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  • California climate
  • Average temperatures and rainfall in Los Angeles
  • Average temperatures and rainfall in San Francisco
  • Festivity

California boasts a climate considered to be among the best in the world, however between the idyllic coast and the interior there can be big differences that, of course, must be taken into consideration when planning a trip to California.

California climate

For many, the best time to visit California is summer. Especially if we refer to the coast: from June to September, temperatures are warm (the maximum average is below 30 degrees), but certainly not torrid and the rains are a rather rare phenomenon.

Even between the two major coastal cities however, we can find significant differences: Los Angeles has a dry and hot climate, while San Francisco remains enveloped in the sea breeze from June to August and, for this reason, keeps temperatures relatively low, postponing the hottest period of the year to September and October. year. If, however, we decide to visit the hinterland and the mountain areas we must know that, in summer. the climate is desert (it reaches even fifty degrees).

Winter on the coast is mild and rather short: in Los Angeles the climate is rainy and humid, with January and February as the coldest months, but in general the temperatures do not drop, remaining quite high.

San Francisco also has a mild winter, with average temperatures never below 5 degrees; here the rains are more intense, especially in the months of December, January, February.
The hinterland, on the other hand, has a more rigid and snowy climate.

In addition to summer, spring is also a good time to visit California. The mid-seasons still exist and between April and May there is a temperate climate, already suitable for going to the beach.

Average temperatures and rainfall in Los Angeles

Max ° C Min ° C Precip. (mm)
January 20° 79.2
February 21° 99.6
March 21° 11° 61.7
April 23° 12° 23.1
May 23° 14° 6.6
June 26° 16° 2.3
July 28° 18° 0.3
August 29° 18° 1
September 28° 17° 6.1
October 26° 15° 16.8
November 23° 11° 26.4
December 20° 59.2

Average temperatures and rainfall in San Francisco

Max ° C Min ° C Rainy days
January 14° 11
February 16° 11
March 17° 10
April 17° 10° 6
May 18° 11° 4
June 19° 12° 2
July 19° 12° 1
August 20° 13° 1
September 21° 13° 1
October 21° 12° 4
November 17° 10° 7
December 13° 10


The main holidays in the region are:

  • New Year
  • Martin Luther's King Day (3rd Monday in January)
  • President's Day (3rd Monday February)
  • Memorial Day (last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day, July 4th
  • Labor Day (first Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day (2nd Monday October)
  • Veterans Day (November 11)
  • Thanksgiving Day (4th Thursday of November)
  • Christmas holidays: schools, public offices and banks are closed. For museums and tourist attractions it is best to check from time to time.
  • In March, the Oscars ceremony is held in Los Angeles.

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