When to go to Bologna: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Bologna, the capital of Emilia Romagna, is a city known for its excellent cuisine, for the prestigious University, the oldest in Europe, for its historic center, among the best preserved in Italy, and for the green hills of Bologna that surround it. The city is full of life and frenzy, thanks to the large number of students who animate it almost all year round, with the exception of the summer period, during which the city, surrounded by its historic gates, returns to life at a slow and nostalgic pace. . Bologna is also famous for events of all kinds held in the well-known area of ​​Bologna Fiera, but also the center is often the scene of cultural and musical events which you can take part in at any time of the year.

Let's find out together when to go to Bologna: climate, best time and tips month by month!


  1. Climate, temperatures and best time
  2. When to go to Bologna: the cheapest period
  3. Bologna in Spring
  4. Bologna in Summer
  5. Bologna in Autumn
  6. Bologna in Winter
  7. User questions and comments

Climate, temperatures and best time

  • Best time: from April to mid-June, as there are many sunny days that make outdoor trips pleasant. Good weather even in the fall
  • Period to avoid: no one in particular. Generally the months of July and August are hotter and hotter, therefore tours and excursions are more strenuous

The climate of Bologna is semi-continental type, with quite cold and occasionally snowy winters (average temperatures 4 °) and very hot and sultry summers (average temperatures around 25 °).

There are no significant thermal excursions from one season to another, and the rainfall is concentrated in spring and autumn, with some rare occasions in the summer. During the winter months, i.e. from December to March, sunny days are scarce and haze prevails, while in spring and summer the sun shines practically every day.

When to go to Bologna: the cheapest period

The cheapest time to go to Bologna runs from October to March, except for December. Despite the low temperatures, choosing to visit Bologna in winter is still an excellent choice: you will be able to visit the city and its historic buildings by making small stops in the warm cafes and clubs that dot the historic center.

Bologna in Spring

Spring is one ideal season to visit the city of Bologna, as the numerous sunny days make the walks very pleasant. It is the perfect season to participate in an optimotour on foot in the center, which will take you to discover all the main attractions accompanied by a local guide.

This season is also full of events and manifestations. Among the most heartfelt events is the Anniversary of the liberation of Italy, which is celebrated on April 25: during this day processions and parades are organized, as well as several concerts in some famous streets of the city, among all Via del Pratello stands out, in a few minutes walk from Piazza Maggiore. Similar initiatives are also organized during May 1st, the Labor Day, with music and clubs open until late at night. In addition, in mid-May, the religious festival dedicated to the Madonna di San Luca, with the pilgrimage on foot from the Sanctuary located on the hills to the city center.

Bologna in Summer

Summer in Bologna is often very hot and muggy, especially in July and August, therefore we recommend that you move via the City Red Bus, thus avoiding walking in the sun.

You can take advantage to visit the museums and churches, like the Cathedral of San Petronio.
The Cathedral can be visited for free, but to enjoy a memorable experience we want to recommend a guided tour with access to the panoramic terrace, during which you will discover curiosities and anecdotes, and you can also admire one of the most beautiful views of the city.

But this is also the period full of festivals and musical and cultural events like the Biografilm, a film event that offers open-air screenings and musical concerts in the beautiful location of the Cavaticcio Park. Another splendid initiative is Sotto le stelle del Cinema, a film festival, during which films are projected on a large screen in Piazza Maggiore, under the starry sky. Often directors and artists from all over the world are invited to the stage.

Bologna in Autumn

Autumn is also a 'excellent season to visit Bologna: the temperatures drop and the surroundings are tinged with red, giving wonderful landscapes.
It is probably the best time to discover the stupendous Bolognese towers, and above all to reach the top of the Tower of the Asinelli, one of the symbols of the city. We recommend this interesting tour which includes the access ticket to the tower and a tasting of Bolognese specialties.

In this period several festivals are organized that bring world-class musicians to the city, such as the Alma Jazz Festival (dedicated to university orchestras), the Bologna Jazz Festival (an event that has been held for over 20 years) and the RoBOt Festival (dedicated to electronic music).

Autumn is the season of festivals: noteworthy are the MortadellaBO 'festivals, dedicated to the tasty typical dish of Bologna, and the Cioccoshow - The magic of chocolate, the greedy event that gathers dozens of stands of chocolatiers from various parts of Italy in the square, and which takes place in late November.

Bologna in Winter

In winter the temperatures become rigid, with an average of 4 °, but in December the city is enveloped in the charm of the Christmas atmosphere. Between lights and events, even the winter season is not to be underestimated!

Winter events in Bologna they are devoted so much to art, with exhibitions such as Art City Bologna, during which art exhibitions are organized around the city from January to February, and BilBOlbul, the International Comics Festival, with exhibitions dedicated to young emerging artists. From a cinematic point of view, on the other hand, very interesting is Visioni Italiane, the festival dedicated to national short films and held every year in March and YoungAbout International Film Festival, which takes place in the same month and dedicates its focus to the world of young people and cinema. Furthermore, during Christmas the city ​​is embellished with decorations and lights which give a truly suggestive atmosphere to all tourists.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: coats, scarves, gloves and hat
  • In summer: cotton clothes, t-shirts and comfortable shoes
  • In autumn and spring: light coats, rain umbrellas and comfortable shoes

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