When to go to Budapest: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Nicknamed the Paris of the East for the beauty of its historic buildings and bohemian atmosphere, Budapest it is one of the most surprising capitals of Eastern Europe, divided in two by the Danube and dominated from above by the majestic castle (which now houses the Budapest Historical Museum and the National Gallery). Among the things that made it so famous, we cannot fail to mention the imposing Parliament overlooking the river and the more than 145 hot springs that provide therapeutic water to numerous spas of the city (among the best known are the Szechenyi Baths, the Kiraly Baths and the Gellert Baths): not surprisingly, Budapest is also called the City of Spas.
Elegant and scruffy at the same time, refined and easy-going, the Hungarian capital contains a thousand souls in one and its being so rich in contrasts and shades makes it a perfect destination to discover in any season of the year.


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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: spring and early summer (from April to early July), with preference for May and June, and early autumn (September-October). Budapest is always enjoyable, but in these months the days are long and the heat is not excessive. The Christmas period is also recommended
  • Period to avoid: from November to February. In addition to rain and cold, the amount of sunshine is scarce. But at Christmas it is beautiful.

The Hungarian climate is continental type with cold winters and hot summers. Average temperatures can range from -1,5 ° in the winter months to 21 ° in July. In general, the intermediate seasons are rather mild, although sometimes sudden changes in temperature can occur (mainly due to the unstable spring weather). Finally, rainfall they are never abundant but they are well distributed throughout the year with peaks in late spring (due to the phenomenon of afternoon thunderstorms) and in autumn, due to Atlantic perturbations.

When to go to Budapest: the cheapest period

The low season is in the months of October-November and January-March, where obviously both flights and hotels are cheaper. However the best compromise is that of the intermediate seasons, both for the cheaper prices and for the more favorable climate, in particular, in May, June and September. In these months, the days are sunny and not excessively hot (still bring a sweatshirt when you move, even if you don't necessarily need it) and the city is not yet overrun by that throng of tourists typical of the summer months and late winter. . Generally, life in the Hungarian capital costs a little less than we are used to, including food and accommodation.

Budapest in Spring

Budapest is a lovely city to visit in spring: the main boulevards teem with life, the shopping streets are in constant turmoil, the parks finally come to life and fill with fragrant flowers.
Among the most relaxing activities to do in good weather, I recommend one walk along the Danube: on its banks are scattered some of the major points of interest of the city, including the Parliament, the Shoes on the Danube (in memory of the victims killed during the Second World War), but also many famous bridges (the best known are the Ponte delle Catene and the Ponte della Libertà) and above all theMargaret Island, the green heart of the city. This island in the middle of the river, in particular, hosts a beautiful park with spas, pubs, an open-air theater, fountains and several rose gardens near which you can spend a few relaxing hours. Each year in April, the Budapest Spring Festival, three weeks of events and performances dedicated to Hungarian opera, ballet, classical music and jazz.

Budapest in Summer

Summer in Budapest it can be very hot, with maximum temperatures that can reach 35 ° / 37 ° perceived towards the period of July / August.
Do not be afraid, however, that even in summer there is no shortage of activities to do: during the beautiful sunny days, you can use the city ​​funicular (Siklo) to enjoy a splendid panorama or, alternatively, you can get on the dome of the Basilica of Santo Stefano to admire an equally beautiful view of the capital.
If you are in town on August 20, you can join in the celebrations of the National Day of Santo Stefano and the State Foundation, one of the most heartfelt in the whole country that begins with a military parade in front of Parliament. In the days leading up to the festival, there are also events and festivals that celebrate the Hungarian tradition such as the Festival of Trades, with many craft stands, live music concerts and shows for young and old.

Budapest in Autumn

In autumn, temperatures drop rapidly and the first snowfalls can occur as early as November. Yet even with the gray and cloudy sky, the Hungarian capital can reserve some interesting surprises: in case of bad weather, in fact, you can always count on one of the over 100 museums and art galleries dislocated in the city fabric or you can take refuge inside one of the very original ruin pub that characterize the city to taste the excellent local wine (we must not forget that Hungary is famous for its Tokaj wine and that many wineries offer tastings at very affordable prices!). During the Autumn Festival, in particular, you can take advantage of the stalls that invade the main squares to taste some typical specialties or to take home a Hungarian handicraft product.

Budapest in Winter

Visit Budapest during the winter, with the temperatures that often drop below freezing, primarily means one thing: take advantage of the beautiful indoor and outdoor spas that arise in every corner of the city and enjoy a few hours of complete relaxation.
Among the many that there are, you will be spoiled for choice but, especially if you are traveling as a couple, I recommend the Gellért spas, less crowded than others and with pure liberty style furnishings. After Christmas, Budapest becomes even more magical: the Rab Raby square is set up living crib, music concerts resound in the Peter Pal church and Christmas events of all kinds wind from the Mill of the Arts to the Szentendre Theater.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: clothes suitable for cold climates (coat, sweaters, gloves, hat, scarf, etc.), umbrella in case of sudden showers, comfortable shoes
  • In summer: shorts, t-shirts and light clothing but also sweatshirts and long pants for the evening. Never forget the umbrella in the room!
  • In autumn and spring: sweatshirts, jeans and / or long pants, leather jacket, comfortable shoes, raincoat, umbrella, etc.

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