When to go to Aruba: climate, best time and months to avoid

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Caribbean island not far from Venezuela, Aruba, together with Curacao, Bonaire and other small islands, is listed among the Leeward Antilles, since unlike the others they have a rather arid climate and the vegetation is characterized by shrubs and cacti.

Belonging to the Netherlands, it is a very rich place, therefore it is a rather expensive destination but, thanks to its climate, it is perfect practically at any time of the year if you want to spend a relaxing beach holiday on dream beaches.


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  3. Climate and seasons
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Best time

The climate of Aruba is tropical for 12 months a year, the air is humid but mitigated by the presence of the trade winds that blow often. Air temperatures range from a minimum of 29 ° to a maximum of 31 °, while the sea water has temperatures ranging between 26 ° and 29 °. The months with the highest chance of rain are October-December, although these are temporary showers while from May to October the climate is more sultry.

On the island there are no climatic differences between north and south, but the only difference is given by the currents: they become intense on the east coast compared to the west and south (where there are the tourist centers and the most beautiful beaches), more sheltered and with sandy shores.

Although you can go to Aruba at any time of the year, the best months are from February to May, when the risk of rain is less and the climate is drier. If you want to save a little better, prefer April, May and June.

Period to avoid

Indeed there is no real period to avoid, because although it can rain from October to December, these are transient phenomena that do not spoil the holiday. Regarding possible risks and dangers, Hurricanes and tropical storms are very rare in Aruba. These can occur from August to October, but at these latitudes they are very rare events as the island is located in the southern limit of the hurricane belt.

Climate and seasons

Average temperatures and rainfall

There is only one season in Aruba and very little temperature range from day to night.
The amount of sunshine is good all year round and due to the scarce rains and the absence of streams, the water is desalinated from the sea.

Recommended period: from February to May the climate is perfect; from May to October it is wetter with a rare chance of storms and from October to January it rains occasionally.

What to bring in your suitcase

Light cotton or linen clothing, swimwear, high protection sunscreen, sandals, a light cotton sweatshirt for air-conditioned environments. For the sea snorkeling equipment, plastic sandals for the coral reef.


  • Capital: Oranjestad
  • Population: about 110.000
  • Area: 178,9 sq. Km
  • Languages: Dutch, Papiamento
  • Currency: Aruban florin (€ 1,00 = 2 florins)
  • Documents: Passport, return ticket. Visa not required for Italian citizens for stays of less than 180 days.
  • Time zone: UTC-4 (Aruba is 4 hours behind Italy, 5 when daylight saving time applies here)
  • vaccinations: none
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