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Among the ideal destinations for an excursion, even of short duration, there is Bergamo. Divided into two parts (Upper Bergamo and Lower Bergamo), it is a city that has nothing to envy to Milan or other Lombard cities. Rich in history, good food and entertainment, Bergamo is in an optimal position to be added as a destination in an itinerary that includes visits to other cities in northern Italy such as Verona or Venice, but don't be fooled, you will fall in love with Bergamo.
Visit it in the summer, in the winter or whenever you like, because the city will always offer you interesting and beautiful things to see. Here are some tips for choosing the best time to visit Bergamo.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Bergamo: the cheapest period
  3. Bergamo in Spring
  4. Bergamo in the Summer
  5. Bergamo in Autumn
  6. Bergamo in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer and spring, due to the more pleasant temperatures. Preference for June and September
  • Period to avoid: winter and autumn, because the days tend to be colder and grayer

In Bergamo there is a warm and temperate climate, with several days of rain to cool the air. The rainiest season is spring, with constant rainy days throughout the months, while winter is the driest season of the year. The temperatures during the year however do not reach high peaks, while in winter the temperature drops below zero, although not by much.

When to go to Bergamo: the cheapest period

The cheapest time to visit Bergamo is summer, especially the second part of the season (August to September). Visiting it in this period between flight and hotel you could even halve the costs compared to a stay in autumn, spending about € 60,00 all inclusive. Also in this period the temperatures are also high, and for you it will be all the money to visit it at its best.

Bergamo in Spring

In spring, temperatures soar dramatically, even exceeding 20 °. However, rainfall in this period is the highest of the whole year, so always stay in the vicinity of sheltered places.
Especially from May onwards it is the ideal time to stroll around the city and take some excursions out of town. Take the opportunity to visit the churches: the city's cathedral contains paintings by Giovan Battista Moroni, Andrea Previtali, Gian Battista Tiepolo and many others. Among these, however, the tiara of Pope John XXIII, originally from the province of Bergamo, stands out. On the main altar, instead, the remains of Sant'Alessandro Martire, the patron saint of the city, are preserved.
Among the trips out of town, you can go to Lake Endine or to the zoo of the Cornelle Park. To stay even closer, very characteristic are the Scorlazzino and the Scorlazzone: they are two ancient stairways that start from the upper town and that in ancient times connected the vegetable gardens and farmsteads of the Bergamo hills. It is a very suggestive and panoramic walk!

Among the events present in Bergamo in this period, the Spring Festival and the historical re-enactment of Marne, which takes place on 23 April and allows you to revive the ancient medieval atmosphere to anyone who decides to participate, is not to be missed.

Bergamo in the Summer

The summer season is really hot, with temperatures reaching 30 °. In the evening, however, the minimums are well below 20 °, causing a substantial temperature change. The rainy days are numerous but still lower than those of the spring season, maintaining an average of one week of rain per month.
On fine summer days a ride on the Bergamo Alta funicular it is a must, as it is to visit the Piazza Vecchia, the nerve center of the city, and the buildings that overlook it such as the Civic Tower, Palazzo Vecchio and Palazzo Nuovo, which today is one of the most important libraries in Italy.
When you visit the Palazzo della Regione (i.e. Palazzo Vecchio) pay attention to the floor: you will see a sundial there, built by Giovanni Albrici, dating back to the th century.
Bergamo and its surroundings are places with a strong green imprint: there is certainly no shortage of green areas. City parks are well equipped: in the upper town there is the Parco Sant'Agostino and Giardino La Crotta, in the lower town the Parco Frizzoni, Parco Suardi and Parco Caprotti. If you are with children, the top is the Turani Park in the Redona district, with a playroom perfect for them to play and have fun.
And if you love walking, but especially pedaling, the must is the Greenway, at the entrance to Val Brembana: a green park ideal for walks, equipped with a cycle path but also areas for having fun with skateboarding and areas ideal for picnics.

In this period the city is filled with events, ranging from outdoor cinema to festivals, such as the one dedicated to the Madonna della Castagna, which takes place in the Bergamo countryside, and to festivals in the province, such as the DeSidera and the Sarnico Busker Festival in Seriate.

Bergamo in Autumn

In autumn, temperatures plummet to the bottom, especially in the second half of the season, with rainy days that slightly increase compared to summer averages.
During this time you could visit some of the many museums in the city. Here in Bergamo you will find the Donizetti Birthplace, located in the Borgo Canale area, the Civic Archaeological Museum, the Palazzo del Podestà, with its archaeological finds and interactive itineraries that will take you to the construction of the walls in the sixteenth century and the Rocca, which houses the Historical Museum of the city.

In autumn Bergamo and its province are full of cultural events and dedicated to good food, such as the Beer Festival and the Feast of the Madonna del Rosario, both in October.

Bergamo in Winter

In winter the city touches minimum temperatures even below 0 °, even if the average with the maximum remains above 1 ° in the colder months.
The rains during this period are not particularly frequent, but you may encounter ice and snow, especially in January which is the coldest month.

In this period, however, the city is filled with Christmas markets. In addition to the Bergamasque Santa Claus House, you will also find the Christmas Village in Piazzale Alpini.
In addition, the days ranging from 8 to 17 December are dedicated to Saint Lucia, with decorations and decorations that anticipate the celebrations dedicated to the Saint.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: cold temperatures and rain must be faced with warm and water-resistant clothes, perhaps with a pair of shoes that allow you to walk even on any snow or ice that you might find.
  • In summer: opt for fresh and light clothes, but always carry something with you to cover yourself given the strong temperature range.
  • In autumn and spring: in these seasons an umbrella with clothing that is not too light or heavy is a must. Better a 3/4 sleeve cotton t-shirt, to be weighed down with a sweater or coat in case of need.

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