When to go to Bari: climate, best time and tips month by month

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Bari is a port city overlooking the Adriatic Sea and the capital of the Puglia region. If you want to discover the true spirit of Bari, just get lost in the labyrinth of colorful alleys in Bari Vecchia, an old town full of architecture and churches, which in the evening becomes a trendy place for young people.
Ma what is the best time to visit Bari? Here is all the info on the climate, temperatures and events season by season.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Bari: the cheapest period
  3. Bari in Spring
  4. Bari in the Summer
  5. Bari in Autumn
  6. Bari in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer (from the end of May to September). Bari is always enjoyable, but in these months you can enjoy the beaches and take boat trips and outdoor activities
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, but spring, autumn and winter do not allow you to enjoy the sea and Bari beaches. At Christmas, however, it is beautiful

Bari has a Mediterranean climate: summers are very hot, dry and muggy with highs of 29 ° C, mild springs with averages around 15 ° C, rainy autumns with pleasant temperatures of 16 - 17 ° C and, finally, winters they are also rainy and temperate, with averages of 9 ° C. Sunny days are not uncommon, but rather cold.
The water temperature is always above 20 ° C between June and October, with peaks of 26 ° C in August.
Rainfall is not particularly abundant and, as anticipated, they are concentrated in autumn and winter, especially from September to March.

The best time to visit Bari is summer, with a preference for June and early September as in July and August it is very hot and super crowded.

When to go to Bari: the cheapest period

Undoubtedly, there is not only the month of August to enjoy the city. If you are looking for low prices and uncrowded beaches, know that good weather and calm sea can be enjoyed as early as the end of May and throughout the month of September.
Therefore, the best compromise between climate and savings is in the months of May-June and the end of September.
If your goal is to go to the beach, the ideal is September: there is no heat and it is a month almost similar to the summer ones.

Bari in Spring

Spring, from March to May, begins with a little coolness and lows of 11 ° C, to reach 18 ° C in May. In March there are days of abundant rain, about 9, in which 70mm of water fall but, although in April there are 11 days (as shown in the table), the average rainfall is more scarce, or 40mm.
This is the period when the weather is pleasant during the day, with highs in May of 22 degrees, in the evening and early morning it can be cool, with temperatures of 2 - 3 degrees below 20.
Considering the ideal weather, when it is not very hot, dedicate yourself to exploring the city or a relaxing walk along the seafront. If you come to Bari after mid-May, you could even take a first swim!
Do not miss the celebrations for San Nicola in early May: decorations of all kinds, fairs, solemn masses, a suggestive procession on the sea, bands, parades and fireworks ... nothing is missing to celebrate the beloved patron of Bari.

Bari in the Summer

Summer, from June to August, is very hot: the highs are 29 ° C in July and August, the lows remain around 20 ° C. Sometimes there are waves of strong heat that cause temperatures to rise above 30 ° C, as well as the humidity.
The summer period is dry and, in any case, in the 3-4 days of rain that may occur, the consistency is scarce, settling on 20mm.
As mentioned, the sea is pleasant with an average of 26 ° C: perfect for taking a bath! In fact, the favorite activities this season are seaside ones, including a boat ride.

From mid-June to August, an event for lovers of the genre is Bari in jazz, which welcomes the greatest contemporary trends with a series of free concerts in suggestive locations between art, nature and history. Summer in Bari is full of cultural and entertainment initiatives that take place in various parts of the city, from the center to the seafront.
Also take a trip to the surroundings where you will find famous Apulian festivals and festivals: for example, in Gioia del Colle at the end of June the Buskers Festival is held, with musical performances, fire games, circus art and ballets. In Castellana Grotte the Giardini in Festa with music, shows, entertainment for children, exhibition stands, beer and gastronomy. In Alberobello, the city of the famous trulli, in early July there is Alberockbello: food, good music and stands dedicated to crafts and vinyl await you!

Bari in Autumn

Autumn, from September to November, is mild with averages of 18/20 ° C. We must make a distinction for September which, practically, can be almost compared to a summer month: its maximums are 27 degrees, only in the evening it drops to 17 ° C. The period is quite rainy, on average 70mm of precipitation falls.

Like spring, the climate is perfect for exploring the city and maybe taking some excursions to the nearby Grotte di Castellana, for example, or to the renowned Apulian masserie, typical rural buildings used as farms.
In this period, for lovers of classical music, the theater season reopens at the famous Petruzzelli Theater.
An unmissable event is the Fiera del Levante, one of the main Italian trade fairs held in September and where the fair district hosts international events, including exhibitions, congresses and events.

Bari in Winter

Winter, from December to February, is mild and characterized by rain (on average they fall 50mm). The minimum temperatures are around 6 ° C, while the maximum 12 ° C. Although it is nice to walk along the promenade even in winter, with the fresh sea breeze blowing on your face, I have some cultural suggestions for you: visit Palazzo dell'Acquedotto, Palazzo Simi and the Byzantine Church, among the oldest in Europe. Also not to be missed are the Cathedral of San Sabino, the Archaeological Museum and the Pinacoteca C. Giaquinto.
On the events front, Bari offers a vast program during the Christmas holidays, from concerts to markets, to the many attractions scattered throughout the city.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes, sweater, jacket, raincoat or umbrella.
  • In summer: light clothes, sun hat, a sweatshirt for June evenings.
  • In autumn and spring: spring / autumn clothes, a light jacket or sweatshirt, a light jacket, umbrella.

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