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A succession of sandy coasts, hidden coves, but also picturesque villages where the Sardinian tradition is still extremely alive: Alghero is all this! A city on the north-west coast of Sardinia surrounded by ancient walls and with a famous paved historic center.
Its Catalan and Gothic style buildings include Palazzo Guillot, the Cathedral of Santa Maria, with an imposing bell tower and the Church of San Francesco, dating from the th century. In addition, the nearby Church of San Michele boasts a beautiful and colorful dome decorated with tiles.
The coast of Alghero is about 90 kilometers long and is called la Riviera del Corallo: a huge colony of coral of the finest quality lives here.


  1. Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation
  2. When to go to Alghero: the cheapest period
  3. Alghero in Spring
  4. Alghero in Summer
  5. Alghero in Autumn
  6. Alghero in Winter
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Climate, Average Temperatures and Precipitation

  • Best time: summer (from the end of May to September). In these months the sea is warmer, you can enjoy the beaches and take boat trips and outdoor activities
  • Period to avoid: none in particular, but spring, autumn and winter do not allow you to enjoy the sea and the beaches

Alghero's climate is warm and temperate. Winter is rainy and has an overall average temperature of 10 ° C, January is the relatively coldest month, while summer is dry and hot with highs of 30 ° C in August. Spring is pleasant and with few rainy days (except in April), unlike autumn which is a rainy season, especially in November when about 90mm of precipitation falls.
This period has, in any case, a welcoming climate with more or less 17 ° C.
The months of the year in which the sea water is most beautiful, with around 25 ° C, are July, August and September.

When to go to Alghero: the cheapest period

The low season is in the fall and winter. However, in Alghero there is a seaside tourism, so the prices will be lower due to the almost total absence of tourism.

The best compromise is in the months of May, June, September and October. It will be possible to save on the cost of transport (which in July and August touch unimaginable figures) and on the prices of air tickets or ferries, as they suffer sharp drops.

Alghero in Spring

Spring is quite pleasant, with maximums around 18 ° C and minimums remaining at 10 ° C. The season is not particularly rainy, only in April there are 10 days of precipitation. The sea is undoubtedly cold, in May it reaches 18 ° C and, in any case, the temperature remains too low for swimming.

In spring it is wonderful to admire the vegetation in full bloom in its infinity of colors and scents, accompanied by a weather that is neither too hot nor too cold. So the ideal is to discover Alghero by walking through its streets and its historic center, even by bicycle, or by taking boat trips.

The event not to be missed is "Spring Emotions" at the Porto Conte park: 11 weekends (from March to May) with numerous entertainment initiatives and exhibitions, concerts, entertainment. Furthermore, you might think about spending the Easter weekend in Alghero, since Easter is very heartfelt and celebrated in a particularly suggestive way. The famous car race is held in May Alghero - Scala Piccada and is held there Feast of the Shepherds for shearing, organized by various farms.

Alghero in Summer

Summer in Alghero is hot, with averages of 23 ° C: in July and August the maximums reach 30 ° C, the minimums 18. Intense heat waves can arrive which increase the heat even more. The period is dry and, in about 2 days of rain, the rainfall is 10mm.
In the summer months, the city gives its best: sun and sea, good food and unforgettable sunsets ... so enjoy a good swim and relax on the beach!

The events are many: in June there is the San Giovanni Fair with food and commercial stands. For cinema lovers, the unmissable event is the Sardinia Film Festival, from the end of June to mid-July, with fifteen uninterrupted days of appointments including projections, focuses, meetings with authors and protagonists of national and international cinema.
In July the festival of the Alghero song "Una cancò per l'estiu" (a song for the summer) takes place, while towards the end of the month Birralguer event dedicated to Sardinian craft beers, food and wine and quality cuisine . Also in July there is the feast of the Sant Crist de la Costera del Coral (of the Holy Christ of the coral coast), during which a procession of boats and a characteristic underwater mass takes place.
Again, on the first Sunday of August, Our Lady of Mercy is celebrated, with a boat race, the throwing of wreaths from ships and planes, and other events. Finally mid-August, from the port you can admire the famous fireworks display, followed by a band concert and a huge grilled fish on the docks.

Alghero in Autumn

Autumn has very pleasant temperatures, especially between September and October, with highs around 25 ° C, in November they drop to 17 ° C; the minimums are around 15 ° C. The season is rainy, mainly in November when 90mm of rain falls.
In September, the water is still warm with 24 ° C and drops 2 degrees in October. Consequently, at the beginning of the season the advice is to go to the enchanting beaches, such as the Bombarde which is 10km from Alghero. If you are by car, you can move on the most beautiful beach in the area: The Hairy in Stintino, about 45km away. In the evening, stroll along the ramparts and enjoy the sunset over the sea, perhaps sipping an aperitif.

At the end of September the feast of San Michele Arcangelo, the patron saint of the city, with religious rites and with the performance of artists and musicians from Alghero. Other important festivals take place in the villages near the city and, among these, I remember the Festa di Santa Maria La Palma and Feast of Our Lady Stella Maris, near Porto Conte.

Alghero in Winter

Winter in Alghero is mild, with maximums of 14 ° C and minimums of about 6 ° C. Cold waves, as well as snow, are very rare events. It is a period that sees a lot of rainfall compared to the rest of the year, especially in December which is as rainy as November.
This season, a visit to the museums is a must, like the Archaeological one and the Coral Museum, which tells the fascinating journey into the marine ecosystem and the history of the precious coral.

Between January and February there are interesting underwater fishing competitions and the Philatelic and Numismatic Exhibition is held which advertises the "Catalan" image of Alghero. Also in this period the Carnival Week takes place, with parades of floats, bands and folkloric groups.
The "Lu Boga Marì" festival, a gastronomic festival of the sea urchin held between January and February, the best time for sea urchins, is worth a visit.
Finally, it is worth celebrating the Christmas holidays and especially the New Year (Cap d'Any d'Alguer) in Alghero, where various entertainment shows and concerts are organized in the squares, up to the grand finale of New Year's Eve with a wonderful fireworks display on the sea.

How to dress: what to pack

  • In winter: warm clothes, sweater, jacket, raincoat or umbrella in case of rain.
  • In summer: light and breathable clothing, sun hat, light jacket.
  • In autumn and spring: spring / autumn clothes, a light jacket or sweatshirt, light jacket.

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