When to go to Corfu: weather, best time and tips month by month

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In the Mediterranean Sea, more precisely in the northern part of the Ionian Sea, a few kilometers from the Apulian and Albanian coasts, is the Greek island of Corfu, or Kerkyra in Greek.

The seahorse-shaped island has an area of ​​about 588 sq km and 217 kilometers of coastline, it is considered a small paradise on earth thanks to its lush nature and some of the most beautiful beaches and bays, from Palaiokastritsa to Glyfada. Moreover, with its typically Mediterranean climate, it is one destination suitable for any type of holiday, during the whole year.
If you are wondering when to go to Corfu, here is some information on the climate, the best time and some tips month by month.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Corfu: the cheapest period
  3. Corfu in Spring
  4. Corfu in Summer
  5. Corfu in Autumn
  6. Corfu in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from June to August the temperatures are quite high and can reach 40 ° C, however the days are mitigated by the fresh Meltemi wind.
  • Period to avoid: even if the climate is never cold, autumn and winter are to be avoided as rains are concentrated in these seasons.

The climate of the island is Mediterranean type, with hot summers (average temperature 25 °) and mild winters (average temperature 9 °) but rather rainy, especially in the inland hills area.

Precipitation reaches about 800 mm per year, with a maximum in autumn and winter.
In summer (from May to September) the climate is pleasant and suitable for a holiday that includes sun and sea, during the mid seasons (April and October) the temperatures allow for trips and excursions, in winter or better from November to March, instead, they alternate with periods of bad weather.

When to go to Corfu: the cheapest period

It is possible to spend wonderful holidays in the name of the sea, nature and fun even saving money. THE spring and autumn months are the most recommended to meet the needs of a magnificent low-cost holiday: from the end of March to May, in fact, the maximum temperatures reach 25 ° C, in September and October they even reach 28 ° C, even if the rains become more frequent.

Corfu in Spring

E' one of the most visited islands in Greece, and although its tourist activity peaks during the summer months, this one it's the season that really brings out its natural beauty and it is the most stimulating in every sense. This period is synonymous with flowery nature, sunny days and cool evenings.
The stone-paved streets and the Venetian-style roofs of the old town seem to shine under the rays of the warm sun, one gets the impression that, during this period, the colors become softer and brighter. Don't be surprised if, walking through the center, you hear the sound of flutes and brass coming from the open windows of one of the music schools. The idyllic image is complemented by the scent of flowers that bloom and from that of the salt water of the sea. If that doesn't sound tempting enough, I also brought you enjoy during the spring traditional Easter celebrations.

Corfu in Summer

If the colors for which Greece is remembered are white and blue, this island adds another one, in summer: green.
Known as the Emerald Isle, it owes this nickname to the fact that, especially in summer, it is covered with cypresses, olive groves and wild flowers, which make it shine with colors and scents.
The island it presents itself in all its glory, especially on its beaches, like that of Palaiokastritsa, one of the most famous for the beauty of its waters and for the only stretch of rocky coast with non-sandy bays. It is perfect not only for those who love the crystal clear sea but also for snorkelling enthusiasts. The summer period can be a bit crowded, especially in August, it can be avoided by choosing the months of May, June and the end of September.

Corfu in Autumn

E' the season often chosen by those seeking to discover the true identity of the island. It is possible to enjoy its peace and atmosphere in a very special way, it is in fact the time of the year when the island starts to slow down. After the peak of summer, in fact, it begins to emerge relaxed lifestyle typical of the island: the locals are relaxed, without stress; this is therefore the time to enjoy Corfu, in the way only Corfiots know and which they will be more than happy to share with you. You will definitely benefit from joys of a slower pace. Especially in October, the days are still hot but without the scorching rays of the sun, the streets, beaches and bars are less crowded. The true beauty of the island, its landscapes, flora and fauna can be discovered by walking in the hills, for explore the numerous historic villages and to climb to the top of Mount Pantokrator. The views are especially spectacular in the autumn light.

Corfu in Winter

With a network of trails that line the coast and reach the hinterland, the island in this season it is perfect for exploring on foot. In fact, without the sweltering heat of summer, this can be a great time to lace up your hiking shoes, dress in layers, and follow the trails as they ascend, descend, and wind along the coast. It is rich in picturesque mountain villages, from Lakones in the north-west of Corfu town, to the mountainous village of Agios Matheos, which has remained intact although very popular with tourists. Likewise, with fewer crowds to deal with, the off-season can be a great time for a vacation. Some of the more touristy shops may be closed during the winter, but there will still be plenty of bars, restaurants and shops open in the city to enjoy its vibrant atmosphere.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: mid-season and layered clothing is recommended, not too heavy but not too light. Essential clothing to protect yourself from the rain.
  • In summer: typical Mediterranean summer climate clothing, light clothing and a bathing suit, although a pair of light sweatshirts or jackets for the evening are necessary.
  • In autumn and spring: the climate is still hot, especially in the months closest to summer. We therefore recommend light clothing, taking care to add an extra sweatshirt in your suitcase.

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