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Urban agglomeration that has more than 300 thousand inhabitants that extends along the slopes of Etna, Catania is one of the most exuberant and important cities in Sicily. Literally kissed by the sun, especially in the summer months, the metropolitan area of ​​the town is rich in history and charm: this makes it an attractive destination at different times of the year.


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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from April to September, with a preference for June and September. Catania is always enjoyable, but in these months you can also enjoy the sea and the days get longer
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, but the winter months discourage outdoor activities and, of course, you can't go to the beach

The climate of Catania is temperate, with hot summers (among the hottest of the entire peninsula) and significant temperature variations, especially during winter nights.
From a climatic point of view, the recommended months are May, June and September, to enjoy pleasant but not excessive temperatures in the city and to be able to swim in the sea.

When to go to Catania: the cheapest period

From a climatic point of view, Catania is configured as a destination to visit practically all year round. However, in the summer months, in late spring and during the month of December (high season periods) the costs could increase and, even if you could find last minute offers on flights to reach the city, you might not be as lucky. with regards to accommodation and meals.

The best compromise between climate and savings is in the months of April, September and October, perfect for enjoying a wonderful day at the beach or a city tour without the summer heat.

Catania in Spring

Spring in Catania is to be considered a real prelude to summer, thanks to the rather mild temperatures (and constantly rising, especially in May) and the scarce rainfall. A truly tempting opportunity to participate in festivals and events that animate Catania and its province: the characteristic craft market or the usual beer festival in May, as well as many others.
But above all it is the ideal season to admire attractions and precious testimonies of ancient civilizations that have contributed to making the Etna city great in the eyes of the world. Among these, the Roman Theater, the various Baths and all the other archaeological sites housed in the Greek - Roman Archaeological Park of Catania.
Also, do not miss the opportunity to admire a breathtaking sunset from Etna, perhaps sipping a good wine directly from one of the many wineries located along the road (Etna sunset tour from € 59,00 - see the offer).

Catania in the Summer

The torrid summer in Catania records highs that often exceed 30 ° C and almost non-existent rainfall.
This climate pushes all kinds of tourists first of all to target the wonderful beaches of the city. This is the best season to treat yourself to an exclusive visit to nearby Acitrezza, which will win you over not only with its suggestive stacks, but also with the exquisite lemon granita, a must of Sicilian confectionery at this time of year (excursion from Catania to the Riviera dei Ciclopi from € 50,00).
Unusual attraction but undoubtedly worth a visit is the Fish Market of Catania, one of the oldest in Italy, located in the historic center of the city (fish market tour and practical cooking lessons from € 89,00). The advice is to go there early in the morning, to fully experience the typical Catania day.
Fighting the heat of the city by becoming cultured is possible thanks to evening tours in the underground passages of Catania, to get to know a new side of the locality; for pure night owls, however, nightlife is guaranteed, thanks to clubs and squares that are always lively, even during the small hours.

Catania in Autumn

During the autumn of Catania it is a consolidated practice to find natives and visitors still on the beach, to "reinforce" the tan gained during the summer months. It is natural, because the temperatures between September and November in the city remain quite high, with highs just below 30 ° C, especially in September. What better opportunity to treat yourself to a last bath in peace, perhaps reaching the characteristic black beach of San Giovanni Li Cuti, delighting the eyes with the picturesque fishermen's houses that frame the area?
Another top destination in the autumn of Catania is the Benedictine Monastery of San Nicolò l'Arena, currently the seat of the city university: a place rich in mysticism and history, to be visited upon reservation. If you want to get involved in the real Catania mood, go to Piazza Duomo and don't forget to photograph the nice elephant statue near the Palazzo degli Elefanti, seat of the city council; finally, dedicate a moment of meditation to yourself inside the Cathedral, the home of Sant'Agata, Patroness of Catania.

Catania in Winter

The panoramic glimpse of Catania in winter is worthy of the best travel postcards. Not infrequently, in fact, the Etna volcano is whitened by light sprinkles of snow, which makes the destination area attractive even this season.
The Catania winter is particularly rainy, with quite significant temperature variations between day and night.
This does not prevent, however, from storming the city's top attractions and monuments such as the Massimo Bellini Theater, the curious Cinema Museum and the Botanical Garden.

There is no shortage of events related especially to the Christmas holidays, like the usual themed market; on New Year's Eve, brave the winter cold by taking part in the traditional swim in the waters of the Gulf of Ognina. Also do not miss the traditional Feast of Sant'Agata, which takes place in February (and August).

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: umbrella, sweaters, trousers, a heavy jacket, comfortable and sturdy shoes
  • In summer: sunglasses, sunscreen, swimsuit, t-shirt, shorts, light clothing
  • In autumn and spring: jacket, t-shirt, pants, comfortable shoes

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