When to go to Bordeaux: climate, best time and tips month by month

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In southwestern France, along the banks of the Garonne River, lies Bordeaux, the capital of New Aquitaine.
Being in the heart of one of the most prestigious wine regions in the world, the city is famous for its wines, as well as for the beauty of the landscapes that are even more colorful in the harvest season.
Ma what is the best time to visit Bordeaux? Here's info on the climate and tips month by month!


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Bordeaux: the cheapest period
  3. Bordeaux in Spring
  4. Bordeaux in the Summer
  5. Bordeaux in Autumn
  6. Bordeaux in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: from May to October. Summer is preferred for climate and temperatures, September and October because of the harvest period and you can take interesting wine tours in the cellars with tastings
  • Period to avoid: None in particular, but winter and spring are the wettest periods. But at Christmas it is beautiful.

Bordeaux's climate is mild and rainy, being influenced by the Atlantic Ocean.
Winter is temperate, with an average of 6 - 7 degrees, summer is pleasantly warm with 21 - 22 ° C. Spring is mild and with frequent rains, while autumn is cool, humid and also characterized by abundant rainfall.
Therefore, we understand that in general the rains are abundant and well distributed throughout the year, with a relative minimum in the summer months.
As for the amount of sunshine, it is decent between April and September, and gets worse between October and March, months in which the sky is often cloudy. Finally, the sea is cold and reaches a maximum of 21 ° C in August.

The best time to visit Bordeaux is from mid-May to October, being the hottest and sunniest and for the harvest period in September-October. Temperature drops during the night are not excluded, especially in May, June and September.

When to go to Bordeaux: the cheapest period

The low season affects the winter months, with the exception of the Christmas period, including the New Year. The climatic conditions are, moreover, rather pleasant.

Bordeaux in Spring

Spring, from March to May, is rainy but mild, with a little cold at night. In March, temperatures are winter, from April to May the Azores Anti-cyclone brings good weather and a pleasant warmth. The highs are 21 ° C in May, while the lows remain at 11 ° C.
The spring season allows you to explore the city by walking through its streets, or perhaps on the river bank to admire the splendid panorama.
A famous event is the Bordeaux Marathon - Métropole which combines sport and fun, as well as being an alternative way to discover the vineyards and the architectural heritage of the city. It is held in early April and crosses various municipalities, vineyards and the banks of the Garonne.
Between February / March the Bordeaux Carnival with rich and colorful celebrations.

Bordeaux in the Summer

Summer, from June to August, is hot with highs of 27 degrees in July and August. Occasionally short heat waves occur (about ten days a year) where the temperature rises up to 36-38 degrees but, often, in the afternoon refreshing ocean breezes blow.
Cool and rainy periods usually alternate with the beautiful periods, due to the Atlantic currents.
Treat yourself to a refreshing bath (in the true sense of the word!) in the beautiful waters, or soak up some sun on the beaches.
Also, in this season, the ideal is to take a river cruise with wine tasting (from € 21,00 per person), to enjoy a beautiful experience and a different perspective of the city.

There is no shortage of summer events: in June there is the Wine Festival with concerts, parades and various events, where the protagonist is obviously the renowned wine. Les Grands Crus Musicaux is held in July, with performances by international artists and wine tastings. In August the Feast of the Sea, with naval-themed shows and local gastronomic specialties.

Bordeaux in Autumn

Autumn, from September to November, begins pleasantly with a good amount of sunshine and highs of 24 ° C, then from October it gradually becomes cooler, more humid and with regular rains. Until November, which turns out to be one of the wettest months.
The autumn season is perfect for discovering Bordeaux's gardens and various museums, for example the Museum of Aquitaine dedicated to the history of the city, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Museum of Decorative Arts with ceramics, furniture and paintings and the Natural History Museum with the zoological, mineralogical and paleontological collections.

Don't miss this harvest period, a Tour in the vineyards (from € 65,00 per person) with interesting tastings.
One event staged in September is Rendez-Vouz Electroniques, which includes a number of electronic music events.

Bordeaux in Winter

Winter, from December to February, is quite warm and has a triple face, depending on the prevailing climatic influence. The Atlantic currents bring a temperate weather, with highs over 15 degrees, rain and sometimes wind. When high pressure dominates, however, fog can form and slight frosts occur, the sun comes out during the day. Finally, cold currents from Russia occasionally cause waves of frost with some snow, not particularly abundant. However, it is rare that it falls below -10 ° C.

During this period I recommend that you take a walk among the stalls of the Marché de Noël and also in Quinconces square, to browse through the antiques.
From late November to January you can ice skate in Place Pey-Berland.
It is always the right season to have wine tastings in the chateaux or wine bars (from € 16,00 per person).
And how not to dedicate a few hours to pre or post Christmas shopping? Do it in the pedestrian center of Bordeaux, on Rue Sainte-Catherine, the longest pedestrian street in Europe dedicated to shopping and commerce.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes, down jacket, scarf, umbrella or raincoat.
  • In summer: summer clothes, sweatshirt and light jacket for rainy days. Umbrella or raincoat.
  • In autumn and spring: spring / autumn clothes, sweatshirt and heavier sweater, jacket, umbrella or raincoat.

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