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South of England and just two hours from chaotic London, there is a decidedly quieter town called Dover. This small town definitely is the perfect alternative for those who want to escape from chaos of London for a while, and for those who prefer to big cities, the discovery of historical sites immersed in natural and peaceful landscapes. If you recognize yourself in this description, then Dover is the city for you and you should definitely visit it. Below you will find all the information you will need to start planning your trip and choose the best time to go to Dover.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Dover: the cheapest period
  3. Dover in Spring
  4. Dover in the Summer
  5. Dover in the Fall
  6. Dover in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from late spring (late April-May) to September, with a preference for summer (June-August). The temperatures in this period are very pleasant and the rainfall is reduced
  • Period to avoid: from late autumn to early spring (from November to April). The uncertain climate, rain and wind prevent you from enjoying the main attractions, namely the cliffs

Dover enjoys a warm and temperate climate thanks to its position on the sea, but unfortunately characterized by rainfall present throughout the year, especially during autumn and winter.
Winter in Dover is quite cold but not freezing and, unfortunately, also very rainy. Spring, on the other hand, has average high temperatures and a few rainy days. Summer is the most pleasant and driest season, although some rainy days still occur. Finally, autumn is rainy but with mild temperatures, at least until the days before winter. The best time to visit Dover, and also the one with the greatest tourist influx, extends from May to September, but October can also be considered a good month for a visit to the city.

When to go to Dover: the cheapest period

Late autumn and mid-winter are the cheapest times to travel to Dover, when the tourist influx is significantly lowered and consequently also the prices of flights and hotels. Unfortunately, however, you will find a Dover always rainy and visiting it in this period will not be the best.

The best compromise is in the months between the intermediate seasons, therefore September-October and March-April

Dover in Spring

In this season, nature comes back to life after the cold winter, so, on the beautiful spring days of Dover, immerse yourself in the paths of Pencester Gardens, the park that runs along the historic center of the city, and enjoy a nice walk in the middle of the greenery and the scent of the first flowers. If you like the idea of ​​the park, we also suggest the Connaught Park, a park a little outside the center but larger than the previous one, also equipped with games and rides for children and obviously long paths to walk on. In addition, in this park there is a modest pond that recreates the ideal environment for some animal species, and you will surely meet some ducks, geese and squirrels.

Dover in the Summer

In summer, Dover's two main attractions cannot be missed. First of all go to the great Dover Castle, which will leave you amazed by its size and beauty, and take some time because it is really great to visit. Its complex includes Secret Towers and Tunnels so it will take you a long time, but don't worry because from the Castle you will reach White Cliff of Dover, where you can relax in peace. It is a majestic limestone cliff and is Dover's second biggest attraction, which will leave you speechless again.
Furthermore, always remaining in the same area, you can go to the South foreland lighthouse, or the lighthouse that illuminates the waters of Dover.

Dover in the Fall

With autumn the city begins to fade due to the rains that gradually arrive more and more frequent. As long as the weather is favorable, take advantage of it take a tour through the streets of the historic center typically English from Dover, and discover St Mary's Church, the Dover Museum and the Roman Painted House.

On rainy and gloomy days, we can suggest you take a tour of the Charlton Shopping Center, a large shopping center in the central area of ​​the city. If you are a lover of shopping or typical cuisine, you will certainly not be disappointed by its vast offer of shops and clubs.

Dover in Winter

Even if the period between December and January is the wettest for Dover, we would like to recommend a visit to the city during the Christmas festivities. As we have already said, Dover is the perfect alternative for lovers of tranquility and for those who want to escape from chaos, so what better destination to spend Christmas or New Year in a much more peaceful way? If for you Christmas is made up of typically Christmas lights and scents, while on New Year's Eve you just need to admire a fireworks display to greet the old and the new year, Dover is the perfect place for you. The streets light up with every color and the scents from the various cafes invade the streets of the city.
Finally, on New Year's Eve, you will be enchanted by the suggestive scenery that is created thanks to the fireworks near the Dover Castle.

When the holidays are over and this splendid atmosphere is over, to revive and warm up the cold and dull winter of the city, the Winter Ales is organized in the Municipality of Dover, a festival entirely dedicated to beer held in February and offers the opportunity to taste various types of this drink so loved by the English people.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: since it is not a freezing cold, you just need to bring warm and waterproof clothing. A must are scarf, gloves, hat and umbrella.
  • In summer: the classic summer clothing consisting of t-shirts, shirts, tank tops, shorts and sandals, but without forgetting something suitable for rainy days, such as long pants, a jacket and closed shoes.
  • In autumn and spring: in both seasons pack a mix of heavy, light and mid-season garments. So don't miss out on sweaters and sweatshirts, t-shirts, shirts, jeans and leggings.

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