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Unfortunately, Bucharest is a city still very undervalued, which however hides many small (and large) treasures scattered throughout the urban fabric, as well as an intense cultural and artistic life. What is most striking about the city are the elegant buildings built in the typical style of the Belle Epoque (Bucharest is in fact nicknamed the Little Paris), and the majestic avenue Soseaua Kiseleff which starts from the Arc de Triomphe and seems even longer than the Champs Elysees. The places of interest, however, do not end here: the Romanian capital boasts more than 37 museums, 22 theaters and an infinite number of bookstores and public libraries.

To better plan your holiday in Romania, I leave you some information that could be useful regarding the climate, the best season to visit the city and the most convenient time to do so.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Bucharest: the cheapest period
  3. Bucharest in Spring
  4. Bucharest in Summer
  5. Bucharest in Autumn
  6. Bucharest in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: May, June and September. Temperatures are pleasant and the heat of midsummer is avoided.
  • Period to avoid: from November to February. It is very cold and the amount of sunshine is scarce. But at Christmas it is beautiful.

Romania typically has a Continental climate with cold winters and hot summers (only the area overlooking the Black Sea is milder, although it is very often affected by currents coming from the interior of the country). For this reason, the average temperatures in the capital range from 3 ° (maximum temperatures, perceived during the day) in the winter season to 30 ° in the summer. However, rainfall is not very abundant: they are only 600 mm per year, but, due to the heat storms of the summer months, they are evenly distributed throughout the year. The situation is different along the Carpathian chain that crosses the country, where winter snowfalls are replaced by summer storms, exceeding 1000 millimeters per year.

When to go to Bucharest: the cheapest period

The low season in Bucharest is in winter, excluding the holiday season. Therefore the cheapest months are November and February. Not being a very expensive destination, Bucharest is nevertheless a low cost destination at any time of the year without major distinctions in terms of costs. Furthermore, it is not at all difficult to find holiday packages or discounts on flights departing from Italy that will allow you to get to know a still little-explored capital at affordable prices.

Bucharest in Spring

In spring the temperatures are very pleasant, starting from the month of April when the days begin to get longer and the hours of sunshine increase, with some possible afternoon showers. Bucharest, in this period, is filled with snowdrop that appear in every park or garden in the city, spreading the scent of the coming summer in the air: and it is precisely in the parks that most of the inhabitants and tourists pour, as well as in the streets riding a bicycle (they are very bike sharing services and guided tours on two wheels are widespread).

Among the most heartfelt festivities of spring, we certainly find the celebration of Easter, during which Romanian children receive beautiful decorated eggs that really look like little masterpieces, and the Martisor party which celebrates the beginning of the new season: according to legend, it was a young man who freed the sun from winter by sacrificing his own life. On this occasion, he gives himself a pendant with a braided thread of two colors, red like blood and white as snow, which is thought to bring luck to the wearer.

Bucharest in Summer

Summer in Bucharest is quite hot and not infrequently the maximums can go beyond 35 °. Between May and July, the heaviest rainfall occurs which in the neighboring areas can also cause rivers to overflow. Among the many activities that can be done this season, one of the most popular is a walk in the green lung of the city, the Parcul Herastrau, near which it is even possible to make a boat trip in the middle of the lake.

Among the most interesting events on the summer calendar, mark June 24th Feast of Sanziene (or Dragaica): this is the most spectacular pagan festival connected to the myth of the fertility of the Earth. In honor of this celebration, large bonfires are lit on the hills around the capital, torches are placed in front of the entrance to the houses and dances are organized that continue throughout the night.

Bucharest in Autumn

In autunno, the city becomes magical: warm and enveloping colors spread everywhere, the historic center shines in all its beauty, the museums welcome Corsican tourists away from the first cold and the squares are filled with onlookers, pushed into the heart of Romania on the occasion of the Halloween.

Yes, because Romania we must not forget that it is the homeland of Dracula and right here, in Bucharest, is the famous statue of Count Vlad. From the station in the capital, moreover, you can reach the nearby Bran Castle (former home of Count Dracula) and the picturesque Sighisoara, where you can watch macabre dances, simulated witch trials and disturbing rituals.
Even Bucharest, however, in its main squares (including Republic Square) is animated by dances and folkloristic shows not to be missed.

Bucharest in Winter

During the harsh winter months, the sky is often cloudy, the snowfalls quite frequent and the cold air (coming from Russia) that stagnates in the lower areas of the atmosphere allows a thin layer of snow to almost perpetually whiten the soil of the capital.

Bucharest in winter certainly does not lose its charm, indeed the romantic atmosphere that distinguishes it will leave you speechless: among the activities preferred by the local inhabitants, remember to enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice hot chocolate sitting at a table in the beautiful Macca-Villacrosse passage (the illusion is that of being suddenly catapulted into one of the ancient Parisian commercial streets!).

Alternatively, stroll through the stalls and the bright decorations of the Christmas markets (be sure to taste the cozonac, a typical panettone baked in the oven with walnuts) or take a look at the very interesting Museum of the Romanian peasant which illustrates the traditions of the rural world of yore.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes suitable for cold temperatures. Better to have an abundance of wool sweaters, fleece and thermal shirts behind. Don't forget your gloves at home or you'll regret it for the whole holiday!
  • In summer: shorts and short-sleeved T-shirts to wear during the day are fine, but for the evening bring a sweatshirt and long pants as you may need them.
  • In autumn and spring: usually a sweatshirt, jeans and a light jacket are enough (with the exception of the first days of spring and late autumn, which are definitely cold). However, pack a few heavier items and a folding umbrella for any eventuality.

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