architecture, gravity-defying skyscrapers and luxury boutiques, Dubai is one of the largest and most modern cities in the world, as well as one of the most popular tourist destinations.
Cosmopolitan and avant-garde, it should be discovered in all its "magnificence" in a broad sense: right here is the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, which touches the sky with its 830 m of height.
A city in balance between the ancient East and the third millennium, it is truly an unmissable destination. Here are tips and directions on the best time to visit this beautiful city.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Dubai: the cheapest period
  3. Dubai in Spring
  4. Dubai in the Summer
  5. Dubai in Autumn
  6. Dubai in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: between November and March the amount of sunshine is good, the temperatures mild and there is some sporadic rain to cool the air. Optimal conditions for visiting the city.
  • Period to avoid: the hottest months (June-August) are not recommended, but in principle there is no real period to avoid

The typical climate of Dubai is subtropical desert. Oscillating between average temperatures of 20 ° C in winter and 37 ° C in summer, Dubai is a very humid city, due to the winds that blow from the sea, especially in summer, and which bring the humidity of the Persian Gulf.
Rainfall is very scarce, mainly occurring in the form of short showers, in the period between December and April.

When to go to Dubai: the cheapest period

The cheapest period is the one that goes from June to September, in which temperatures are definitely high and therefore have a negative effect on certain attractions and excursions.

A good compromise for favorable climate and costs are the months of April and May.

Dubai in Spring

Visiting Dubai in Spring means seeing it dressed in sun and turquoise. The rains become more and more sporadic, the temperature rises and it is possible to take the first refreshing baths, in the crystalline and turquoise waters of the sea of ​​this wonderful city.
Dubai in spring is enclosed in its souks, ranging in scents and colors from the spice market to that of fabrics or gold, where it is possible to get in touch with the Middle Eastern identity of the city. Or again, Dubai in spring is its desert, to be experienced with the help of still mild temperatures: oases and sand dunes for an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience.
Also typical of spring Dubai is the Taste of Dubai: a festival that allows you to immerse yourself in the spicy flavors and aromas of typical cuisine. Tastings and cooking lessons, with the best starred chefs of the place.
The Dubai zoo at the Wild Wadi is dedicated to the little ones, with lots of educational activities to have fun and learn.

Dubai in the Summer

Summer Dubai is a Dubai marina, made of water parks, sea in the mildest hours of the day and indoor activities, in refrigerated environments, due to the very high temperature.
Annually, the summer is announced by a traditional event: Eid-al-fitr, the festival that celebrates the end of Ramadan (Islamic fasting). On the occasion of this joyful and lively event, it is possible to participate in numerous fun activities in every corner of the city, relax in a five-star hotel, take advantage of the sales offered by the shopping centers, attend concerts by local and international stars and attend the wonderful Eid Fireworks: a fireworks show.
Another annual event is the Dubai Summer Surprises, which lasts a full six weeks and features musician shows, ice skating, water activities and lots of shows for children.
Do not miss the Dubai Mall, the most important and largest shopping center in Dubai (which opens the summer season with sales), where you can attend the show of the dancing fountains: the splashes of water change color and rhythm to the sound of music; andAtlantis: an immense water park, which with its many attractions simulates the lost world of Atlantis.

Dubai in Autumn

Autumn is the best season to visit Dubai. The temperature drops a little but still remains purely summer, the beaches are crowded and the sea maintains its 28 ° C and its blue color. The sky is still very clear and the probability of rain is practically nil.
An unmissable autumn event is Diwali in Dubai, a festival of lights, which makes the atmosphere of the city magical.
In addition, the clear autumn sky becomes the perfect backdrop for a breathtaking panorama from Burj Khalifa: the tallest skyscraper in the world, 830 m of concrete, steel and glass.
Inspired in form by the hymenocallis flower, this immense tower is suitable for both commercial and residential use. Furnished with silver travertine floors and handmade carpets, offers a unique view of the city, thanks to the observatories located on floors 124, 125 and 148, which will become perhaps the best memory of a trip to Dubai. The soul of this metropolis will open up to your eyes: the beating heart, made up of futuristic architecture and buildings and all around the desert.

Dubai in Winter

Winter in Dubai is a mild season. Temperatures are around 27 ° C, the sea water is still warm and the rains are intense but short. One of the most important winter holidays, which is celebrated on December 2 of each year, is National Day: the occasion in which the anniversary of the birth of the United Arab Emirates is celebrated, with parties, parades and fireworks. Furthermore, also during the first week of December, the Dubai Winter Festival occurs, in which the city dresses up with a Christmas theme with markets, Christmas sweets, Santa's grotto and tree lighting.
In the month of February, the Chinese New Year is celebrated (generally it falls during the first week), with sumptuous parties scattered in every corner of the city.
For the more romantic, it is possible to spend Valentine's Day at the Burj Al Arab: the famous hotel in the shape of a sail swollen by the wind, which stands on an artificial island, which seems to blossom from the sea and is Jumeirah beach from a catwalk. On the occasion of the feast of lovers, it is truly extraordinary to enjoy glasses of wine in the lounge on the 27th floor, with a romantic view of the city at sunset.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: Due to possible rains and gusts of wind that do not allow the use of umbrellas, it is advisable to bring a k-way and alternate light and slightly heavier clothes, given the almost ten degrees of temperature range between day and the night.
  • In summer: it is advisable to bring light clothing and natural fibers such as cotton, white or in any case light. A further tip is to use trousers and long sleeves, which minimize water loss. The use of a high protective cream is very important.
  • In autumn and spring: We recommend light clothing + anoraks or shawls for the evening. The use of a hat that protects the head from the sun is very important in every season.

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