When to go to Cologne: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Cologne is a beautiful German city located in northern Germany, on the banks of the River Rhine, not far from the Belgian and Dutch borders. With very ancient origins, dating back to Roman times, it is a city ready to welcome both young travelers and families.

But pay attention to the period in which you decide to organize your trip, some months are not really indicated and you would risk ruining your holiday due to the weather. So here is some information on when to go to Cologne, based on the weather, the best time of year and the month-by-month advice.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Cologne: the cheapest period
  3. Cologne in Spring
  4. Cologne in the Summer
  5. Cologne in Autumn
  6. Cologne in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: From a climatic point of view, the best time to visit Cologne is from June to September.
  • Period to avoid: no one in particular. Cologne is beautiful in every season, you just need to equip yourself correctly for the coldest or rainy days.

The climate is kind sub-oceanic, humid and rainy. In fact, rainfall is distributed throughout the year, with December as the wettest month, and September the driest. Winters are cold, with average minimums around 2 ° C, while summers are mild, with maximum temperatures around 5 ° C, you will rarely find very hot. On the other hand, you may be disturbed by the wind, which blows quite frequently, and in the months from December to March it can also become very strong.

When to go to Cologne: the cheapest period

Except for the month of December, the remaining winter months are considered low season, due to the cold and low light hours. In the months of January and February it is possible to book flights and accommodation at excellent prices.

However, Cologne is by no means an expensive destination, prices are also affordable in other seasons, especially spring and autumn. A good compromise, which therefore combines both a discrete time and cheaper prices, are the months of May and October.

Cologne in Spring

It is a good season: temperatures begin to rise, even if in the evening you still need a heavy sweatshirt or jacket as they still remain very low, while rainfall is present but not as much as in the winter months. And as nature begins to wake up, the city comes back to life too: from April, for example, boat rides on the Rhine resume, a service not available from November until March.
Among the events in spring, it is certainly worth mentioning theArt Cologne Festival, the oldest art fair in the world, which began in 1967 right here in Cologne. The fair is held during a weekend in mid-April, the exact dates change from year to year, at the Koln Exhibition Center. The Festival hosts 200 major art galleries from around the world and an average of 60.000 visitors per year are registered.

Cologne in the Summer

From a climatic point of view, it is the best time to visit the city. The days get longer and temperatures rise up to 25 ° degrees, in rare cases they reach 30 °. July and August are the hottest months of the year. However, rainfall does not give respite, therefore always carry an umbrella with you and a sweatshirt, in case the temperatures drop. The rains only decrease towards the end of the season, in September, when there are on average 9 days of rain.

Obviously, this being the period in which tourism makes itself felt the most, the city is full of events and demonstrations. Among the most important there is certainly the Festival of Lights, the Kölner Lichter, an impressive fireworks display held on the Rhine. The festivities, which are held every year in mid-July, start in the morning in the Old Town and last all day, but the time everyone is waiting for is at 23:30 pm, when the fireworks display takes place. Among other events, the Beerfest, held in mid-July, and the Gamescon, at the end of August, are certainly worth mentioning.

Cologne in Autumn

The temperatures return to drop and the hours of sunshine to decrease. But September and October are still good months to visit the city! In fact, September is the least rainy month of the year and in October there are on average only 11 days of rain, less than in the other months. In addition, for the duration of October, the Rhine boat tours are still active. L' the only difficulty could be the cold, especially in the evening, but nothing that doesn't end with a nice warm sweater.

And if the cold begins to make its way, the inhabitants of the city have found a great way to fight it and to enjoy the last days of sunshine and more or less mild temperatures: the Köln Marathon. Every year, in mid-October, this great sporting event is held which attracts marathon runners, professionals and not, from all over the world. In addition to the classic 42-kilometer marathon, the half marathon is also held. And, throughout the weekend, the Köln Marathon Expo is open, where you will find not only stands on running and marathon, but also on many other sports.

Cologne in Winter

It is the coldest season with the most rainfall ever. December has an average of 19 rainy days and for the whole season the temperatures do not rise above 6 °. They tend to increase only towards mid-March. But if you are planning to visit the city at this time of year, it will certainly not disappoint you.

Pack your suitcase well, bringing warm clothes, a heavy jacket and an umbrella for the rain. Traditional Christmas markets take place in December, until December 23rd, and the city is filled with lights, decorations and stalls selling both traditional food and sweets, and handicrafts. Another very important festival, truly felt, is Carnival, which begins as early as 11 November at 11:11, but whose celebrations culminate in February with the Weiberfastnacht, or Shrove Thursday, and last until Carnival Monday, the Rosenmontag. On weekends, carnival parades flood the cities and all the clubs organize different parties and events.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: the minimum temperatures are around 2 ° C and at night they can reach 0, but humidity and wind can increase the sensation of cold, moreover snowfalls are possible; Sweaters and warm clothes, windbreaker, cap and gloves are recommended; the umbrella for rainy days
  • In summer: temperatures are mild, with highs around 25 ° C, but rain and wind can drop temperatures suddenly; t-shirts with sleeves, both short and long trousers, a sweatshirt and a light jacket are recommended for cooler days; the umbrella for rainy days
  • In autumn and spring: the climate is very unstable, especially from the point of view of rainfall; umbrella and anorak for rainy days and strong winds; It is recommended to dress in layers and always carry a sweatshirt and a light jacket with you

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