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Antalya, the "turquoise city", the largest tourist center in Turkey. Located in the south, on the Mediterranean coast, Antalya has been home to many civilizations, and the story goes that it was Attalus, the king of Pergamum, in the first century BC, who ordered his men to find a paradise land. They landed right in Antalya. Synthesis of nature, sun and history is a city to visit at least once in a lifetime.


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  2. When to go to Antalya: the cheapest period
  3. Antalya in Spring
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  5. Antalya in Autumn
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer for seaside tourism, spring to visit the historical attractions of the city
  • Period to avoid: generally in winter, due to the colder climate

The climate of Antalya is typically Mediterranean. Winters are relatively mild, with temperatures hovering around an average of 15 degrees; summers are hot, with average temperatures around 35 degrees. The rains are concentrated in the cold semester, i.e. from mid-October to mid-April, and are generally abundant and sometimes torrential. In the period between June and September, the rainfall recorded is practically nil.

When to go to Antalya: the cheapest period

If you are more fascinated by historical and architectural beauties, the best months to visit Antalya are surely spring and autumn, which do not fall in the high season, thus maintaining better economic accessibility, and allow almost all possible activities in the city, thanks to the favorable climate and the tranquility of the city, not yet pervaded by the tourist chaos of the summer season.

If you want to do beach life, book at June or the first two weeks of September; you will save something compared to August and July (high season).

Antalya in Spring

Spring in this beautiful city is the perfect season for outdoor activities, such as trekking or boat trips, thanks to the blue sky, the sun and a climate that is still not too hot. Also, the months of this season are perfect for enjoying the city beaches in total relaxation, without the tourist chaos that crowds Antalya during the summer season.
A warm and sunny spring day is perfect for a visit to Mount Gulluk, where the ancient city of Termessos rises, where it will be possible to walk among the Agora, Temples and Necropolis, savoring the essence of ancient history that seems to have remained there waiting for a time that does not die. From the imposing theater it is also possible to admire a wonderful panorama, which in this season is teeming with flora and fauna typical of the country.

Antalya in Summer

Summer in Antalya is typically the tourist season. The coast and the crystal clear waters of its sea are invaded by tourists from all over the world. Antalya's most famous and popular beaches are Konyaalti Plaji and Lara Plaji, near which there are many resorts, tourist villages and clubs, which offer numerous fun and sparkling activities, suitable for all age groups and the holiday and carefree atmosphere that reigns in Antalya. One of the most frequent activities is the exploration of underwater cliffs, with dives to depths of 15 - 25 meters.

For those who prefer a little more relaxation, a visit to the falls is recommended, such as that of Yukari Duden, also called "Alexander's Waterfall" (it is said that Alexander the Great made his horses drink here), in which it will be possible to witness the wonderful show of the water leap from a height of twenty meters, breathe clean air and organize picnics in the surrounding green and equipped areas.

Antalya in Autumn

Autumn in Antalya, which is still quite mild, it is the perfect season for dynamic activities, such as for example climbing the Bey Mountains, whose peaks reach peaks higher than 3.000 meters and whose view repays any effort due to the climb; or yet, another very interesting activity could be a bike tour on the historic Via Licia, which runs through the mystical places lived by St. Paul.
Autumn also lends itself to the discovery of art, scattered in the many art galleries located in Antalya, in the very famous Archaeological Museum, where it will be possible to admire statues dating back to the Bronze Age or Roman times. If you are lucky, you will also be able to catch some of the many festivals that are organized annually in the city, dedicated to cinema, theater or ballet. The most famous is the International Opera and Ballet Festival, which is held inside the wonderful Aspendos theater, dating back to about 2000 years ago.

Antalya in Winter

The Winter that, after all, it is a rather mild season, however quite rainy, so a winter holiday in that period will still be concentrated on museums and art galleries indoors, or it will be very interesting immerse yourself in small gastronomic tours (Turkish cuisine is one of the most famous in the world), which recount the regional flavors of Antalya, ranging from fish soups to tasty kebabs, from vegetable dishes to delicious desserts.
Among the many indoor activities proposed for the winter, one will be a must visit to the Ataturk House - Museum (Turkish general and politician, founder and first president of Turkey): a two-storey building, which through photographs and personal objects exhibited tells the events related to the life of the same.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: wool coats and sweaters will be required. An umbrella should not be forgotten.
  • In summer: light clothes are recommended, possibly in cotton, hat and glasses to protect yourself from the sun's rays, comfortable shoes and beach slippers. Don't forget a light sweater for the evening.
  • In autumn and spring: in these two seasons it will be necessary to dress in layers, to be ready and light for the hottest hours, and sheltered for the cooler ones.

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